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Case Study No. 0484: Barbara-Anne and Sus-anne

Maison Foo Librarians - Quick How To Guide
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[scene opens with two stereotypical female librarians (glasses, cardigan sweaters, etc.) speaking directly to the camera]
BARBARA-ANNE: So, my eager beavers, you've clicked the "Play" button! You obviously have an enquiry ... One moment. Desk!
[the other librarian bends down in front of her, as several items are glued to her back (including a bell, a flower vase, and a sign reading "Enquiry Desk")]
BARBARA-ANNE: Welcome to the enquiry desk! Um, what is your query?
[she leans in, as if trying to listen to the question through the computer screen]
BARBARA-ANNE: What? You want to leave a memory, and become a published author in Maison Foo's Mobile Library?
[she leans in close again, but the other librarian slowly gets up and whispers to her]
SUS-ANNE: They don't know what to do yet, Barabara-anne ...
BARBARA-ANNE: Oh right! Yes, down we go ...
[she pushes her back down into "desk position"]
BARBARA-ANNE: Um, but you don't know what to do!
SUS-ANNE: No ...
BARBARA-ANNE: I was getting to that part, thank you very much. Um, here is our quick virtual step-by-step guide on how to leave your memories.
[she leans over and loudly sniffs the flowers in the vase attached to Sus-anne's posterior]
BARBARA-ANNE: Carnations ...
[cut to Sus-anne typing on a laptop computer with a sign reading "Step 1"]
BARBARA-ANNE: [in voice over] On the home page, click on the button that says "Publishing House." Here is where you need to get your brain and fingers working in perfect harmony.
[Sus-anne appears to be in deep concentration, then slaps the top of the laptop and continues her exaggerated typing]
BARBARA-ANNE: [in voice over] Enter your name ...
SUS-ANNE: Sus-anne!
BARBARA-ANNE: [in voice over] The title of your memory ...
SUS-ANNE: "The Day I Lost My Pants!"
BARBARA-ANNE: [in voice over] Then get tapping and type up your wonderful memory ...
[Sus-anne suddenly pauses her typing and gets a concerned look on her face]
BARBARA-ANNE: [in voice over] Oh no, writer's block ...
[she nods]
BARBARA-ANNE: [in voice over] Never fear!
[Barbara-anne suddenly sticks her head into the shot]
BARBARA-ANNE: Barbara-anne's here!
[Sus-anne reaches over and pushes her out of the way of the camera]
SUS-ANNE: Uh, and Sus-anne ...
BARBARA-ANNE: And Sus-anne ...
SUS-ANNE: And Derrick!
[Barabar-anne points off camera]
BARBARA-ANNE: Um, yes, Derrick and--
SUS-ANNE: My cat, Marmalade! Even though he's not allowed in the library ...
[she laughs, then Barabara-anne clears her throat in an annoyed fashion]
BARBARA-ANNE: Yes, thank you, thank you very very much ... If you are stuck, and not sure about what memory to leave, then here's a few suggestions.
[cut to Barabara-anne alone and speaking directly to the camera]
BARBARA-ANNE: Why not tell us about the first CD, album, or download that you bought?
[Sus-anne walks into the scene and covers Barbara-anne's face with an LP of "Elton John's Greatest Hits" ... Barbara-Anne pushes it out of the way and continues speaking]
BARBARA-ANNE: Or maybe you're going to tell us about your first kiss ...
[Sus-anne licks her lips and begins slowly moving towards the camera, before Barbara-anne stops her]
BARBARA-ANNE: Or your most embarrassing moment!
[she shoves Sus-anne off camera, as a loud crashing noise can be heard]
[cut to Sus-anne (her hair messed up and glasses falling off) when Barbara-anne runs into the scene and speaks directly to the camera]
BARBARA-ANNE: Once you have finished your memory, you need to press the "Publish" button ...
[they take out a pair of party horns and weakly blow on them]
SUS-ANNE: [quietly] They're ... rubbish.
[they pause, then Barbara-anne excitedly claps her hands in celebration]
BARBARA-ANNE: Congratulations! You're now a fully fully published author!
[cut to another shot of Barbara-anne and Sus-anne speaking directly to the camera]
BARBARA-ANNE: So what are you waiting for? Get typing! This library ...
[she points down at the two signs they're holding, but they're in the wrong order (Sus-anne has "rary" on the left, and Barabara-anne has "Lib" on the right)]
BARBARA-ANNE: It needs you!
SUS-ANNE: Um, Barbara ... It says "rary-lib."
[Barbara-anne doesn't change her expression]
BARBARA-ANNE: Doesn't matter, keep smiling ...
[cut to Sus-anne alone (with "Book" written backwards on her forehead) speaking directly to the camera]
SUS-ANNE: [whispers] Yeah, now darling, now! Come and see me on ...
[she points to her forehead]
SUS-ANNE: [whispers] Facebook! Book! Facebook, see what I did? Yes, and Twitter!
[she flaps her hands like a bird]
SUS-ANNE: [whispers] Toot toot too! Yes, um ... Yes! Come and join us for our social media antics! I'd like--
BARBARA-ANNE: [from off camera] Sus-anne, what're you doing?
SUS-ANNE: Uh, nothing! Nothing, Barbara!
[she looks into the camera and points at her forehead again]
SUS-ANNE: [whispers] Facebook!


From maisonfoo.com:

Maison Foo exist to create mischievous new theatre that challenges audiences and tickles their imagination.

We devise visual theatre that collides the everyday with the surreal drawing on influences from puppetry, clowning and physical theatre.

How this project began:

It began at Derby hospitals working in partnership with AIR (Arts to Aid Wellbeing) where Maison Foo spent a week collecting memories from patients. We then took these Memories into a rehearsal room as stimulus for creating a show and 3 months later 'Memoirs of a Biscuit Tin' was born, which is a story about the memories of Mrs Benjamin, an old lady who has disappeared and who is suffering from memory loss .

This is where dementia uk comes in as national touring partners for the project. Barbara Stevens Chief Exec from Dementia UK was invited to come and see the show and thought it was a 'Very evocative portrayal of the experience of dementia, combining subtle undertones with raw edges' and was keen to begin a partnership between Dementia UK and Memoirs of a Biscuit Tin and support the show not only for the awareness it brings to audiences about memory loss but also for the central theme of the celebration of memories.

Once we were into the world of memories it wasn't enough for Maison Foo to stop at that, we decided we wanted to collect as many memories as we could in the run up and during the national tour of 'Memoirs of a Biscuit Tin' and so Maison Foo's Mobile Library was born, giving us a vehicle (quite literally!) to encourage people to reminisce, share memories and through the Mobile Library Blog we give people a place to publish their own memories and join us in celebrating memories throughout the nation!

So if you have enjoyed giving your memory to Barbara-anne and Sus-anne today then come and see Maison Foo in action in 'Memoirs of a Biscuit Tin' at a venue near you.


From maisonfoomobilelibrary.com:

Maison Foo's Mobile Library
Collecting the memories of the nation

Welcome on-board Maison Foo's Mobile Library.On duty today are the lovely Library-annes, Barbara-anne and Sus-anne.


From macarts.co.uk:

Maison Foo Mobile Library

Keep an eye out for two intriguing and rather nosy Librarians on the loose and on a mission to stamp, file and collect you and your memories.

The mobile library will be travelling around mac birmingham and Cannon Hill Park on Bank Holiday Monday. Hide those overdue books, get those library cards at the ready and prepare to be thoroughly investigated.

P.S shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Monday 29th August. 12 - 3pm mac birmingham public space
There will also the chance to win tickets to Maison Foo's upcoming production at mac, Memoirs of a Biscuit Tin
The mobile library is brought to you by Maison Foo

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