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Case Study No. 0497: Dan Barbour

"I Survived a Japanese Game Show" Ad in Times Square
I never thought I would see myself on a huge ad in Times Square, but that is exactly what happened in this video. I can be seen at the center of "Wheel of Human Torpedo." As one of twelve contestants on the reality program "I Survived a Japanese Game Show", I can safely say this is the coolest place I have seen this ad played! The show will air Wednesdays this summer on ABC, starting June 17th.
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About the show

I Survived a Japanese Game Show has completed shooting in Japan for Season 2, premiering WEDNESDAY, JULY 8 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET/PT) on ABC. The unscripted reality/game show takes an eye-opening, behind-the-scenes look at 12 Americans (listed below) who were whisked away to Japan to compete in the ultimate Japanese game show... with hilarious results. The final winner will take home $250,000.

Season 1 of the game show was the big winner at the recent 49th Rose d'Or Festival, one of Europe's most prestigious TV honors, taking the prize as "Best of 2009" (best show on television -- scripted and unscripted), as well as the Rose Trophy for best reality show. The series also received a DGA nomination for Best Reality Competition Show.

Returning will be the witty game show host Rome Kanda (Pink Panther, Saturday Night Live), who leads the contestants through all of the zany challenges; Mama-San, a house mother and resident pot stirrer; and Judge Bob, the rarely dynamic but always entertaining referee of the games.

Some of the games/challenges will include:

"Wacky" doesn't begin to describe this game which puts a larger than life spin on Foosball. From the crazy costumes of fruit and cactus to the highflying action, "Big Foot Bang Bang" is an instant classic!

Contestants are dressed as green aliens seeking to cross two conveyor belts and three spinning platforms while trying to transport as many stuffed bears as possible in 3 1/2 minutes. If they fall into the powder pit at the end, they have to start again.

In this homage to the arcade classic, "Whack-a-Mole," contestants pop their heads up through a set of holes and try to spit the most ping-pong balls into a container. One problem -- an opponent is waiting for them with an inflatable hammer!

The executive producers are Arthur Smith and Kent Weed for A. Smith & Co. (Kitchen Nightmares, Hell's Kitchen), and David Sidebotham, Karsten Bartholin and Tim Crescenti for Babyfoot APS Denmark.

Currently the Zany Game Show Host on ABC's I SURVIVED A JAPANESE GAME SHOW Rome Kanda has done anything and everything for the love of entertainment.

Born and raised in Osaka, Japan before coming to New York to advance his career, Rome has been involved in live and filmed entertainment his entire life. Trained in the Martial Arts since childhood, Rome holds a Black Belt in Karate and is one of a privileged few to hold the coveted position of Samurai Master. But this is one of many things he has mastered in his career. An accomplished writer, actor and Stand Up Comic, Rome placed First in the World Asia presents. "Comedy Contest in NYC" and has been seen on stage, Film and Television all over the World.

Rome's past Credits include The Pink Panther, Brooklyn Rules and Just My Luck with Lindsay Lohan as well as Saturday Night Live and Late Night with Conan O'Brien. He will be soon be seen in the Feature Films, Lock and Roll Forever and The Informant opposite Matt Damon. Rome currently resides in Los Angeles and devotes his limited free time to writing, comedy and teaching others the way of the Samurai, which covers not only the physical aspect of the Art Form but the Cultural and Spiritual side making for a well rounded human being.


Dan Barbour
Willful yet likable, Dan is a librarian who "has an opinion about everything." Whether the topic is politics, movies or the color of the sky, Dan's the type of guy who "always believes he's right, and everyone else is wrong." But don't let his choir boy looks and tendency to blush fool you. This avid poker player is no pushover, and he's not afraid to manipulate a situation to his advantage. This self professed virgin was home schooled and is the product of a conservative, religious upbringing. He never curses, and his favorite phrase is "Oh my word." He'll be the ultimate fish out of water not only in Japan, but also living with the other Americans.

Age: 25
Hometown: Shrewsbury, MA
Occupation: Librarian

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