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Case Study No. 0482: "Head librarian at the Liverpool Library"

Totally Spies-- Totally Switched 1/2
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["08:03 AM, Liverpool Library" appears on screen, as the scene opens inside a British library, where an older female librarian is (demurely) arguing with a large man at the front desk]
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: We have a bit of a problem, sir. I'm afraid your books are overdue.
LARGE MALE PATRON: The problem is yours, lady, 'cause I ain't payin' no fine!
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: But ... that's our policy.
[he turns and leaves, as the evil Doctor Gray (hiding in the shadows amongst the stacks) points an amulet at the librarian, which shoots a beam of light out at her]
[she suddenly gets an angry look on her face and grabs the patron]
LARGE MALE PATRON: Hey, put me down!
[she suddenly lifts him up off the ground and throws him halfway across the room, knocking him unconscious]


[Jerry is briefing the girls on their latest mission]
JERRY: In the city of Liverpool, there have been a rash of odd occurrences. People's personalities have suddenly ... changed. Observe, this mild-mannered librarian started acting like a professional wrestler.


["10:32 AM, Librarian's house, Liverpool" appears on screen, as the librarian is working out with weights while the girls look on in disbelief]
CLOVER: Um, are you sure you're a librarian, 'cause sister, you are waaay buff!
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: I wasn't 'til last Thursday, the day my whole life changed!
ALEX: What do you mean? What happened?
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: I was working at the library, when I saw this bright light. Then, all of a sudden, I wasn't a wimp anymore! I was a wrestler! It was amazing!
SAM: I'm afraid I don't follow ...
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: The only thing I lifted before was books and my afternoon cup of tea. Now I can bench one-fifty! I even have a match tomorrow night against some bloke from Kensington, wanna come?
CLOVER: Sounds like a blast, but unfortunately we'll have to take a raincheck.
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: Suit yourself ... Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go work on my abs!
[cut to the girls leaving the librarian's house and walking down the street]
CLOVER: What a freakshow! I mean, how often do you meet a wrestling librarian?
ALEX: Yeah, 'bout as often as you meet a high-school girl involved in international espionage ... Okay, bad example.
[Sam stops and pulls a newspaper off of the nearby newstand]
SAM: Hey, check it out ...
[she reads from the headline]
SAM: "Pro wrestler Birmingham Brawler quits, wants simpler quieter life" ...
CLOVER: He probably got dropped on his head one too many times! So?
SAM: Either that, or his personality's changed!
ALEX: What're you saying, Sammie?
SAM: That this is way too weird to be a coincidence ...


["11:50 AM, Wrestling Gymnasium" appears on screen, as a large male wrestler is sitting in a chair surrounded by books]
BRAWLER: Yes, well, wrestling was my old life, you see. Now I prefer a good book.
CLOVER: But you're like the Birmingham Brawler, dude! A butt-kicking powerhouse of strength!
BRAWLER: [chuckles] Yes, well, I was the Birimingham Brawler, until last Thursday when I discovered Trouloupe, Emily Bronte, and Balzac!
SAM: You don't happen to know the head librarian at the Liverpool Library, do you?
BRAWLER: Why no, but I'd so love to meet her! We'd probably have a great deal in common ...


[the girls are in the library after hours, disguised as librarians (wearing dress-suits with their hair tied in buns)]
ALEX: So, what're we looking for, exactly?
[Sam rummages through the drawers at the front desk]
SAM: The librarian's datebook. I wanna know what's so special about last Thursday, and what her connection is to our wrestler ...
[she takes a pin out of her hair and uses it to pick the lock, where she finds the datebook, but Clover grabs it out of her hands]
CLOVER: According to this, she met with a Doctor Gray on Thursday morning.
[Alex checks her mini-computer]
ALEX: Says here he's a shrink. He treats doctors, generals, teachers ... and even celebrities like the Birmingham Brawler!
SAM: Bingo, we have our connection!



"Totally Spies" (Season 2, Episode 19): Totally Switched
Written by: Michelle and Robert Lamoreaux

Sam and Alex thought it was strange when a wrestler and a librarian switched personality traits but things become downright disturbing when Clover and Jerry start acting like each other.

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