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Case Study No. 0489: Mrs. Ashboro

Ghost Cat - Clip
When 15-year old Natalie Merritt's mother dies, her father moves them both back to her mother's old hometown to stay in her childhood home. There, she comes to befriend Mrs. Ashboro, a former librarian who knew Natalie's mother. Mrs. Ashboro and Natalie also soon realize they both share in common the affections of Margaret, a protective, wizened old cat. After Mrs. Ashboro passes away, the Merritts start to rebuild their sense of home in Mrs. Ashboro's house, where the ghost of Margaret the cat lingers on to keep an eye out for Natalie.
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[a man and his daughter drive up in front of an old house, as a young man is sweeping the front steps]
WES MERRITT: Excuse me! Are you the owner?
BOYD ASHBORO: Uh no, my aunt ... she's the one selling.
WES MERRITT: Can we make an appointment to look at it?
BOYD ASHBORO: Come on in, I'll show it to you.
[they get out of the car]
BOYD ASHBORO: Hi, I'm Boyd Ashboro.
[they shake hands]
BOYD ASHBORO: Nice to meet'cha!
WES MERRITT: Wes Merritt, my daughter Natalie.
BOYD ASHBORO: Hey ... You new to Ringwood?
WES MERRITT: Oh, my wife used to live here.
BOYD ASHBORO: It's a nice town ...
[they walk off camera, but Natalie stops]
NATALIE MERRITT: What a beautiful cat!
[cut to a cat watching them through the window]
BOYD ASHBORO: Oh, that's Margaret, my aunt's baby ...
[cut back to Boyd and Wes]
BOYD ASHBORO: Seriously.
[they enter the house, then cut to an elderly woman driving down the street (where she nearly runs into an oncoming car)]
MRS. ASHBORO: Oh my ...
[the other car honks the horn as it passes]
MRS. ASHBORO: And they wonder why there's road rage!
[she stops in front of a house, where a young woman comes to greet her]
BRENDA: Hi, Misses Ashboro!
MRS. ASHBORO: What was that maniac doing here?
BRENDA: Oh, I guess if you're Ted Riker, you don't take no for an answer ...
MRS. ASHBORO: Oh, don't give in to him, Brenda ... He'll build those abominable cookie-cutter houses in your lovely field.
[two dogs suddenly run up, wagging their tails and barking]
MRS. ASHBORO: Ooh, hello guys! I got you a present!
BRENDA: Thank you ... I'll get it.
[she takes a bag of dog food out of the car]
MRS. ASHBORO: You know what this is, don't you? Come on, you're my favorite boys! You're my favorite boys!
BRENDA: Come on, come on guys!
[they all walk towards the house]



"Ghost Cat," also released as "Mrs. Ashboro's Cat" or "The Cat That Came Back," is a 2003 Animal Planet television film starring Ellen Page and Nigel Bennett. It was directed by Don McBrearty and written by Larry Ketron. The film is based on the novel. The film is rated PG for "mild thematic elements and some peril".

A year after the death of her mother, 15-year-old Natalie Merritt (Ellen Page) and her father Wes (Michael Ontkean) move from Manhattan to the tiny town of Ringwood, 40 miles away -- her mother's childhood home. In Ringwood they meet Mrs. Ashboro (Shirley Knight), whose meddling nephew Boyd (Tom Barnett) is more interested in selling her house -- and reaping the profits -- than he is about the wishes of his aunt. Recognizing a potential sale, Boyd invites the Merritts in for a look around. When Mrs. Ashboro comes home to find them there, she is surprised -- and less than welcoming. But she can't help but notice that her very particular cat, Margaret -- her dear companion -- has taken a special liking to Natalie.

When they meet again, Mrs. Ashboro offers Natalie a heartfelt apology, and the two quickly realize they've got something in common other than Margaret the cat's affection. Natalie learns that, as the town's former librarian, Mrs. Ashboro and her mother, an avid reader, were once good friends. And although Natalie and her father adore the enchanting old house, they continue their search for the right home in Ringwood as it becomes clear to them that it is the greedy nephew alone, not Mrs. Ashboro, who wants to sell.

But Mrs. Ashboro isn't the only one being pressured to sell a beloved home. Her good friend Brenda Yancey (Lori Hallier), who runs an animal shelter on an old farm nearby, has become the target of an aggressive developer, Mr. Ryker. Brenda is determined to hold on to her land and her animals despite Mr. Ryker's persistent attempts to force her to sell so he can build a crowded lot of cookie-cutter houses on her property. Mrs. Ashboro vows to help Brenda; after all, it was Brenda who gave her Margaret -- the cat who once, remarkably, saved her life.

When Natalie and her father return to Ringwood to continue house hunting, they are greeted with a shocking tragedy: Mrs. Ashboro has passed away, buried only days ago, and her devoted Margaret died of a broken heart the night of the funeral. But didn't Natalie just see that gray and white cat dash suddenly across their path?

So begins the Merritt's journey to make their home in Mrs. Ashboro's stately but spirit-filled old house, to make peace with the passing of Natalie's mother, and to carry out Mrs. Ashboro's promise to her friend, in the face of mounting danger and deception -- which can happen only with the help of the mysterious ghost cat.

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