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Case Study No. 1991: "Imperfect archivist, you're only human"

The Archivist
The Archivist


(P) 2003 Domino Recording Co Ltd

Released on: 2003-01-18

Composer: Pram
Contributor: Pram
Contributor: Rosie
Lyricist: Rosie

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Dark Island is an album by English band Pram released in 2003. The album features the song Track of the Cat which was used on a BT advert in 2003.

Track listing
1. "Track of the Cat" – 4:13
2. "Penny Arcade" – 4:27
3. "The Pawnbroker" – 3:19
4. "Paper Hats" – 4:05
5. "Peepshow" – 3:28
6. "Sirocco" – 4:25
7. "The Archivist" – 6:01
8. "Goodbye" – 5:06
9. "Leeward" – 3:36
10. "Distant Islands" – 6:03



As the clocks so solemnly declare it
Strike each single hour down without malice
Nothing lasts long, nothing stays in place
You find you can't recall things as you wanted
And no photograph can hold the image
Nothing lasts long, nothing stays in place

Imperfect archivist, you're only human
Although you wish to savour all that you can
You won't live as long as you think you will
You'll find yourself betrayed by your own body
As what you know to be yourself is murdered
By time's progress through each single cell

Hold on to the chances you took
You can only make it if you
Don't let minutes and seconds past you
Don't let time's perspective throw you
Nail each moment down so that it matches your heartbeat

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