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Case Study No. 0488: Kattelox Island Librarian

Tiara's RGM - MegaMan Legends (Final Part) - Truck Surfing!
Truck Sufring? No, Truck Chasing!
Almost Road Kill

Shoot the Mayor's place, I'm gonna go to the library!
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Mega Man Legends, known in Japan as Rockman DASH Hagane no Bokenshin (Rokkuman Dasshu Hagane no Bokenshin, lit. "Rockman DASH Adventurous Spirit of Steel"), is an action role-playing game released by Capcom. It is the first game in the Mega Man Legends sub-series of Mega Man games from Capcom, and the first major 3D polygonal Mega Man title released in the franchise. It was released on the PlayStation in 1997 in Japan and in 1998 in North America. A Nintendo 64 port was released in 2000 with the same title, but it was renamed Mega Man 64 for the English release in 2001. Another port was released for Microsoft Windows in 2001, and PlayStation Portable in 2005, with the latter exclusively in Japan.

It stars a different spiritual incarnation of Mega Man named Mega Man Volnutt, the game's playable character. Mega Man Volnutt is a "Digger", a person in charge of investigating ruins from a flooded Earth. During his journey with his friends, their ship crashes in Kattelox Island, where Mega Man decides to confront pirates who are attacking it to obtain its hidden treasure. As an action roleplaying game, Mega Man Legends's gameplay is very different from the ones of the original series despite sharing a few elements.




(first shelf):
It's a book about ethics...Let's see--You can judge a man by his
actions...People who engage in evil deeds will reveal themselves through
their appearance, which will darken and become distorted, a reflection of
their inner selves. Hmmm...sounds like something worth remembering!
(second shelf):
It's a book called 'Introduction to Digging'...I remember reading this a
long time ago...Let's see--Remember to improve your weapons as often as you
can! Make sure you have the right tools for the job at hand--you can choose
to improve your weapons' firepower, rate of fire, range, as well as
reloading speed....It's also important to think about which of your special
weapons to upgrade, and when...Hmmm...sounds like good advice!
(third shelf):
It's 'The History of Kattelox Island, Vol. 1'...Let's see--This unpopulated
island was discovered some 100 years ago. At the time of its discovery, the
surface of the island was almost completely covered with ruined buildings.
Kattelox became well known after the discovery of high-quality refractors
under the island some 60 years ago.
[Stop reading]: Whew! This is one long book!
[Keep reading]: After the discovery of the presence of refractors, it was
also found that the island was riddled with underground ruins. Due to the
various unfortunate accidents which plagued early exploration attempts and
the persistence of the rumors of a legendary curse or disaster, the majority
of these ruins were sealed off from the general public. Thus, digging is
permitted in only a limited number of ruins. As for the legendary disaster,
it is believed by some that every century, an undefined presence that
resides beneath the island awakens and destroys all life present on it.
(fourth shelf):
It's 'The History of Kattelox Island, Vol. 2'...Let's see--Research
conducted by the current mayor of the island, Professor Amelia, shows that
there are remnants of several different civilizations on Kattelox. In other
words, it appears the previous inhabitants of this island have built a
civilization many times, only to have it destroyed each time...This is
believed to be the origin of the myth of the legendary disaster that haunts
this island. While there is obviously no scientific proof that Kattelox is
destined for disaster, many people who believe in the legend choose to leave
the island, and in fact the decreasing population has become one of the
island's major concerns in recent years.
[Stop reading]: Whew! This is one long book!
[Keep reading]: The walls and gates that divide the city into various areas
are also remnants of ancient ruins, which continue to function even now.
These walls along with the ruins known as the Sub and Main Gates, are a
monument to the technological achievements of our ancestors' society.
(fifth shelf):
It's 'The Digger's Guide--Intermediate Level'...Let's see--Often, when
taking damage from an enemy's attack, you will be stunned or even knocked
down. You can lessen the effect by pressing the A button. Hmmmm...I'll
have to remember that!
(sixth shelf):
It's a book called 'Operating Holon Machinery'...Let's see--Machines which
use quantum refractors as their power source are referred to as Holon
machines. While they are used for many purposes today, their original
configuration, purpose, and means of construction remain unknown. Holon
machines make use of the energy field generated by refractors when they are
rotated at high speeds. The type and size of the energy field generated in
this manner varies depending on the size and color of the refractor used.
Some researchers have put forth the theory of the existance of a
proto-refractor, a multi-faceted prism refractor capable of energy
production on a scale beyond that of the largest known
refractor....Hmmm...I'm not sure if I get all that...Maybe Roll would
Sign Near Door: There's a sign that says: Please return books to the shelves
when you're finished!

Librarian: This is the library...We won't let the pirates close us down!
Librarian (behind counter): Hey! You can't come in here without permission!
Man in Blue Shirt at Shelves: I heard about the pirates coming, so I came to
look up everything I can about pirates...Based on what I read so far, it
seems like pirates aren't a nice bunch of people, are they?
Girl in Orange Dress at Reading Area: If the pirates blow up the
library...That means the teachers can't make us read any more books...heh
heh heh...
Girl in Orange Dress at Shelves: I figure that after being evacuated, I'll
have a lot of time on my hands, so I came to get something to read.

(Library reopens)
Librarian: This is the library...Now that the pirates are gone, we're open
Libarian (behind counter): I thought I told you you can't come back here
without permission!?
Man in Blue Shirt at Shelves: There are almost no books about the history of
this island...So we don't know much about the past...But I suppose it
doesn't matter that much, does it?
Left Girl in Orange Dress at Reading Area: Just coming to the library makes
you want to study, doesn't it?
Right Girl in Orange Dress at Reading Area: I came here to find a book on
cooking--that way, I won't have to worry about what to make for dinner once
I'm married...Actually, I came here to read a book about diets--I've got to
lose weight before I worry about cooking!

Librarian: This is the library...Please keep as quiet as you can and don't
disturb the other patrons.
Librarian (behind counter): How many times do I have to tell you?
Man in Blue Shirt at Shelves: I wonder where all the machines that we use
came from? Who invented them? Doesn't really matter, I guess, but you
still gotta wonder...
Girl in Orange Dress at Reading Area: There's no better place for a nap than
the library...I mean, it's always quiet here, right?
Servbot at Reading Area: I came here looking for a book on military

Librarian: This is the library...Please remember to return books you've
borrowed on time!
Librarian (behind counter): Hmmmm...
Man in Blue Overalls at Reading Area: Comics, comics...Where're the comics?
Huh? No, they're not for my son--I like to read them too!
Woman in Purple at Reading Area: I wonder if I can find a book on general
house-keeping tips...I've been forgetting a lot of things lately--my memory
isn't what it used to be!

Librarian: This is the library...These books belong to everyone, so let's
take good care of them, OK?
Librarian (behind counter): Ohhhh...
Main in Blue Overalls at Reading Area: I wonder if I can't find a cheat book
here...I'm playing a new game, and I'm stuck!
Man in Blue Shirt at Reading Area: I wonder what the Main Gate is for? I
thought maybe I could find some answers in the library, but no such
luck...Oh, well...

Librarian: This is the library. Please don't rip the pages out of the
Librarian (behind counter): Darn...
Man in Blue Shirt at Reading Area: Sometimes, you see references in history
books to something called a 'MegaMan'...I wonder what that's supposed to
mean? Hey, come to think of it, your name is MegaMan, isn't it? Well,
there's probably no connection--pretty funny coincidence, though!
Girl in Orange Dress at Reading Area: There's been a lot of trouble lately,
but you can always forget about your problems if you've got a good book!
Servbot at Shelves: I'm looking up how to make hamburgers!

Librarian: This is the library. Please return the books to the shelves when
you're done.
Librarian (behind counter): OK, I admit it--you win!
Man in Blue Shirt at Reading Area: Things have gotten pretty bad lately,
what with all the Gates and all opening up around the city...
Girl in Orange Dress at Reading Area: At times like this, I find that
reading the holy book helps reassure me...
Servbot at Shelves: I'm looking up how to make French fries!

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