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Case Study No. 0509: Amy Blevins

Night Watchman
Laupus Library
600 Moye Blvd.
Greenville, NC 27858
(252) 744-2230 laupuslibrary/

Producer: C.W. Elton
Director: Tom Skinner
Phil the Security Guard: Michael Tucker
Amy the Librarian: Amy Blevins
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[scene opens with an exterior shot of the library, as "Laupus Health Sciences Library" pops up on screen, then cut to a male security guard playing with a barcode scanner when a young female librarian ("A Real Librarian!") enters]
AMY: Alright Phil, I know it's your first night as a security guard in the library. You're probably nervous, but don't worry. You'll do just fine.
[she puts some books on a cart, then leaves]
AMY: [from off camera] I will see you at seven o'clock in the morning.
PHIL: Bye, Miss Amy ...
[he absent-mindedly looks down at the scanner and accidentally flashes it into his eyes, temporarily blinding him]
[cut to Phil talking to three medical skeletons next to the DVD and Multimedia Collection]
PHIL: Okay, here's what we're gonna do. Slim, you take the first floor. Bob, third. Jenkins, fourth. If we work together, we can be done in about thirty minutes. After that ...
[he holds up a deck of playing cards]
PHIL: I've got the cards!
[cut to Phil walking through the Journals section and tripping over one of the step stools]
[cut to Phil playing cards with the skeletons, as he peeks at Bob's hand]
PHIL: Aw man ...
[cut to Phil putting his cards on the table]
PHIL: Alright, let's see what you've got.
[he looks at the cards on the table in front of Bob]
PHIL: Wha, how?
[he looks up and notices a card stuffed into Bob's skull]
PHIL: Wait a minute ...
[he pulls the card out and throws it on the table]
PHIL: I knew it, cheater!
[cut to Phil having a conversation with Slim, as "One of 154 models!" pops up below the skeleton]
PHIL: It was Nietzche who said, "Hell is other people" ...
SLIM: I think that was Sartre!
[cut to Phil riding a chair through the stacks, as "Over 44,000 books!" pops up on screen]
PHIL: I'm king of the library!
[cut to Amy returning in the morning, as Phil is quietly sitting at the front desk]
PHIL: Good morning!
AMY: Hope your night wasn't too boring.
PHIL: Oh, it wasn't, Miss Amy. I found a way to pass the time somehow.
AMY: Filling out reports?
[he gets a nervous look on his face, and reaches for some papers on the desk]
PHIL: Uhhhh, yeah ... filling out reports.
[cut to an exterior shot of the library in the daylight, as "Power to the user" appears on screen]
ANNOUNCER: The William E. Laupus Health Sciences Library. We're even more fun, when we're open!



Laupus Library (East Carolina University)
Posted on 05/29/2009

The library has submitted a video for a library promotion contest through Librareo. The video is titled The Night Watchman. Please feel free to comment on Youtube if you like the video.

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