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Case Study No. 1984: Marjorie Hendershott

Chester, You Owe My Bird an Apology
A play by John Lazarus
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Life is tough for poor Chester.
He's middle aged and living with his sister Hattie.
She's overbearing and malicious, but that's nothing compared to her obnoxious pet cockatoo Belladonna.

But one day, Chester meets a lovely librarian named Marjorie.
She makes him feel as if his life may finally be worth living.
And yet, when Chester attempts to introduce his new lady friend to his sister, snide remarks and sparks fly.



Babel rap ; Chester, you owe my bird an apology : two one-act plays
by John Lazarus

Playwrights Co-op, 1972 - 102 pages

A hen-pecked, middle-aged man is driven to distraction by his nagging sister and her loud-mouthed cockatoo.



Librarian Marjorie Hendershott visits her friend, 47-year-old Chester, and Chester's dominating older sister, Hattie. Shortly after their introduction, Hattie tells Marjorie "it doesn't take much in the way of brains to be a librarian."

Marjorie, described as "elegant" and "poised," possessing "a youthful energy, enthusiasm and sense of humor," does her best to help Chester break free from bondage to his harpy sister and her repulsive pet cockatoo.

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