Monday, May 4, 2015

Case Study No. 1935: Staff of Unnamed Library (Vifit Drink)

Sexy Anna test focus studenten
Hoe gefocust kun je blijven als een bloedmooie, supersexy vrouw alles doet om je aandacht te trekken? Terwijl deze studenten in de blibliotheek zitten te blokken voor hun tentamens worden ze stiekem uitgetest met behulp van verborgen camera's en... Anna.

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[scene opens in a university library (with library staff milling about while students sit and study), as "63 Nietsvermoedende Studenten" ("63 Unsuspecting Students") appears on screen]
[cut to various shots of the students (male and female) sitting and reading, as "8 Verborgen Camera's" ("8 Hidden Cameras") appears on screen]
[cut to a closeup of one young woman sitting at a table, as "En Anna" ("And Anna") appears on screen]
[cut to shots of the male students (one of them with a carton of Vifit Drink on the table in front of him) sitting at the same table as Anna, when she unbuttons her sweater and takes it off]
[cut to another shot of Anna, as she undoes her ponytail and shakes out her hair seductively]
[cut to various "reaction" shots of some of the male students watching her, then back to Anna as she gives a coy look to the male student sitting across from her ... he does not look up, but instead continues reading (as the carton of Vifit Drink in front of him is clearly in the shot)]
[cut back to Anna, as she bites her lip and then climbs on the table and begins dancing as music plays over the footage (doubtful that the music was actually playing live in the library)]
[cut to more reaction shots of the other male students in the room, while the object of her desire (i.e. the "plant" with the Vifit Drink) continues reading as if nothing strange is going on]
[cut to Anna taking off her skirt and shirt (revealing thigh-high garter belt stockings, black panties, and a red bra) as she continues dancing, then to more reaction shots from the students, both male (excited) and female (confused)]
[cut to Anna slowly rolling off her stockings and tossing them at the student, who still gives no reaction]
[cut to Anna doing the splits on top of the table (as the student glances up at her), then two male "security guards" (with "testjouwfocus dot nl" printed on their jackets) enter and escort her out of the building]
[cut to Anna turning as they approach the door, giving the student a wink before they exit, then the other male students giving a round of applause]
[cut to a closeup of the student, as he shakes his head, then takes a sip from his Vifit Drink and goes right back to studying]



A prank commercial for a Dutch Yogurt drink named Vifit has gone viral. The reason? Sexy Anna. A very hot blonde model is testing the focus of students in a library by teasing them and even stripping on table. The Vifit video has over 1 million views, but I am sure that is not the end of it as it just starts to get global attention.

The video is a staged prank, but the model is making this video work. Anna's real name is Damaris de Leeuw.

The message of the prank commercial is that Vifit makes you focused and nothing can distract you, not even a beautiful girl stripping on your table. I pass.



In a recent Vifit video that was half prank and half commercial, a sexy woman named Anna danced on a library table at a Dutch university. The Netherlands natives were shocked - and eventually she was led away by men in black jackets.

While the footage is entertaining, it's not the greatest prank. It's obviously scripted. But, then again, this woman is so beautiful that most of us don't really care.

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