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Case Study No. 0505: The Librarian from Hell

The Librarian From Hell
Poor Paul didn't realize how fatal one late book could be
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Point Taken Pictures presents
A Jesse Thomas Production
Written by Jesse Thomas
Starring Jesse Thomas & Wesley Martinez

[scene opens with a young male librarian sitting at the front desk, talking to an unseen patron]
LIBRARIAN: Sir, I'm gonna need that book back!
[the librarian goes back to reading his book, then checks the clock on the desk, then yells at another patron off-camera]
LIBRARIAN: Hey, hey! Put that back, that's not your book!
[he pounds his fist on the desk]
LIBRARIAN: You put that book back, it's not yours!
[cut to a shot of the librarian grabbing someone by the hair, then back to the librarian at the desk, as he slams his book shut and gets up to walk towards the unseen patron]
LIBRARIAN: [from off camera] I told you for the last time!
["In" appears on screen, then cut to the librarian opening the door to a shed, and holding up an axe menacingly towards the camera]
LIBRARIAN: All I wanted was my book back ...
[he swings the axe down, then cut to black as the words "The Librarian from Hell" appear on screen]
[cut to a closeup of a ceiling fan, as the camera pans down to reveal that the librarian is back at the front desk calmly reading his book, when a young male patron approaches him]
LIBRARIAN: Can I help you?
[the patron says nothing, but gives him a blank stare]
LIBRARIAN: Well, how 'bout you have a seat, sir?
[he pulls out the chair and sits down]
LIBRARIAN: So, um, what seems to be the problem here?
PAUL: Well, y'know, a book that I turned in awhile ago ...
PAUL: Well, it's a misunderstanding, I'm sure, but it seems that I got billed for it.
LIBRARIAN: Is that so?
PAUL: Yeah, that's--
[the librarian slams his book down on the table, momentarily startling the patron]
PAUL: That's so ...
LIBRARIAN: What book would that be, sir?
PAUL: Um ... "The Lord of the Rings, the Two Towers."
LIBRARIAN: So when did you say that you turned that in?
PAUL: Uh, two weeks ago. I think it was the fourteenth.
LIBRARIAN: Two weeks ago, fourteenth?
PAUL: Yeah.
[the librarian suddenly places a sandwich on the desk and begins eating]
LIBRARIAN: Sir, I don't have that book.
PAUL: Well, can't you check?
LIBRARIAN: [cheerily] I sure could!
PAUL: [pause] Why aren't you?
LIBRARIAN: Sir, it is my mandatory break ... Union.
[cut to a closeup of the sandwich]
PAUL: What're you eating, anyway?
LIBRARIAN: Just some Smuckers toast! Butterscotch and chocolate!
PAUL: [pause] Alright, so--
LIBRARIAN: It's a personal favorite, I have it once about every week! Usually on my days where I just don't like to work ...
[cut to a shot of the patron getting agitated and yelling at the librarian]
PAUL: I don't care about your fucking food, I just wanna get my book shit sorted out!
[cut to another shot of the patron and librarian arguing]
PAUL: Well, you should give a shit, it's your fucking job!
LIBRARIAN: [cheerily] Not right now, I'm off the clock.
PAUL: Then I'll wait!
LIBRARIAN: Well, you can wait outside, sir.
PAUL: It's fucking thirty degrees out!
LIBRARIAN: Then I hope you brought a coat.
[the patron slams his hands down on the desk]
PAUL: I'm not paying your fucking bill!
[he gets up and leaves]
LIBRARIAN: Have a nice day, sir ...
[cut to a shot of the librarian sneaking up behind the patron and grabbing him, then cut to the patron waking up to find himself bound and gagged to a chair]
[cut to another shot of the patron struggling to break free, when the librarian walks up behind him and then grabs a knife before pointing it menacingly at his genitals]
[cut to another shot of the patron (as Slim Whitman's "I Remember You" plays in place of any sound effects/dialogue), as the librarian picks up a power drill and shoves it into his right leg]

Jesse Thomas ... The Librarian
Wesley Martinez ... Paul

Produced by Jesse Thomas
Directed by Jesse Thomas
Written by Jesse Thomas

Photography ... Wesley Martinez
Costumes ... Jesse Thomas

Edited by Jesse Thomas, Wesley Martinez



Jesse Thomas's Frosh short film, fea­tur­ing Wes­ley Mar­tinez and Jesse him­self. This short fol­lows the tale of a de­gen­er­ate who can't bring his books in on time.

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