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Case Study No. 1957: Staff of Unnamed Library (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends)

Preview - Jackie Khones and the Case of the Overdue Library Crook
Mac turns to detective.
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[scene opens in a public library, as young Mac walks up to the elderly female librarian (white hair, glasses, pink sweater) at the front desk]
MAC: [in voice over] This morning, when I went to the library, I was checking out some books and everything seemed fine.
[he hands some books to the librarian]
LIBRARIAN: Hello, dear. Just these?
MAC: Yes, please.
LIBRARIAN: I'll just need to see your library card.
MAC: Oh yeah, sure.
[he checks his pockets]
MAC: Huh, that's weird.
LIBRARIAN: It's alright, dear, I can look it up. What's your phone number?
MAC: Uh, it's Five-Five-Five Zero-One-Nine-Nine.
[the librarian smiles and types in the number, then her computer beeps loudly and she steps back in shock]
MAC: Is everything okay?
[the librarian (now forcing a fake smile) nods her head]
LIBRARIAN: Oh, yes dear ... Excuse me a moment?
[she gets up and hurries off camera]
MAC: [in voice over] Right then, I knew something was wrong.
[cut to a group of female librarians (all elderly and wearing glasses) huddled together and whispering to one another, occasionally glancing over in Mac's direction and eyeing him suspiciously]
MAC: [in voice over] They were looking at me like I was a criminal!
[cut to Mac with a concerned look on his face]
MAC: [in voice over] I had to see what was going on.
[he leans forward and looks at the computer screen, which shows his picture with the warning "Overdue Book ... Mac 555-0199 Alert Most Wanted"]
MAC: Gasp!



Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends: Season 6, Episode 1
Jackie Khones and the Case of the Overdue Library Crook (13 Mar. 2008)

Mac asks Jackie Khones to help find out who used his library card to borrow a book that is now overdue.

Sean Marquette ... Mac (voice)
Keith Ferguson ... Blooregard (voice)
Tom Kenny ... Eduardo (voice)
Grey DeLisle ... Fluffer Nutter / Librarian / Back-Up (voice)
Phil LaMarr ... Wilt / Jackie Khones / Theme Song Singer (voice)



Jackie Khones and the Case of the Overdue Library Crook is the 67th episode from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. The episode aired on March 13, 2008 on Cartoon Network.

Mac seeks the aid of Jackie Khones to find out who stole his library card and used it to check out a now over-due book.



Jackie Khones is now an investigator. Mac has a case for him. There is an overdue library book under his name and he needs to find who did it. Jackie slacks off on the job, which makes Mac angry. There is a shadowy figure around trying to hurt Jackie. It turns out to be Bloo. They think he did it, but he confesses to another thing. Mac finds out that Jackie is the one who had the book and his library card.

Wilt: I didn't take the last piece of German chocolate cake, I didn't belch into the loudspeaker on Mother's Day, I didn't assassinate the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand, and I didn't take Mac's library card!

Mac: I was walking along, laying low like you said, and that's when I started seeing them... LIBRARIANS! THEY WERE EVERYWHERE! That's when I ran! I ran as fast as I could! I never stopped! I don't even know how I made it here in one piece, it was horrible! If they caught me, I would've been... WHO KNOWS WHAT WOULD'VE HAPPENED?
Jackie Khones: Whatchoo talkin' 'bout?
Mac: The librarians? Y'know, the librarians who are after me? Someone stole my library card?
Jackie Khones: ...
Mac: They checked out a book and never returned it?
Jackie Khones: ...
Mac: MY CASE?!?
Jackie Khones: Oh yeah. Forgot about that.

Mac: Help! Librarians are after me!
Jackie Khones: Whatever.

Mac: That was the library crook! What're we gonna do?
Jackie Khones: Go read him his rights, then book him!

* Jackie Khones is the real library card thief. He stole it to check out a detective agency book ("Detectin' Ain't Disrespectin': A Beginners Guide to Sleuthin'"). Bloo was believed to have done it, but all he did was use Mac's name to join a DVD club, but because of that, Mac owes the club $5,000 (US).
* At the end, Mac never takes the missing library book. He just leaves it by the pool, why would he do that when he has to return it?

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