Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Case Study No. 0514: "1 800 Librarians"

1 800 Librarians: Hot Smart Girls
Call Now to have your brain teased! (note number is NOT real)


Music by : Ilectra
Filmed by : Edwoodv2
Edited by: Sketchywhenwet
Tags: 800 900 hot girls smart bods books brains librarian teacher tease call line freddy fenix Ilectra funny comedy
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From: Sketchywhenwet
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[scene opens with three young women (wearing glasses and fanning themselves with books) as they look seductively into the camera while "sexy" guitar music plays]
["Hot Smart Girls Ready for You, Reading Books" appears on screen]
[cut to one of the librarians carrying a stack of books and speaking directly to the camera, as "Smarts not tarts!" appears on screen]
FREDDY: Don't waste your smarts on tarts!
[cut to another librarian sitting on the bed with a book]
ILECTRA: Let a girl who can read ... give you what you need!
[cut to the third librarian speaking directly to the camera, as "Stacked" appears on screen]
FENIX: We're stacked ... with books!
[cut to Freddy sitting on the toilet, with a book in her lap]
FREDDY: Do you want a librarian whose night deposit is always open?
[cut to Ilectra speaking directly to the camera, as "Brains and Bods" appears on screen]
ILECTRA: We may wear glasses, but we have nice ... assets!
[cut to Fenix lying on the bed, with a book entitled "I *Heart* Female Orgasm"]
FENIX: And only the square root of ten dollars!
["1-800-Librarians, $3.19 per min" appears on screen]

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