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Case Study No. 0476: Colleen Cooper

The Library part 1 of 5
...::Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman::...

*Part 1 of 5, episode 4, season 3 - 'The Library'*

Mike's mother sends a portion of Mike's deceased father's book collection by coach and Mike donates the books to the town for a public library. Mike's mother sends a portion of Mike's deceased father's book collection by coach and Mike donates the books to the town for a public library.
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[scene opens with Doctor Quinn making a speech to the townspeople at the opening of their new (and first) library, which is composed of materials from her father's collection]
MICHAELA QUINN: A long time ago, when I was little, my father took a trip to England. I wrote to tell him how much I missed him, and in his return letter he said that whenever I was thinking of him, I should go into his library. That he wouldn't seem so far away so long as I had all of his books around me. Well, he was right ... He didn't seem so far away back then, and he doesn't seem so far away right now.
MAYOR JAKE SLICKER: We hereby dedicate this building the Josef Quinn Memorial Library!
[the Reverend points to Colleen Cooper, a young girl standing next to him]
TIMOTHY JOHNSON: I think we all owe our thanks to Colleen, who's volunteered to be our librarian. She's gonna be here an hour after school each day, and two hours on Saturday mornings ...


[a group of people (including Reverend Johnson) are in Loren's general store discussing the new library]
TIMOTHY JOHNSON: Yesterday, I found Colleen reading a book about a man who sold his soul to the devil. And I've heard about a lot of other books at that library that sound just as bad. An Englishwoman writing about prostitutes. And a Russian man who writes about nihilism, which are people who don't believe in anything, God included.
LOREN BRAY: I tell you, that library's going to be more trouble than it's worth!
DOROTHY JENNINGS: You said you liked the library ...
LOREN BRAY: That was before people stopped buying my books! Why, they come in here and expect me to lend them to 'em, for free!


[Doctor Quinn is arguing with some townspeople about the contents of the new library]
DOROTHY JENNINGS: There are books in that library that have no business being there ...
MICHAELA QUINN: They all belong here!
DOROTHY JENNINGS: Oh no, not all of them. You got a book in there called the "Koran", about some strange kind of religion. And something else called "Civil Disobedience." Now, what kind of disobedience is civil? And I've heard that there's even a copy of those dirty poems by that Whitman fellah ...
MICHAELA QUINN: Well ... Well I mean, Walt Whitman isn't someone that I would care to read, but I wouldn't stop someone else from reading it. We can't be legislating morality! Books don't start trouble, Dorothy, books help stop it!


[Doctor Quinn is arguing with more people, including the Reverend]
MAN 1: If it's gonna cause so much trouble, I ain't so sure we need a library after all ...
MICHAELA QUINN: I'm beginning to think we need a library more than ever!
TIMOTHY JOHNSON: What makes you think that?
MICHAELA QUINN: Because a library is a place where you open your mind to new ideas, different cultures ...
MAN 2: We don't wanna know about a bunch of atheists and prostitutes!


[Doctor Quinn confronts the Reverend during Sunday service, in front of the entire congregation]
TIMOTHY JOHNSON: I think we've had enough to do with those books for quite awhile ...
MICHAELA QUINN: You're absolutely right, Reverend ...
[she holds up a book]
MICHAELA QUINN: But I brought this because I think we can all agree on what to do with it ...
TIMOTHY JOHNSON: I'm glad to see you've had a change of heart.
MICHAELA QUINN: How could I not? With a book that tells of a father who sacrificed his own daughter? A book that tells of a man who's married to more than one woman at the same time? Why, this book even has a passage in it describing how God accepted a bet from the devil ...
TIMOTHY JOHNSON: You're right, Doctor Mike, that's a book that we can all agree on. And handing it over to me was the kind of gesture that will help heal the spirit of our town. I thank you for showing so much faith.
MICHAELA QUINN: Not at all, Reverend.
LOREN BRAY: What is it?
MICHAELA QUINN: [pause] The Holy Bible.



Original airdate: October 22, 1994

After receiving a shipment of her father's books from her mother via coach, Michaela "Mike" Quinn decides to start Colorado Spring's first public library. However, the Reverend disapproves of many books in the library and demands that those books be removed. Dr. Mike and the family must fight a battle to keep their library open.

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