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Case Study No. 0519: Doris Kimbell

Navy Blues Movie Part 1-8 [HD]
"Navy Blues" (1937)

A sailor (Dick Purcell) bets his friends he can date any woman he wants to. They pick out a librarian named Doris Kimbell (Mary Brian) with a reputation as a "cold fish", and when he pursues her he discovers that he has competition--and his rival (Edward Woods) has much more sinister intentions than he does.
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[four young sailors are on shore leave, and visit the "E.Z. Auto Rental Company" to rent a car and head for the Bluebird Dance Hall]
RUSTY: I'll take care of the transportation ...
CHIPS: We wanna rent a car.
AUTO RENTAL OWNER: Four sailor in one car? Where ya gonna sit the young lady?
CHIPS: We'll take care'a that, you just give us one with good strong springs!
[Russell "Rusty" Gibbs puts his arm around the owner's shoulders and leads him away from the group]
RUSTY: I'll handle this deal ...
[he stops in front of one of the cars]
RUSTY: Now, uh, how 'bout this jalopy?
AUTO RENTAL OWNER: Eleven cents a mile, and a dollar an hour.
RUSTY: [pause] You're dealing with the United States Navy!
AUTO RENTAL OWNER: Army, Navy, or Marines ... Eleven cents a mile, and a dollar an hour!
RUSTY: The Navy is our first line'a defense. It's the ring of floating steel that protects your home, your wife, and your children!
AUTO RENTAL OWNER: Haven't got any children, don't care about my wife, eleven cents--
RUSTY: I know, a dollar an hour ... No deal.
[he heads back to his friends]
CHIPS: Can we shove off for the Bluebird?
BIFF: Where else? I got a date to play patty-cake with that blonde!
RUSTY: Uh uh, that place is out!
CHIPS: Waddaya mean, that place is out? I got a reunion with that redhead, and it ain't in Vienna!
RUSTY: I'm taking over responsibility, ain't I? I'm renting the car!
GATELEG: Yeah, with our dough!
RUSTY: That's a minor detail ... I'm taking over the social end, too! I haven't missed yet, have I?
[they simply shrug, as Rusty walks off camera]
GATELEG: On ship and on shore, that geezer's head gets bigger and bigger ...
CHIPS: Yeah, and that goes for his mouth, too ... "I'll take charge! I'll do this! I'll do that!"
BIFF: Well, he comes through, don't he?
CHIPS: Luck, that's all!
[he suddenly smiles]
CHIPS: Say, I got an idea that'll cure that guy's big head and his big mouth in one treatment!
CHIPS: He's supposed to be a lady killer, ain't he?
CHIPS: I saw a dame in a public library once ...
CHIPS: Now don't get me wrong, boys, I just ducked in there outta the rain ...
CHIPS: Well, I took one gander at this dame and then ran right out again, rain or no rain!
BIFF: That bad?
CHIPS: Yeah, a bow-wow!
GATELEG: Uh, how does she fit in this scheme?
CHIPS: Like this ... I'll tell him that she's a pip, a knockout, a regular Miss America, and will he bite!
[they all laugh]
BIFF: Maybe he'll make a bet!
CHIPS: Biff, you got a brain!
GATELEG: It's the age'a miracles ...
[cut to Rusty arguing with the owner in his office]
RUSTY: But listen, mister--
RUSTY: But I gotta--
AUTO RENTAL OWNER: Nuthin' doin'!
RUSTY: Okay, it's a deal!
[he leaves and re-joins his shipmates]
GATELEG: [under his breath] Pipe down, here he comes ...
RUSTY: Okay, we're all set!
GATELEG: What's the tariff?
RUSTY: I beat him down to eleven cents a mile and a dollar an hour.
BIFF: [pause] It's a steal!
[they jump into the car, as Biff takes the wheel while Rusty and Chips jump into the back]
RUSTY: I smell fire ... Did you guys have me on the pan again?
[they all vehemently deny talking about him behind his back]
BIFF: Since it ain't the Blueboid, where are we headed?
RUSTY: Haven't made up my mind yet ... Drive through the park and we'll absorb the beauties of nature!
[Chips gives him a dirty look and folds his arms, as they drive off the lot (and the owner exits his office and tries to chase after them in vain)]
[cut to the four sailors on the road]
CHIPS: Speakin' of beauty, I know a gal here who's not only beautiful but she's got brains!
RUSTY: Just my type.
CHIPS: Yeah, that's what I was tellin' the boys.
RUSTY: Where ya been hidin' her? I'd like to meet her!
CHIPS: Hmph, wouldn't do you any good, uniform means nothing to her.
RUSTY: Say, you think that's all I get by on, is the uniform?!
CHIPS: That line you reel out to Goldie and those other dames wouldn't go with her!
RUSTY: You wouldn't like to make a little bet, wouldja?
CHIPS: Mouth money won't buy you anything, sailor! I'll tell you what, we'll give you until ... until the ship leaves to take her out.
RUSTY: Oh, I don't need that long!
CHIPS: No? How 'bout a week, then? And twenty five bucks if you do it.
RUSTY: Do what? Marry the girl?
CHIPS: Naw, that's too easy! Just take her to the Crow's Nest Cafe!
RUSTY: Twenty five bucks, even money?
CHIPS: Yeah, but since you ain't got twenty five bucks and not a chance of gettin' it ... you wash our shirts, our dungarees, and keep our shoes shined for a month!
[Rusty snaps his fingers]
RUSTY: You're on, it's a bet!
[cut to outside of the "Public Library Harbor Branch", as the sailors pull up and Chips points to the door]
CHIPS: In there, sailor!
[he gets out of the car]
RUSTY: A library, eh? Well, I've been in libraries before, they don't scare me!
CHIPS: Don't you think you need an introduction?
RUSTY: Comin' from you, Chips, that'd be a handicap!
[he starts walking up the stairs, then stops and turns]
RUSTY: Say, how will I know her?
CHIPS: She's got on a pair'a glasses as thick as cookies, you know the type!
[he leans back and laughs, as Rusty reluctantly makes his way into the building and finds a young (but plain-looking) female librarian at the front desk]
DORIS: What may I do for you?
[after giving a comically disgusted look, he composes himself]
RUSTY: I'd like something in the way of a book ...
DORIS: Any particular book, or just something in the way of a book?
RUSTY: I came for, uh ...
[he looks up at the shelf behind her and reads off the name of the first book he sees]
RUSTY: Hammersmith's "Advanced Algebra!" I have some studying to do.
[she takes the book off the shelf and hands it to him, as he looks at the spine]
RUSTY: Good ol' Hammersmith! Old books, y'know, are like old friends.
DORIS: Very interesting ...
[she picks up a pencil]
DORIS: May I have your name, please?
RUSTY: Russell J. Gibbs ... G-I-B-B-S.
DORIS: Seaman?
RUSTY: Well, I can't really say, 'cause I'm gonna be a midshipman very shortly, y'know.
DORIS: I don't know ... You may take the book to the table and read until closing time.
[she tries to go back to her work, but notices that Rusty is still standing there]
DORIS: Is there something else?
RUSTY: You let me know when it is closing time, woncha? Because when I get engrossed in a book, the hours just fly!
[he takes the book and sits down, then cut to Chips and Gateleg spying through the window (while standing on Biff's shoulders]
BIFF: How's he doin'? Sucker ...
[cut back to inside the library, as the librarian climbs a nearby ladder to reshelve a book, and Biff stares at her bare ankles (while giving an unimpressed look)]
[he then turns and sees his friends watching him ... the librarian soon notices them too, as they quickly scatter]
DORIS: Are those friends of yours?
RUSTY: We're in the same Navy ... Of course, when I'm an officer, they'll have to keep their distance!
DORIS: But you're not an officer yet?
RUSTY: Not exactly ... but it's just a matter of time and passing the examinations for Annapolis.
DORIS: Then you better get back to your algebra. We're closing shortly.
[she adjusts her glasses, then walks off]
[cut to the librarian at the front desk, as a young man approaches with a stack of books]
JULIAN: Good afternoon, Miss Kimbell.
DORIS: How do you do, Mister Everett? Are you taking any other books now?
JULIAN: I think not. I thought perhaps I'd wait, and you'd like to walk home.
DORIS: I'd love to!
JULIAN: Splendid! Meanwhile, I'd like to glance over Hammersmith's "Algebra" ...
DORIS: Oh, I'm sorry, it's being read.
[he gets a concerned look on his face]
JULIAN: You don't mean it's out of the library?
DORIS: No, that sailor has it.
JULIAN: Sailor?
[they look over to see Rusty dutifully writing down equations on a piece of paper ... or so they think, as the camera pans around to reveal him drawing doodles of the librarian]
JULIAN: Did he ask for it specifically?
DORIS: Yes, he seemed to know what he wanted.
JULIAN: Do you supposed he'd mind if I looked to see if I left some notes in it?
DORIS: I don't think so.
[he walks over to the table (as Rusty quickly hides his doodles)]
JULIAN: I beg your pardon.
RUSTY: What for?
JULIAN: May I look at this book for a moment?
[he slides it over, and Julian quickly flips through the pages before handing it back]
JULIAN: Thank you.
[he walks back to the front desk]
JULIAN: No ...
[he looks up at the clock on the wall]
JULIAN: Isn't it about time to close?
[she looks up at the clock (reading three o'clock), smiles, then flicks the lights on and off before heading to Rusty's table]
DORIS: I'm sorry, but we're about to close.
RUSTY: Right in the middle of a problem ...
DORIS: Oh, I'm terribly sorry.
RUSTY: I hate to go! There's something about a library--
DORIS: Well, you're welcome to come back anytime.
RUSTY: If I had another ten minutes, I'd have this problem pinned right to the mat!
DORIS: Well, if it's so important to you, I might wave a rule ...
[she picks up the book and hands it to him]
DORIS: You may take the book back to the ship with you.
RUSTY: Well, thanks a lot! I'd bring it back personally, if I knew your name ...
DORIS: Just bring it back.
[she adjusts her glasses again]
DORIS: Goodbye, Mister Gibbs.
[she walks off, then cut to the other sailors waiting outside]
GATELEG: Well, what's keepin' him? Told me just one look and he'd run ...
CHIPS: I dunno, he must be a glutton for punishment!
[cut back to inside the library, as Doris (with her hat and bag) walks up to Julian ... but Rusty butts in and (after adjusting the collar on her coat) carries the bag for her to the door]
[cut to outside the library, as Rusty exits the door and (after giving his shipmates a wink) waits for Doris and Julian to join him]
BIFF: Hey look, competition!
GATELEG: Every man to his taste ...
[they all walk off camera, leaving the sailors to stare in bemusement]
BIFF: It must be Thanksgivin' or somethin', she's all made up like a pilgrim!
GATELEG: It'll take a brave man to wheel that museum piece into the Crow's Nest!
[cut to Julian and Doris walking down the street (with Rusty close by)]
JULIAN: Oh, uh, shall we walk?
[Rusty steps in and takes Doris by the arm]
RUSTY: Why sure, it's a nice day for it!
JULIAN: I understand you're going to Annapolis.
RUSTY: Oh yeah ... not this minute!
[cut to the three of them walking up to Doris' house]
RUSTY: I suppose you're wondering whether it's proper to ask me in ...
[an older woman opens the door, so he lets himself in]
RUSTY: Nice homey atmosphere!
BEULAH: Well Julian, might you present your friend?
JULIAN: He's not my friend ...
BEULAH: Doris?
DORIS: Well--
RUSTY: Now, don't make any fuss on my account, folks! We were just walkin' and talkin' and here we are!
[he takes her hand and forcibly shakes it]
RUSTY: My name is Gibbs, Russell Gibbs!
DORIS: Uh, Mister Gibbs is a candidate for Annapolis. He came in to study some algebra.
[an older man, sitting in a nearby chair and reading a book, suddenly perks up]
ANDREW: Algebra? Algebra, why, I haven't heard that word in this house for years!
DORIS: Uh, this is Mister Gibbs. He's studying algebra for his entrance examinations to Annapolis. Uncle teaches mathematics at the central high school.
[Rusty shakes his hand]
RUSTY: Hiya, Unc!
ANDREW: Oh, nothing like algebra to tone up the mental process, is there young man?
RUSTY: Right you are, professor!
ANDREW: Yes! Uh, just have a seat over there, won't you Mister Gibbs?
[they sit down at a nearby table]
ANDREW: There's a quaint problem in quadratics I just ran across ...
RUSTY: Good ol' quadratics!
ANDREW: Mmm ...
[he puts on his glasses and looks at Rusty's book]
ANDREW: Oh, I see you're studying Hammersmith ... Well, you won't get much out of him!
RUSTY: That's just the way I feel about it!
ANDREW: An academic fraud, that Hammersmith!
RUSTY: Of the worst kind!
ANDREW: Mmm ...
[cut back to Doris standing at the door with her aunt and Julian]
BEULAH: Well, of course, Julian ... I knew you wouldn't take up with a common sailor!
[she gives Doris a withering look]
BEULAH: Doris, I'm surprised!
DORIS: And shocked too, I suppose ... Well, there's nothing common about Mister Gibbs! If he had his officer stripes, you'd be delighted to have him call!
[she turns and leaves, then cut back to Andrew and Rusty]
ANDREW: Now, since factoring A-square, we arrive at 2AB plus B-square minus A-square over 2AB ...
[Rusty gives a confused look (although Andrew is busy writing down the equation so he doesn't notice)]
ANDREW: Now, Hammersmith's contention is--
RUSTY: Sure, sure ...
[Doris walks over carrying a tray]
DORIS: School's over, Uncle!
ANDREW: Oh ...
DORIS: Here's your tea.
ANDREW: Uh, so you see how it is that the Euclidean science has degenerated!
RUSTY: Oh, it's all shot to pieces!
DORIS: Drink it, Uncle. Then you've got to take your nap.
RUSTY: Thanks, professor!
[he gets up, then extends his hand to Doris]
RUSTY: Goodbye.
[she shakes his hand]
DORIS: Goodbye.
RUSTY: I've had a nice instructive afternoon!
JULIAN: [from off camera] I'll see Mister Gibbs to the door.
RUSTY: Well, folks--
ANDREW: You'll be coming in tomorrow again, Gibbs? We'll go into quadratics still deeper!
RUSTY: Yes, sir! We'll dig right in!
ANDREW: Heh heh, we'll make an admiral of you yet! Well, goodbye!
RUSTY: See ya tomorrow!
[he goes to shake Beulah's hand, but she puts her arms behind her back ... so he walks to the door with Julian instead]
JULIAN: Oh, pardon me, Gibbs. Since you're coming back, you might as well leave that book.
[he points to the copy of Hammersmith, but Rusty shakes his head]
RUSTY: Oh, not Hammersmith, oh no! I'm hanging onto this baby ... So long!
[he exits]



"Navy Blues" is about the fortunes of sailor Ruty (Dick Purcell), a lady-killer whose ego irritates and exasperates his three cohorts - Chips (Joe Sawyer), Gateleg (Horace MacMahon), and Biff (Warren Hymer). Biff is a simple boxer, not too smart but very personable. He serves as Rusty's sidekick, and as all sidekicks, he is always in a state of befuddlement and blurts out what he knows when silence is the preferred course of action.

The trio, at Chips' suggestion, present a challenge that Rusty's ego cannot turn down. They put up 25 dollars against Rusty washing their outfits and shining their shoes for a month that he cannot take a woman - of their choosing - on a date to their favorite barrelhouse, Crow's Nest Cafe. Chips has already informed his two friends that he knows just the girl - "I saw a dame in a public liberry [Chips' enunciation] once. I just ducked in there out of the rain ... Well, I took one gander at this dame and then ran right out again, rain or no rain ... A bowwow."

They drive Rusty to the library, and when he asks about the woman, Chips replies, "She's got a pair of glasses as thick as cookies. You know the type." The three sailors break out in laughter as Rusty enters the building. Doris Kimbell (Mary Brian), the librarian, is behind the main desk, and Rusty immediately recognizes her. She is a brunette (side finger waves with bun at nape) with eyeglasses, and wears a dark long-sleeve blouse, a high stiff ruffle collar with a string bow, and a long skirt. Doris appears to be middle-aged, a dowdy spinster; she matches Chips' description.

Rusty attempts to engage her in a conversation at the desk, but she quickly dismisses his overtures. He selects a reference book at random, asks her to notify him at closing time, and sits at a table. Doris soon approaches a nearby stack area and uses a three-rung stepladder to shelve some books. As she stands on the second rung, Rusty glances at her ankle, at her complete figure; he then frowns and closes the book. This ladder scene is a feeble reenactment of the Lombard-Gable scene in "No Man of Her Own" five years earlier. Gable, however, is enthusiastic about Lombard's calf and ankle, while Rusty is grimacing at the thought of obtaining a date with this homely librarian.

Near closing time, Doris' beau, Julian Everett (Edward Woods) enters and offers to walk her home. Rusty exits the building accompanying Julian and Doris. The three sailors are still in front of the library, and Biff (looking at Doris) remarks "It must be Thanksgiving or something. She's all made up like a pilgrim." Gatelge rejoins, "It'll take a brave man to wheel that museum piece into the Crow's Nest." The trio stare at Rusty as he walks away with the couple.

When Doris, Julian, and Rusty arrive at Doris' home, Rusty enters the house; this upsets Doris' aunt, Beulah Wayne (Lucille Gleason), who approves of Julian. Rusty engages Doris' uncle Andrew (Chester Clute), a high school mathematics teacher, in a glib conversation about algebra, eliciting an invitation from Andrew to return the next day.

Rusty returns the following day and takes Doris to the beach. She projects the stereotypical image for the trip to the beach - eyeglasses, dark dress, small white collar and bow, black hat with feather, and a bun. While sitting on the rocks at the beach, Rusty manages to remove her glasses, remarking, "Say, what a difference." Doris admits that she can see without them, and as she turns to enjoy a view of the scenery without them, he sneaks a kiss, then drops her glasses, breaking them. He invites her to a dance on Wednesday, suggesting that she "take a good look in the mirror without your glasses ... Get yourself a permanent wave ... And then put on a dress that's got ... you know. And ... take off those shoes." She retorts the shoes are sensible. "That's the trouble with them," Rusty responds. Julian suddenly appears, remarking, "Why, I scarcely know you without your glasses." He invites Doris to a concert on Wednesday, but she is going dancing with Rusty.

Beulah forbids Doris to go with Rusty on Wednesday but permits her to go with Julian, and as Doris and Julian leave the house, Rusty intercepts them. Doris confronts him about having lied to her aunt and uncle, but Rusty cunningly leads her into believing that he's in naval intelligence - "I had to [lie to you] ... Men in my branch of the service take an oath ... Well, there's secrets in the Navy and men assigned to guard those secrets. Now do you understand?"

Doris, excited about the danger involved with intelligence service, agrees to accompany him to the Crow's Nest Cafe, where she believes he is going to a perilous meeting. Doris has completely transformed her image - new hairstyle and cute hat, a modern knee-length dress, V-neckline. At the cafe, Chips and Gateleg refuse to believe the attractive woman with Rusty is Doris. "He's trying to run in a ringer on us," Chips maintains. Rusty leaves Doris momentarily to speak with "his men"; Chips insists that they will "pay off on the librarian and nobody else," while Gateleg asks about her glasses. When Rusty rejoins Doris, Julian enters; Rusty takes his glasses and tells Doris to put them on so that she will not be recognized as they leave. When Chips and Gateleg see her in glasses, they realize she is the librarian. It is the last time she wears eyeglasses in the film.

Several days later when Rusty and Doris (again fashionably dressed) are on a dinner date, he attempts to explain his deceptions. Before Rusty can finish his apologies, Biff arrives and recommends that Doris receive a part of the bet for going along with it. Doris storms out of the restaurant with Rusty in pursuit. They take a taxi to her home and, on the stairs to the house, he tries to explain, severely wounding her feelings by saying, "Sure I made that bet. Whey else would I have bothered with a freak like you." "A freak!" Doris shouts at him. Rusty continues tactlessly, "Well that's what you were. I changed you over from a crow, a bookworm, made you into a girl that can take her pick of anything." They exchange recriminations; Rusty tells her to go back to Julian, "He's just your speed," as she closes the door in his face.

As Rusty leaves the house, a German espionage group kidnaps him, believing that he is in naval intelligence. When he refuses to answer questions, several gang members go to the library and kidnap Doris, assuming that she may have the information they need. Seeing Rusty when she enters the hideout, Doris immediately blames him, but other gang members soon arrive with her uncle in custody. The Germans receive an order to assassinate a baron arriving at a nearby airport, and Julian (a member of the Nazi gang) remains to guard the prisoners. Rusty overpowers Julian, and with Doris and Andrew, rushes to the airport, foiling the assassination plot. Rusty receives a promotion to the rank of warrant officer. As they celebrate the happy ending, Rusty and Doris express their love for one another and plan to wed as soon as they can obtain a license.

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