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Case Study No. 0522: Unnamed Female Librarian (5 Minute Theatre)

5 Minute Theatre : Book Lovers by Ian Watt
Left on the shelf: a librarian uses her position to take a chance on love.
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[scene opens with a young female librarian sitting at her desk, when a young male patron approaches her]
LIBRARIAN: Good day, can I help you?
DANNY: I, uh ... This came for me, asking me to come in.
[he hands her a piece of paper]
LIBRARIAN: Hmm, let's see.
[she reads it]
LIBRARIAN: Ah yes ... Yes, so you're Mister Defoe?
DANNY: That's right, that's me. Daniel Defoe. Danny.
LIBRARIAN: That's, uh ... an appropriate name. Being here, I mean.
DANNY: Yeah, I get it ... Look, what is this about? Have I fines to pay or something?
[she looks through a folder on her desk]
DANNY: Look, I haven't borrowed any books in awhile.
LIBRARIAN: No, you're in the clear. No fines.
[she continues reading from the folder]
LIBRARIAN: You borrowed the Conan Doyle collection. The complete Sherlock Holmes, is that right?
DANNY: Look, I've been through this before. It was nicked with my laptop at work ... I explained this to the woman that was here. I paid for a replacement. Look through your file, you'll see that.
LIBRARIAN: No, it's not that. It's just ... Mister, uh, Danny. I was looking through your file, and I was checking all the titles of the books you've withdrawn from us.
DANNY: Is there a problem I don't see?
LIBRARIAN: No, no problem. It's just, you've borrowed a lot of books. Lots. The classics are well covered, great historical novels, poetry. The Brontes, arts and music. Scottish authors, crime writers, sci fi, politics, theology! It's a very impressive list, you're extremely well read ... if you had read them.
DANNY: Yes, I've read them ... Well, most of them. Alright, one or two. Look, what is this about? You've called me into a library because I've been reading books?
[she laughs nervously]
LIBRARIAN: Sorry, it's just ...
[she stands up]
LIBRARIAN: I found it such an impressive list, and uh ... This is as embarrassing as I thought it would be! I thought, "Here's somebody who likes the same things as me." Somebody I would like to get to know. To talk to.
[she folds her hands]
LIBRARIAN: And I've always loved Robinson Crusoe.
[he laughs]
DANNY: I don't believe this ... You've called me in here because you fancy me 'cause of the books I've read?
LIBRARIAN: And because of your name.
DANNY: Oh sure, my name. Well, that makes a difference. I mean, now that you mention it, it's not mad at all!
LIBRARIAN: I know ... I knew it would sound weird, and I don't mean to freak you out, but it's just that I don't get to meet that many interesting people in this job.
DANNY: That's not really a reason for--
LIBRARIAN: It's mainly the Catherine Cookson brigade, Harry Potters, or the crime fiction fans. They are borderline autistic ... You seemed like somebody I could get on with, that's all.
[he suddenly smiles]
DANNY: Yeah, and you seem pretty decent yourself ... I mean, totally mad! But nice, I guess.
[she laughs]
DANNY: Well, maybe we could go for a drink sometime?
LIBRARIAN: You'd do that, even after ... this?
[she nervously flicks at her hair]
LIBRARIAN: W-Well, I'm free most nights ... Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday--
DANNY: I get it, enough ... Friday would be fine, I finish early on a Friday.
LIBRARIAN: How about the Castaway? It's the pub on the corner, you can see it from here ... See you Friday?
DANNY: Five thirty, the Castaway ...
LIBRARIAN: Five thirty's great! See you then!
[he turns to leave]
LIBRARIAN: Uh, what is it you do?
DANNY: You know enough about me already ...
[he leaves]



On June 21st 2011 over 200 five minute live performances were streamed on this site over 24 hours.

Thousands of people from all over the world joined the National Theatre of Scotland's 5th birthday celebrations by creating a truly exceptional online theatrical experience.

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