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Case Study No. 0473: Unnamed Female Librarian (Hopping Around .400-.591G)

Hopping Around .400-.591G
a short film by David Watson. Starring Caroline Brandau and Nerissa McAnderson Turner. 2009.
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[scene opens with a young female librarian reshelving books (sporting a disdainful look on her face), when a small pink bunny windup toy goes hopping past her]
[cut to a closeup of the librarian's face, as she looks around for the sudden noise, then walks off to find the source]
[cut to a young girl laughing and racing through the stacks, as the librarian continues looking around for the source of the noise]
[cut to the librarian as she continues looking through the stacks, when a young boy peeks through the shelves at her]
[cut to a closeup of the bunny windup toy, as it bounces past and laughs]
[cut to the boy and girl as they continue to run through the stacks and laugh, as the librarian has a disgusted sneer on her face]
[she suddenly stops and looks down, as the bunny hops across her path]
[cut to the librarian leading the boy by the ear down the aisle and out of the library]
[cut to the librarian chasing the girl down the aisle and out of the library]
[cut to the librarian sitting at her desk, typing at the computer, when she looks around (to make sure no one see her) and pulls out the bunny from underneath the desk]
[she smiles and hugs the toy, as the scene fades to black]

Written & directed by David Watson

Caroline Brandau - Librarian
Nerissa M. Turner - Girl
David Watson - Boy
Hoppy - Himself

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