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Case Study No. 0495: George, Dave, and Dennis

No Talking Please! Part one.
George is a librarian. Tied down with incompetence and a total lack of self esteem he is sent onto a customer training course. Needless to say, things go wrong.
*Winner of Rawlins Film Showcase 2007*

Directed/Edited: George Horne
Written: Tim Bell
Camera: Tim Walsh
Produced: Frontline Pictures
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Frontline Online Pictures

Tim Walsh
Paul Roberts
Chris Bradley
George Horne

In association with logonetdesign dot co dot uk

Written by
Tim Bell

Screenplay by
Lauren Miller

Project Managed by
George Horne and Tim Walsh

Produced by
George Horne
Lauren Miller
Tim Bell
Tim Walsh

"No Talking, Please!"

Directed by
George Horne

["Chapter 1, Incompetence" appears on screen, as the scene opens with black and white footage of a young male librarian (curly hair, red t-shirt, blue jeans) standing at the front desk of a library]
GEORGE: [in voice over] Hi, I'm George. I've been working here for about two years. People come in, I stamp the books, people leave. My heart isn't in this.
[cut to color footage of a female patron trying to hand him a book]
FEMALE PATRON: Excuse me ... Excuse me!
[without even looking at her, he grabs the book out of her hands and stamps it, then slides it off the table and onto the floor]
[cut to more black and white footage of George standing at the front desk and staring off into space, as various patrons walk past him]
[cut to color footage of George, as another male librarian (brown hair, blue shirt and tie, black pants) walks up and slaps his hand on the counter]
DAVE: George!
[he gives no reaction, so he slaps his hand on George's shoulder]
DAVE: George!
[the move causes George to accidentally stamp the man's hand (the one he had on the counter)]
DAVE: [pause] We need to talk ...
[George puts down the stamp, then cut to the two walking through the library]
DAVE: We've been noticing certain ... complications in the way you've been acting lately.
GEORGE: Well, I'm doing my job, aren't I?
DAVE: Your job is to sit there and stamp books. I'm talking about other ... personal actions.
GEORGE: Like what?
DAVE: Well ...
[cut to footage of George holding a lit match and staring at something off camera]
DAVE: [in voice over] There was the time you set poor Misses Barker on fire ...
[cut to green-tinted footage of George holding a joint]
DAVE: [in voice over] Then there was the time you accidentally gave those teenagers cannabis.
[cut back to George and his manager at the library]
GEORGE: Yeah, but they weren't my fault!
DAVE: The fire?
GEORGE: [pause] Okay, the fire ... but that was an accident! I mean, what have I done recently?
DAVE: You stamped my hand. Again.
[he holds up his hand (where "LRC Rawlins" is clearly visible)]
DAVE: And you still haven't fixed that shelf yet ...
[cut to footage of George trying to reshelve books (but they keep slipping off and falling on the floor), then the screen goes black]
DAVE: [in voice over] We're sending you on a customer care course for two weeks ...
["Chapter 2, Rehabilitation" appears on screen, then cut to black and white footage of George walking down a hallway (as the voice of a female customer care trainer plays over it)]
CUSTOMER CARE TRAINER: [in voice over] Three key ingredients to precise customer care are ... One, be polite. Two, understand your customers. And three, the customer is always right!
[cut to a closeup of George's face]
CUSTOMER CARE TRAINER: [in voice over] And a smile can go a long way ...
[cut to a closeup of George stamping a book, then to George rolling on the floor and running down the hallway]
CUSTOMER CARE TRAINER: [in voice over] If you love the library, it will love you back ...
[cut to footage of George sitting at a desk (rubbing his temples), when someone places a pad and pencil in front of him]
CUSTOMER CARE TRAINER: [in voice over] Remember, the customer is always your friend ...
[cut to various shots of George sitting at a table with a book and a glass of beer (as the glass gets emptier and emptier with each shot)]
CUSTOMER CARE TRAINER: [in voice over] A good attitude is the most important part of being a good librarian!
["Pass" in giant red letters appears on screen]
NARRATOR: [in voice over] Against all expectations, George managed to pass, even after managing to spell his own name incorrectly. Scoring a seventy four out of ninety, George renewed his customer service contract, and more importantly, regained his confidence.
["Chapter 3, Enter the Menace" appears on screen, then cut to black and white footage of another male librarian (long curly red hair, t-shirt, blue jeans) performing various tasks around the library]
DENNIS: [in voice over] Hi, I'm Dennis. Two weeks ago I got a call from Dave, the library manager, giving me the new job as head librarian. Things here are going great, the people are so nice ...
[cut to color footage of the same female patron from before, as she walks up to Dennis at the front desk]
DENNIS: [in voice over] Most of them, anyway.
[he puts down his coffee mug, smiles at the patron, and reaches for the book]
DENNIS: And uh, how are you today, madam?
[he stamps the book and hands it back to her]
DENNIS: I hope you enjoy the book.
DENNIS: Have a great day!
[cut back to black and white footage of Dennis performing tasks around the library]
[cut to color footage of Dennis looking over another female patron's shoulder as she reads, when the manager enters the scene]
DAVE: Dennis, business is booming! We've not had so many people in the library for so long ... I don't know what you've done, but--
DENNIS: Well, first of all, I re-arranged the library to a more trouble-free and sophisticated environment by removing the distractions my ... "predecessor" left behind.
[Dave gives a disapproving look at the way Dennis used air quotes around the word "predecessor", but he continues]
DENNIS: Then I re-arranged the entire library records into chronological order, more beneficial for both public and staff!
[cut to more black and white footage of Dennis performing tasks around the library, then to him and the manager walking through the library and smiling]
[cut to color footage of George entering the library]
DAVE: George!
[he reaches out and shakes his hand]
GEORGE: How are you?
[he turns towards his new employee]
DAVE: This is Dennis.
GEORGE: Hey Dennis.
[he reaches out to shake his hand, but Dennis doesn't move]
DAVE: He's the new librarian.
GEORGE: [pause] New librarian? You're replacing me?
DENNIS: Uh, I think you'll find that you've "been" replaced ...
[he makes air quotes with his fingers again]
DENNIS: It's already happened, I'm afraid.
DAVE: Well, to cut a long story short, yes. I couldn't run this place on my own, could I? Dennis was a temporary measure. He's really turned things around!
[George shakes his head, then cut to him sitting with his head in his hands when Dennis enters the scene]
DENNIS: Uh, George? There's some tables in my library.
[he holds up a book as George stands up]
DENNIS: One might say that your book's been shut ...
[he slaps him in the face with the book]
GEORGE: Ahhh ...
[he rubs his face, then Dennis holds out his hand]
DENNIS: Library card.
[George takes a card out of his pocket and slaps it into Dennis' hand, then turns to leave]
DENNIS: Stamp?
[he slowly takes the rubber stamp out of his other pocket and hands it to Dennis, then again turns to walk away]
DENNIS: Uh, George? The other stamp.
[he sighs, then pulls up his pants leg and takes another stamp out of his ankle holster]
GEORGE: [in voice over] Two weeks. Fourteen days. Three hundred and thirty six hours. All wasted. I'm back to square one, and suddenly I'm beginning to miss what I used to loathe ...
["Chapter 4, Alpha Male" appears on screen]
GEORGE: [in voice over] The next few days I spent trying to weasel my way back in. I wanted my old life back ... but Dennis was always there, one step ahead.
[cut to black and white footage of George entering the library, as the camera zooms in on Dennis at the other end of the room staring at him]
[cut to color footage of George as he tries to walk defiantly towards him ... except that he trips on a step stool and falls on his face]
GEORGE: [in voice over] His negligence of the most basic safety regulations astounded me.
[he quickly stands up and brushes himself off]
GEORGE: [in voice over] How did no one else realize?
[cut to George reshelving books, when Dennis walks up behind him and takes them out of his hands]
[cut to George walking through the library with a sad look on his face, then cut to him confronting Dave in the "Adult Fiction" section]
GEORGE: Dave ...
DAVE: George! Good to see you ...
GEORGE: Dennis isn't right for this job ... He doesn't care about anyone apart from himself!
[Dave looks at something off camera]
DAVE: What, that Dennis?
GEORGE: [pause] Yeah, that Dennis!
DAVE: The one helping those children?
[George turns and looks behind him]
GEORGE: Yes, that Dennis!
DAVE: The one that is helping those ... disabled children?
GEORGE: [pause] Yes?
DAVE: The one handing over a check to that disabled childrens' charity?
[George turns around with a look of disbelief, then cut to him walking up to Dennis]
GEORGE: Dennis?
[he points at the step stool in the middle of the room]
GEORGE: This is a safety hazard! Someon's gonna kill themselves.
DENNIS: Maybe someone like you needs to be more careful ...
[George stamps his foot in frustration and walks away]
[cut to George standing at the front desk, when a male patron walks up and hands him a book ... he happily takes it and begins to stamp it, when Dennis emerges from underneath the desk and holds out his hand (so George reluctantly hands over the stamp)]
[cut to black and white footage of Dennis sitting in the library reading a book, when George enters and slaps it out of his hand ... so Dennis stands up and pushes George to the ground]
[cut to color footage of George staring out the window at the library's parking lot]
[cut to Dennis sitting at the front desk with a rubber stamp in each hand, staring at the camera]
[cut to a closeup of a sign reading "Dennis Cuts Out Library Deadweight", then the camera zooms out to show George staring at the sign before ripping it off the wall]
[cut to Dennis sitting at the front desk reading a book, as George dejectedly walks towards the exit (as he opens the door, he disppears and the footage turns black and white)]
[cut to color footage of Dennis reshelving books, then back to George ripping more signs off the walls]
GEORGE: [in voice over] I can't take this anymore ... There's only one thing left I can do. This is my last option.
[George takes the signs and rips them up, as the camera zooms in on two pieces (reading "Dennis" and "Dead") lying next to one another on the floor]
GEORGE: [in voice over] My only option.
[camera pans up to show George walking away from the pile of torn-up paper in slow motion, then "Chapter 5, Negligence" appears on screen]
GEORGE: [in voice over] I came back in the next day, as a last attempt to get my job back.
[cut to black and white footage of George walking up to the entrance of the library, but a male police officer stops him (as the door is covered in yellow "Do Not Cross" tape)]
GEORGE: [in voice over] There was a plain-clothes police officer waiting for me ... Dennis had been murdered last night.
[the police officer turns to unlock the door]
GEORGE: [in voice over] The guard showed me around ...
[cut to the two inside the library]
GEORGE: [in voice over] And I noticed a large dent in one of the shelves.
[George turns and points at one of the bookshelves]
GEORGE: [in voice over] No sooner had I seen that, I was a suspect for Dennis' murder.
[George puts his head in his hands]
GEORGE: [in voice over] Luckily, I wasn't the only one.
[cut to color footage of George and Dave sitting next to each other in a room]
DAVE: Well, what a story ... Looks like we're both suspects. The more I think about it, we're the only suspects.
GEORGE: [pause] So we're the only two suspects in this murder?
DAVE: Looks that way ... As long as we stick together, George, we'll be fine.
[someone off camera reaches in and hands Dave some papers]
POLICE OFFICER: [from off camera] There's been a mistake, you're free to go.
DAVE: Oh, great!
[he pats George on the shoulder, then gets up and leaves]
DAVE: Best of luck, George!
[the screen goes black]
GEORGE: [in voice over] I was a suspect. Apparently, last night I'd ran in and assaulted him with a heavy object.
[cut to footage of Dennis standing in the library, when George appears and runs at him with a large book]
GEORGE: [in voice over] Well, that's what they'd said ...
[cut to black and white footage of George restlessly moving in the chair (as if trying to get comfortable)]
GEORGE: [in voice over] I became restless. I didn't know what to do. I did almost anything to keep myself occupied. Keep me distracted.
[he eventually falls out of the chair, then gets up and sits back down]
GEORGE: [in voice over] This is ridiculous ... How could I have done this? Okay, I had a motive, but it's not as if I had an opportunity to do this.
[cut to the police officer sitting in the chair next to George (who continues to fidget and refuses to sit still)]
GEORGE: [in voice over] Okay, fine ... I could have easily done it. And so what if I can't remember what I was doing last night at ten PM? My innocence must be proven. But how?
[cut to color footage of the two sitting next to each other]
GEORGE: Can I, uh, make a phone call?
POLICE OFFICER: Yes, but make it quick.
[the police officer gets up and leaves, so George reaches for his cell phone]
[he gets up and starts dialing, but trips over a yellow traffic cone in the middle of the room (falling on his face)]
GEORGE: [in voice over] I had a brain wave ... Suddenly, it all clicked. I realized what happened, what had happend to Dennis.
[cut to black and white footage of George entering the library (with the police officer grabbing him by the neck), as Dave stands and watches in confusion]
GEORGE: [in voice over] I ran to tell Dave, but the guard stopped me.
[Dave waves off the officer, as George begins talking excitedly]
GEORGE: [in voice over] I told him what happened, how he'd actually died.
[the screen goes black]
GEORGE: [in voice over] It was an accident, triggered by the few things he'd so stupidly ignored.
[cut to color footage of Dennis standing in the library, when he falls backwards over the step stool]
GEORGE: [in voice over] He tripped over the stool he'd left out, and crashed into the bookshelf.
[cut to Dennis lying on the floor, as books begin falling on top of him]
GEORGE: [in voice over] The shelf that should've been fixed earlier.
[cut to a closeup of one large book on the top of the shelf, then the camera slowly zooms in on Dennis' face (as if from the book's POV as it's about to land on him)]
GEORGE: [in voice over] A large book fell down, hitting him in the head ... and killing him.
[cut to a closeup of Dennis lying motionless, as the large book covers his head]
GEORGE: [in voice over] How terribly ironic.
[the screen fades to black]
DAVE: [in voice over] As it turns out, George was right about the whole thing. His story checked out, and he was a free man. Shortly afterwards, Dennis was laid to rest, and I knew immediately who I wanted to help run my library. George got his old job back, and his stamp.

Thank you to Rawlins Community College Library

"No Talking Please" was a Rawlins Community College project

George Horne
as George

Chris Bradley
as Dennis

Paul Roberts
as Library Manager

and Tim Walsh
as Security Guard

Voices by
Lauren Miller
George Horne
Paul Roberts
and Lucie Ratcliffe

A Frontline Online Production

Directed and Edited by
George Horne

Camera by
Tim Walsh

Sound by
Tim Bell

Tim Walsh

Screenplay by
Lauren Miller

Written by
Tim Bell

Project Supervised by
Paul Roberts

Technical Support
Mike Atack

Based on a Story by
George Horne



"No Talking Please!" A Short film. (17/5/2007 11:38:26 PM)

"No Talking Please!"

Our brief for our Media Production final project, was to make a short film 10-15 minutes long, which stuck to the 12a and could be about anything.

From this I devised the dark comedy "No Talking Please!", which I later entered into the Rawlins Film Showcase, and ended up winning.

My Media Production course is actually one of the best in England, and winning such a title as best film maker isn't something I expected to achieve.

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