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Case Study No. 0483: Staff of the Orlando Public Library

67 Books
Why were all those people reading books on the roof of the Orlando Public Library during National Library Week? Find out in this behind-the-scenes look at 67 Books.
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[scene opens with a young woman being interviewed]
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] So what book are you going to read?
LYNETTE SCHIMPF: "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," one of my all time favorites.
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] Are you nervous? You're not scared'a heights, are you?
LYNETTE SCHIMPF: No, but I am nervous ...
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] What--
LYNETTE SCHIMPF: I've never read out loud for an hour before.
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] Oh yeah, it's like a whole hour ... How much of the book do you think you'll get through?
LYNETTE SCHIMPF: I don't know. I think, like ... half.
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] Yeah, ya think so?
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] In an hour?
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] Out loud?
LYNETTE SCHIMPF: I don't know, I mean it's ...
[she picks up the book]
LYNETTE SCHIMPF: Y'know, it's, like, big writing and there's pictures.
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] That's true.
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] Are you gonna do character voices or anything?
LYNETTE SCHIMPF: I thought about it, but I just don't think I'm gonna subject the audience to that!
[they both laugh]
LYNETTE SCHIMPF: I think that might be a little too funny ... Maybe a little variation, but not like a crazy voice for Willy Wonka or anything like that.
[cut to Lynette riding a lift up to the top of the library's roof, as Mary Hill is sitting there reading from "Contemplative Prayer"]
LYNETTE SCHIMPF: Do you need me to be over ... You're good?
BRIAN FELDMAN: You're fine ... You good?
BRIAN FELDMAN: Alright, here we go.
[they start lifting up off the ground]
[she laughs]
LYNETTE SCHIMPF: You're like, so over this, aren't you?
LYNETTE SCHIMPF: Oh, okay. Good.
BRIAN FELDMAN: No, you never get over the lift!
LYNETTE SCHIMPF: Because ... this is fun!
[cut to another shot of Lynette preparing, while Brian addresses the gathering crowd with a microphone]
BRIAN FELDMAN: Good afternoon, Orlando Public Library! Happy National Library Week! My name is Brian Feldman, and we are up here on the roof--
[one person on the roof claps]
BRIAN FELDMAN: Thank you! We are up here on the roof in celebration of National Library Week, doing a project called "Sixty Seven Books."
[cut to footage from the crowd]
BRIAN FELDMAN: [from off camera] What it entails? Once an hour, whenever the library's opened this week, one Orange County Library System card holder gets to come up here and read for one hour any book they wish to from the collection.
[cut to Lynette sitting in the chair]
BRIAN FELDMAN: [from off camera] Um, coming up next, book thirty one.
[cut to Lynette opening the book and reading]
LYNETTE SCHIMPF: Chapter One, here comes Charlie ...
[cut to a man on the street being interviewed]
ED HOLMES: It's fun. I didn't expect it, I was just walking down the street, and all of a sudden ...
[he laughs]
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] Oh, you weren't, you didn't sign up to do it, you just--
ED HOLMES: No no no no, I-I was across the street and said, "Oh, lemmee listen to this guy, whatever he's doing." And then the woman walked over to me, and I thought she was gonna tell me, "Could you please move, you're in the shot."
[the cameraman laughs]
ED HOLMES: And instead she said, "So could you go up here and read?" And I said, "Well, what ... Do you have a book you want me to read?" And she said, "Well, any book!" And I already have a book from the library, it was one'a the Dexter novels.
[he reaches into his bag and pulls out a book]
ED HOLMES: I probably should say Jeff Lindsay. This is his number two book.
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] Mm-hmm.
ED HOLMES: "Dearly Devoted Dexter" ... So, I was kinda surprised.
[he laughs]
ED HOLMES: It was kinda fun, and I'm like "What the heck?"
[the cameraman laughs]
ED HOLMES: Y'know, opportunity knocks, why not go do it?
[cut to another woman sitting on the roof]
ELIZABETH MAUPIN: Now? Ah, I'm Elizabeth Maupin, and I'm reading from Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice." I'm reader number thirty one, and I'm starting at the beginning.
[she opens her book]
ELIZABETH MAUPIN: I'm not reading the introduction ... Ah, chapter one.
[cut to footage of several different people reading their books, then cut to another woman preparing to ride the lift to the top of the roof (while holding the book "I Wouldn't Have Missed It" up to the camera)]
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] Poetry?
MARY ANNE HODEL: Mostly Ogden Nash, but ... uh, some others as well. Let's see.
[she begins picking through a stack of other books she has under her arm, and holds up a copy of "Florida, My Florida"]
MARY ANNE HODEL: Lois Lenski ... "Florida My Florida," some of her poems.
[she holds up "Collected Poems of Emily Dickinson"]
MARY ANNE HODEL: And ... some of Emily Dickinson.
[she looks through a couple more titles]
MARY ANNE HODEL: And William Carlos Williams, and ... uh, let's see, Walt Whitman.
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] Sounds good!
MARY ANNE HODEL: So, to celebrate National Poetry Month.
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] True.
MARY ANNE HODEL: All from our collection!
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] Are you nervous at all?
MARY ANNE HODEL: Oh no, I don't get nervous by heights.
[they both laugh, then cut to Mary Anne and Brian waiting for the lift to rise (while A.J. Cabigao reading "How Shall I Live My Life?" can be heard in the background]
AJ CABIGAO: Thirty thousand people die each year from respiratory illnesses, stemming from auto-related airborne toxins--
MARY ANNE HODEL: What's this guy reading?
[Brian pauses, then shrugs]
BRIAN FELDMAN: Um, "Something Learn Together?"
[she shrugs]
MARY ANNE HODEL: It's alright ...
[cut to Mary Anne walking on the roof, as Brian reads off a list]
BRIAN FELDMAN: Yeah, so ... you're book fifty four.
MARY ANNE HODEL: Fifty four, okay.
[cut to Brian addressing the crowd on a microphone]
BRIAN FELDMAN: Good afternoon, Orlando Public Library!
[someone in the crowd screams]
BRIAN FELDMAN: It's National Library Week, we're up here on the roof, celebrating by having sixty seven Orange County Library System card holders read any book they so choose from the collection. Today, we have a very special guest. The director and CEO of the Orange County Library System, Mary Anne Hodel. She is book fifty four of sixty seven.
[cut to Mary Anne sitting in the chair]
MARY ANNE HODEL: Good afternoon! Um, I'm going to be reading some poems in celebration of National Poetry Month ...
[as footage of Mary Anne reading from her book is played, the audio is replaced with her (presumably on the ground) being interviewed after the fact]
MARY ANNE HODEL: [in voice over] It was fun! Uh, I have never seen the sidewalk from that particular perspective before, so that was interesting. And you'd see people walk by, and they'd stop. And if they would watch awhile, then I'd ... okay, I'd make sure that the next poem I read was something that would really capture their imagination. I think it got a lot of attention for the library in the local neighborhood ...
[cut to Mary Anne speaking directly to the camera]
MARY ANNE HODEL: Which was what we were aiming for. It was a very positive experience, and I think it would be fun to do it again!

Orange County Library System
(c)2010 OCLS



What is 67 Books?
In celebration of National Library Week 2010 (April 11-17), 67 Books is a weeklong performance art event wherein 67 Orange County Library System (OCLS) cardholders read aloud for one hour at a time any book they choose from the OCLS collection, on the roof of Orlando Public Library. The number 67 corresponds to the number of hours Orlando Public Library is open in the span of one week.

67 Books is an independent production of Brian Feldman Projects in celebration of National Library Week. The event is supported through the in-kind donations of area businesses and individuals, and has not been paid for by the Orange County Library System.

How can I take part?
Apply online at beginning Wednesday, March 3, 2010. All 67 places will be allocated by means of a random drawing to be held on Friday, March 19, 2010. We will let you know if you have won a place by email. You will need to tell us if you intend to accept the place or not.

How will participants be selected?
Participants will be chosen at random. There are only two criteria - participants be aged 16 or over and be an OCLS cardholder.

When does the event take place?
Sunday, April 11, 2010 from 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Monday, April 12, 2010 from 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Tuesday, April 13, 2010 from 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Wednesday, April 14, 2010 from 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Thursday, April 15, 2010 from 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Friday, April 16, 2010 from 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday, April 17, 2010 from 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Who can participate?
Anyone aged 16 or over who is an OCLS cardholder.

I use a wheelchair - can I take part?
While the roof is not wheelchair accessible, there are other ways you can participate in 67 Books.

Can I take a friend or relative with me?
By all means bring friends and relatives to support you, but each person must stand alone on the roof for their hour.

Can I bring my pet?
No pets will be allowed on the roof of Orlando Public Library.

Can I apply more than once?

Will I be paid?

Will the event be broadcast?
Yes, the event will be shown live on the event websites and as well as Additionally, we expect that there will be a great deal of press attention for the project. In agreeing to take part, you also agree that your image can be used in this way.

I live a long way from Orlando Public Library. Will you pay for my travel and accommodation?
Unfortunately we can't pay for the participants' expenses.

Can I bring equipment with me?
All you are asked to bring is the book you intend to read from the OCLS collection. You might also want to bring warm clothes (especially if your time slot is during the night). You will be wearing a microphone for the duration of your time on the overhang.

How do I get onto the roof?
You will be put onto the roof by means of a scissor lift designed for the purpose. You will need to be able to climb a short ladder in order to get on to the scissor lift.

What can I do when I'm on the roof?
Why, read of course! (Participants are responsible for the selection of materials read, and the OCLS bears no responsibility for the provision of or choice of book passages read during the event.)

Isn't it dangerous?
Your safety is our primary concern, but it's not dangerous. The roof is large (40' x 39' dimensions) and you will be standing in the center of it.

What if it rains?
The event will continue whatever the weather. The roof is not covered.

What if I want to get down before the end of my hour?
The artist's vision is that the roof is occupied for the entire event's duration. We hope that all participants will wish to fulfill the artist's wishes. We hope that in volunteering to take part, you will make a commitment to stay on the roof for the whole 60 minutes.

Can I swap my place?
All slots are allocated randomly. If you can't take up the slot you've been allocated, you'll have to reject the place.

What if I arrive late or miss my slot?
Unfortunately if you miss your slot, we will have to replace you so that the roof is not unoccupied. However, you are welcome to become a stand-in for that day in case someone else also drops out.

Do I just show up at the Orlando Public Library?
When you are allocated a space, you will be sent information telling you where to go on the day assigned.

Which readers/books have been assigned so far?
Book 1 (Donna Surles): New Dreams for Old (2006)
Book 2 (Jamie Hyman): Body of a Girl (2000)
Book 3 (Terry Olson): The Tale of Despereaux (2003)
Book 4 (Amanda Chadwick): A Wrinkle in Time (1962)
Book 5 (Richard Maladecki): All Quiet on the Western Front (1929)
Book 6 (Rick Jones): The Rest Is Noise (1973)
Book 7 (Tommy Wingo): The Flight of the Horse (1973)
Book 8 (David Mitchell): Into the Rising Sun (2002)
Book 9 (Kristen Butler): Sixty Stories (1981)
Book 10 (Tisse Mallon): The Key (2008)
Book 11 (David Alecock): Siddhartha (1922)
Book 12 (Mary Hill): Contemplative Prayer (1996)
Book 13 (Lynette Schimpf): Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (1964)
Book 14 (Marilee Amodt): Something Big Has Been Here (1990)
Book 15 (Hannah Miller): Grendel (1971)
Book 16 (Mark Lainer): Dune (1965)
Book 17 (Matt De Vlieger): Mirrors: Stories of Almost Everyone (2009)
Book 18 (Nancy C. Jacobson): Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There (1871)
Book 19 (John E. Palmer): Pure Drivel (1998)
Book 20 (Iryan Nasekailo): Filial (1990)
Book 21 (Katie Smith): The Little Prince (1943)
Book 22 (Mark Edward Smith): The Odyssey of Homer (1990)
Book 23 (Marnie Bench): Getting Stoned with Savages (2006)
Book 24 (Gale A. Pergande): Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2003)
Book 25 (Albert Pergande): The Portable Chekhov (1981)
Book 26 (Ross McCoy): Snow Crash (1992)
Book 27 (Harriett Lake): The Catcher in the Rye (1951)
Book 28 (Andrew White): Brave New World (1932)
Book 29 (Brigan Gresh): Watership Down (1972)
Book 30 (Stephen Miller): Suite Francaise (2006)
Book 31 (Elizabeth Maupin): Pride and Prejudice (1813)
Book 32 (Justin Bowen): Letters from a Nut (2001)
Book 33 (Mary Anne Holls): Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (2005)
Book 34 (Mike Maples): The Power of Respect (2009)
Book 35 (Alex Katsaros): A People's History of the United States (1980)
Book 36 (Carroll Gail): Alas, Babylon (1959)
Book 37 (Billy Manes): Black Swan Green (2006)
Book 38 (Tod Caviness): The Big Sleep (1939)
Book 39 (Robert Spencer Johns): The Qur'an
Book 40 (Erin Volz): The End of Overeating (2009)
Book 41 (Genevieve Bernard): Dance Improvisations (1987)
Book 42 (Seth Kubersky): Down and Out in the Magic Kindgom (2003)
Book 43 (Naarah Clarke): A Brief History of Time (1988)
Book 44 (Amber Mundinger): Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing (1972)
Book 45 (Rebecca Sforza): The Eight (1990)
Book 46 (Rachael Mullins): The Shack (2007)
Book 47 (James Arrington): The Untouchable (1997)
Book 48 (Michael Sloan): The Prophet (1923)
Book 49 (Anabel Borbon): Cronica de una muerte anunciada (2003)
Book 50 (Courtney Miller): The Shadow Rising (1992)
Book 51 (Mark Baratelli): Carscape (1988)
Book 52 (Ed Holmes): Darkly Dreaming Dexter (2004)
Book 53 (A.J. Cabigao): How Shall I Live My Life? (2008)
Book 54 (Mary Anne Hodel, OCLS Director): I Wouldn't Have Missed It (1975)
Book 55 (Brooke Haber): The Eyes of the Dragon (1987)
Book 56 (Trevor Fraser): Tunnel in the Sky (1955)
Book 57 (Jeremy Seghers): The Return of the King (1955)
Book 58 (Omar Delarosa): Kafka on the Shore (2002)
Book 59 (Shane Roopnarine): Neuromancer (1984)
Book 60 (Amanda Vocks): The Princess Bride (1973)
Book 61 (Sultana Ali): The Alchemist (1993)
Book 62 (Keyvan Acosta): The Tao of Pooh (1982)
Book 63 (Dan Ginader): Eclipse (2007)
Book 64 (Davey Rocker): The Giving Tree (1964)
Book 65 (Thomas Thorspecken): The Fountainhead (1943)
Book 66 (Emma Hughes): Perelandra (1943)
Book 67 (Brian Feldman): The Complete Beatles: Volume 1 (1988)

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