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Case Study No. 1980: Unnamed Male Librarian (ADVS Productions)

This is my attempt at film noir. I hope to expand the script in the future. I dedicate this film to all the working stiffs out there who can't catch a break, who feel the weight of the world on their shoulders. Shot on an iPhone. Starring Triz Jolivette and Dimitri Batista Simpson. Music by Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, from their album RACE RIOT SUITE. I claim no ownership of their music, PLEASE DON'T SUE.
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Aaron D. Van Scyoc Presents

Starring Triz Jolivette
And Dimitri Batista-Simpson

[scene opens with an extreme closeup of the male librarian's face in black and white]
[cut to a man walking into a public bathroom, soon followed by the librarian (African American, short hair, glasses, trenchcoat)]
[cut to a closeup of the man's face]
FRANK: Why are you doing this?
[cut to a closeup of the librarian's mouth]
LYLE: Nine years ...
[cut to a closeup of the baseball bat that the librarian is holding in his left hand]
LYLE: You had that book out for nine years, and I've been a librarian for twenty five.
[cut to a shot of the librarian standing in front of the man]
LYLE: This is where I draw the line!
[cut to a shot of the baseball bat in the librarian's hand, then to slow motion footage of the bat falling out of his hand and dropping to the floor]
[cut to a shot (from the bat's POV?) as the librarian bends down to pick it up]
[cut to a shot of the librarian crouched down on the floor, as he adjusts his glasses and then looks up (seemingly nervous) before picking up the bat]
[he looks down at the bat in his hand, then drops it to the floor again (in slow motion) and grabs at the sides of his head (as if in pain) before collapsing to the floor]
[cut to a shot of the man bending down and putting his hand on the librarian's shoulder, as if to comfort him]

An Aaron D. Van Scyoc Film

Dedicated to
The Working Stiffs

Triz Jolivette
and Dimitri Batista-Simpson

Written, Directed, and Shot
by Aaron D. Van Scyoc

Triz Jolivette
as Lyle the Librarian

Dimitri Batista-Simpson
as Frank


"Third Prayer", "Grandfather's Gun", and "Prelude"
from Race Riot Suite
by Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey

Special Thanks

The Society for the Performing and Visual Arts
The Chappell Players Theatre Group

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