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Case Study No. 1934: Florian Phineas Horatio Aldebrant, Esquire (Wannabe Librarian)

Let's Play Dragon Age Witch Hunt - Part 2: Library Fun
In search of Morrigan, we head to the Mage's Tower in hopes of finding more information on Elven Artifacts. In theory, if we can find what Morrigan is after...we could find her. Will our berserking friend make sense of the riddles of the past? Find out!
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[The Warden and his party enter the library at Circle Tower, which is filled with giant bookshelves teaming with ancient tomes]
ARIANE: Look at all these books. I've never seen so many.
[they proceed further into the library, as two apprentice mages are arguing]
APPRENTICE 1: Is that a purebred mabari? I wish I had one. They should allow pets in the tower.
APPRENTICE 2: Don't you remember the dragonling disaster? There's bits of Ivan still burnt onto the ceiling on the third floor.
APPRENTICE 1: I'm talking about common pets. Dogs, cats, rats ... owls. That sort of thing.
APPRENTICE 2: Owls? What sort of mage has an owl as a pet?
[the player checks his journal, as "You have arrived at the Circle's library. You should try finding anything you can on Eluvian" and "Search through the Circle's library to see if you can find anything on Eluvian. It's elven, so books on related topics would be a good start" appear on screen]
[they enter the library's index room, where they look up "A Catalog of Elven Relics", then head for the "Mysterious Artifacts" section and pull the book from the shelf]
ARIANE: I recognize the character on this page! I think it makes up part of the word "Eluvian."
[the player selects "That's Elvish. But I can't read much of it."]
ARIANE: Neither can I ... This is a library, isn't it? Perhaps another book could help us translate this.
[they head back to the index room, where they look up "Translating Elven Languages", then head for the "History" section]
APPRENTICE 1: Is that a Dalish Elf?
APPRENTICE 2: Don't gawk! I hear they cut out your eyes for staring at their tattoos.
APPRENTICE 1: They do not.
APPRENTICE 2: They do! I read it somewhere.
APPRENTICE 1: And you believe everything you read, do you?
APPRENTICE 2: Better safe than sorry, I say ...
[they continue on to the "History" section, and pull the book from the shelf, as "Quest Updated" appears on screen]
ARIANE: I have a good feeling about this ...
[the player checks his journal, as "You found a volume that can help you translate the text on elven relics" appears on screen]
[they head back towards the "Mysterious Artifacts" section]
APPRENTICE 1: They found the body of the templar who went after those apostates near Highever.
APPRENTICE 2: Maker, it's terrible what they did to him.
APPRENTICE 1: They said he was force fed so much lyrium he was bleeding from his eyes. His brain was liquefied in his skull.
APPRENTICE 2: Can lyrium really do that?
APPRENTICE 1: It can kill you, but ... well, you know how rumors are. Those pissers give us all a bad name. Now some templar will take it out on an innocent mage and start the cycle all over again.
[they continue on to the "Mysterious Artifacts" section, where they once again pull "A Catalog of Elven Relics" from the shelf]
["Using the translation book, you locate a chapter on 'Eluvian'" appears on screen, then The Warden's mabari war hound begins barking as a young mage enters the scene]
FINN: Whoa! Who let a dog in here? And what are you doing? Be careful!
[the player selects "You're in my light."]
FINN: You ... You look, er, like you could probably squash me like a gnat, but I can't just sit by while you mishandle innocent tomes!
[the mage puts his face in his hands, as The Warden simply shrugs his shoulders at Ariane]
FINN: You're bending the book too much! It'll crack the spine and cause the pages to fall out!
[he rolls his eyes]
FINN: Oh, just thinking about it is ... making me dizzy.
[the player selects "Are you familiar with this book?"]
FINN: I've used it, but I don't know it by heart.
[he rubs his chin]
FINN: Hmmm ... browsing the chapther on the Eluvian? No one's actually found one, you know.
ARIANE: You know what "Eluvian" is?
FINN: It's old elvish for "seeing glass" ... Mirror.
[the player selects "What else do you know about this?"]
FINN: "Eluvian" isn't just any mirror, it's a special kind. When the Imperium sacked Arlathan, they took these mirrors and tried to unlock their power. But all they could use them for was communication, over long distances.
[the player selects "I've encountered a mirror like that."]
FINN: You've seen one with your own eyes?
[the player selects "It was tainted by the Blight. It had to be destroyed."]
FINN: Even broken, it could be used to find the others ...
[he shakes his head]
FINN: No, don't get ahead of yourself, Finn, you have to be sure.
ARIANE: What? What do you know?
FINN: This is so exciting! We have to get to the repository. Hadley has the key.
[Finn ("Level 32 Mage") joins your party, as they head for the Tower's basement]
ARIANE: Psst. You, hound. You think you could sneak up on the mage over there?
DOG: [soft bark]
ARIANE: How high do you think he'd throw those things if he turned around and saw you looming over him?
DOG: [disapproving whine]
ARIANE: Oh, lighten up! This place is like a tomb ... A few surprises would be good for them!
DOG: [unhappy bark]
ARIANE: Warden! Your dog is lecturing me again ...
[they continue on towards the basement]
APPRENTICE 1: You hear what's going on up on Kirkwall?
APPRENTICE 2: Kirkwall?
APPRENTICE 1: In the Free Marches, dolt! Half of Ferelden fled there in the Blight. They say there's a refugee camp twice as big as the city. Whole place is run by templars, though, so no one is getting in. They heard what happened here ... made 'em kind of jumpy.
APPRENTICE 2: Everyone's a critic ...
[they continue on towards the basement]
ARIANE: Look, Finn ... he fetched me a flower!
DOG: [excited bark]
ARIANE: Oh, how thoughtful! It's very pretty ... Slobbery, but pretty.
DOG: [happy bark]
FINN: You should just tell him to fetch a Morrigan ... It would save us a lot of trouble.
[they continue on to the basement entrance, where they find Hadley]
FINN: Hadley! Just the man I was looking for!
HADLEY: Not looking very hard, were you? I'm always here.
[Finn manages a forced chuckle]
FINN: Good one. So, I uh ... I need to go into the repository.
FINN: No? Why not? I'm not some drooling apprentice!
ARIANE: It's because of me, isn't it?
HADLEY: No ... The sentinels have been behaving erratically, so the repository is locked for everyone's safety.
FINN: Oh. Well then, er ... sorry for bothering you.
[the player selects "Is there something I can do?"]
HADLEY: I would certainly like to see the situation resolved, but I would hate to put you in danger. The repository isn't crucial to the daily functioning of the Circle, so we've left it until we can spare more men.
[the player selects "Just give us the key. I can look after myself."]
HADLEY: Sigh ... Very well, it's your necks. But before you go, what's so important down there?
FINN: The statue. It knows things about Tevinter, and I need to speak to it.
HADLEY: All right ... Be careful, and keep the mess to a minimum.
["Quest updated" appears on screen]
ARIANE: You know that talking to inanimate objects is a sign of insanity?
FINN: Not when it talks back.
ARIANE: You think this statue talks ... to you?
FINN: It's complicated. It wasn't always a statue ... You'll see.
[they enter the basement, where they are immediately attacked by corrupted sentinels]
FINN: That's a tear in the Veil! Something from the Fade is influencing the sentinels ... We have to deal with this!
[they defeat the sentinels, who simply stop and calmly make their way back to their posts]
FINN: We did it! And these sentinels are going back to normal ... We need to deal with the rest of the rips in the Veil if we can.
[the player checks a nearby table covered in old vials]
FINN: This used to be where the phylacteries of the apprentices were stored. They've been moved to a more secure location. We don't even know where they are anymore.
[they move to another room, where they find a glowing statue]
STATUE: The prison is breached. I see the encroaching darkness.
ARIANE: Wow. It does talk.
FINN: Uh, hello?
STATUE: The ... The shadow will consume all.
FINN: Something is causing it distress ... The tears in the Veil, most likely. The statue's useless until we mend the Veil.
[they head off and defeat the more sentinels]
FINN: Wait, how ... ? I've never seen anything like this before. This has something to do with the magic animating the sentinels.
[they defeat more sentinels]
FINN: Let's deactivate another sentinel. That seems to make the weak spots in the Veil visible.
[they defeat more sentinels]
FINN: That was the last of them. The sentinels should stop trying to kill us now. Let's get back to the statue.
[they head back towards to the room with the statue]
FINN: Go fetch! Shoo!
DOG: [happy bark]
ARIANE: You have to give him something. You can't just say "Fetch!" and expect him to retrieve random things.
FINN: Why not? Once heard of someone with a really smart mabari, who would run off and fetch things like ... like cake. I think this one's broken.
DOG: [whines]
[they return to the room with the statue]
STATUE: I am the spirit of Eleni Zinovia, once consort and--
FINN: Advisor to Archon Valerius, blah blah, fall of the house. Yes yes, we've been through that.
STATUE: Finn ... Greetings.
[the player selects "Are you all right? You seemed distressed, earlier."]
FINN: Are you asking the statue if it's all right? It's a statue!
ARIANE: So you'll talk to it, but it's strange to ask about its well-being?
FINN: It's made of stone! Short of a hammer and chisel, nothing will hurt it.
STATUE: Stone eyes are no longer clouded. The darkness recedes, for now.
FINN: It's hard to get answers out of it ... requires parsing all the grandiose mumbo-jumbo.
[he turns back to the statue]
FINN: We know where a broken Eluvian lies. Can it still be used to find the others?
STATUE: Scry. The broken glass, dagger-sharp, will be your key.
[the player selects "Broken glass? From the mirror?"]
STATUE: Yes. The Lights of Arlathan will illuminate the scryer's path. The archons possessed them, but they were misused, befouled, and lost ... like so much the Imperium touched. Some were saved, carried by fugitives from the elven city. Their sorrow awoke the Stone, and her children sheltered them. They found a sanctuary in the deep halls of Cad'halash, now known as Cadash. There the Lights of Arlathan lie, shielded from unworthy eyes.
[the player selects "The deep halls of Cadash. We have to get there."]
ARIANE: She mentioned the children of the Stone. I had not realized the Durgen'len once aided my people when they fled.
FINN: Deep halls of Cad'halah ... must mean a dwarven thaig.
STATUE: Goodbye, Finn. We will not speak again.
["Quest updated" appears on screen]
FINN: What? What's that supposed to mean?
[the player clicks on the statue]
FINN: Why do you think it said we wouldn't talk again? I ... I'm not going to die, am I?



"Witch Hunt" is a downloadable content for "Dragon Age: Origins" that explores the whereabouts of Morrigan, the Witch of the Wilds, who aided the Warden during the Blight. The final DLC for Origins, it was released on September 7th, 2010 for 560 Microsoft Points (US$7) on Xbox Live Marketplace or US$7 on the PC and Playstation Store.



In Search of Morrigan is the main quest in the Witch Hunt downloadable content for Dragon Age: Origins.

Two and a half years after the defeat of the archdemon and the ending of the Fifth Blight, word has reached the Grey Wardens of reports of a woman in the southern wilderness that fits Morrigan's description—a companion of the Hero of Ferelden who disappeared on the eve of that battle. Following this lead, the Warden heads out on one more journey to conclude their unfinished business with her...

Korcari Wilds
The Warden travels to Flemeth's Hut with Dog. Inside the old building, the Warden encounters Ariane, a Dalish warrior who is trying to recover a book that was stolen from her clan by Morrigan. She tells the Warden that the subject of the book was on Eluvian, although the meaning of the word has been lost along with their culture, destroyed long ago by the Tevinter Imperium. The book itself was originally stolen from the Circle of Magi by an apostate elf mage before ending up in the possession of her clan's Keeper, and Ariane believes that the Circle may have more books like it. As the Warden is welcome amongst the Circle, unlike the Dalish Elves, she asks the Warden to take her there.

The Circle of Magi
The Warden, Dog, and Ariane travel to the Circle Tower, in order to access the library and find a book similar to one that Morrigan stole, in the hopes that they can discover her plan.

Sandal is also present in the tower, and can buy, sell and enchant items.

Finding a book requires locating its entry from the Library Index (found at the very center of the Apprentice Quarters on The Warden's map). Reading an Index book at one of the four pedestals will activate four bookshelves somewhere in the library. Only one Index can be active at a time. Each bookshelf then presents four books for The Warden to inspect.

The Warden must find and read two books in order to proceed with the quest:
* 'A Catalog of Elven Relics' is located in the Mysterious Artifacts section of the library after searching its name at the 'Index A - F' pedestal. Locate the book and a dialogue triggers with Ariane, who recognises the language as Dalish, but she cannot read it. She suggests the likelihood of another book in the library that will help them translate it.
* 'Translating Elven Languages' is located in the History section of the library. Search the book's name at the 'Index T - Z' pedestal. Locate the book, take it from the bookshelf and then head over to the Mysterious Artifacts section again to read (translate) A Catalog of Elven Relics. Using the translation book, you locate a chapter on "Eluvian."

It is advisable to read all of the books, because some of them contain or activate special items, such as a Tome of Physical Technique or a Tome of Arcane Technique (depending on the class of the Warden), a Master Barrier Rune, and activating an Essence of Willpower near the library entrance.

One book is hollowed out and contains a Bad Luck Charm and a Letter of Payment revealing the location of 8Gold 60Silver. The bad luck charm becomes a permanent quest item if the letter is taken.

Contents of the Library
There are many humorous entries in books, some referencing Origins or Awakening stories, others presaging events and places from Dragon Age II.

Index A - F - This is an index of books, sorted alphabetically from A to F.
* All about Weeds - This book is in the Beginner's Herbalism section.
* Balms for Protection and Enchantment - This book is in the Unstable Solutions section.
* A Catalog of Elven Relics - This book is in the Mysterious Artifacts section.
* Franny's Poultice Recipes - This book is in the Potent Medicines section.

Index G - L - This is an index of books, sorted alphabetically from G to L.
* Guarding Your Mind: How to Prevent Possession - This book is in the Fade section.
* Geographical Oddities of Ferelden - This book is in the Geography section.
* Kindling the Flame - This book is in the Mage Training section.
* Lurking Horrors of the Deep - This book is in the Dangerous Beasts section.

Index M - S - This is an index of books, sorted alphabetically from M to S.
* Raising Nugs: A How-To Guide - This book is in the Zoology section.
* Restorative Draughts: Creation and Distillation - This book is in the Expert Herbalism section.
* Seeing Beyond Sight: Advanced Scrying for Mages - This book is in the Rituals section.
* The Sword and the Staff - This book is in the Mage Weaponry section.

Index T - Z - This is an index of books, sorted alphabetically from T to Z.
* Waking Nightmares and True Torment - This book is in the School of Entropy section.
* Under the Bridge - This book is in the Mythical Creatures section.
* Virulent Walking Bomb: The New Edition - This book is in the School of Spirit section.
* Translating Elven Languages - This book is in the History section.

Beginner's Herbalism
* All about Weeds - This book is an encyclopedia of common garden weeds.
* Poultices for Fun and Profit - A short book with recipes for basic healing poultices.
* Cooking with Herbs - The recipe for "Herbed Chicken and Biscuits" appears to be missing from this book.
* This is Your Brain on Elfroot - A battered pamphlet that informs parents on the dangerous and additctive properties of elfroot. Ironically, there's a fistful of dried elfroot stuffed in the front cover. The Warden receives Elfroot x4.

Dangerous Beasts
* Lurking Horrors of the Deep - This book contains entries on the giant squid, and the bony whale-shark of the Anderfels, now extinct.
* Lothering Heights - This book appears to be on the wrong shelf.
* The Dragons of Nevarra - A book detailing the different groups of dragons once found in Nevarra.
* Deepstalkers and Nugs - A book about various subterranean creatures.

Expert Herbalism
* Restorative Draughts: The Creation and Distillation Thereof - Detailed recipes for complicated potions. Looks like someone forgot a potion here. You gain a Potent Stamina Draught.
* Ines Arancia's Botanical Compendium - An enormous encyclpoedia of herbs and plants, both common and rare.
* Gardening through the Blight - Methods for rejuvenating blighted ground. This book has been thoroughly discredited.
* The Joy of Seeds - This book illustrates how to grow several rare plants from seeds.

The Fade
* Faith, Justice, and the Spiritual Way - A book on the benevolent spirits of the Fade.
* The Black City - This books is a collection of essays written on the Black City.
* Guarding Your Mind: How to Prevent Possession - This book contains exercises for strengthening mental barriers.
* Martha's Adventures in the Fade - This seems to be a book for young mage children. It contains colorful pictures depicting demons as cute, smiling monsters.

* Secrets of the Frostbacks - A book containing paintings of the Frostback Mountains.
* Devoured from Beneath - Written from a fatalistic viewpoint, this book theorizes that the crumbling Deep Roads below Ferelden will eventually cause the land to fall apart.
* Circle TOwer of Kirkwall - This book describes the Circle Tower of Kirkwall. Housed in a former Tevinter slaver fortress, its halls are a foreboding place even centuries after the city's liberation.
* Geographical Oddities of Ferelden - A study of the stranger landscapes of Ferelden and their causes.

* Fortikum Kadab - The translated text of an ancient Tevinter treatise.
* Koslun: Philosopher or Tyrant? - An exceptionally biased history of the Qunari philosopher, Koslun.
* Translating Elven Languages - This should help you translate the elven text. Reading this book advances the main quest In Search of Morrigan.
* Of Hammers and Witches: A History - This ancient Orlesian text dates from the Chantry's early days. Time and dust has weathered most of the ink, but from what you can make out, it covers a war on the heretics of the old Imperium. Faded depictions of men in robes tremble before figures bearing an ominous symbol of a black eye in a sunburst.

Mage Training
* Kindling the Flame - This outlines instructions on how to control fire spells.
* Autonomous Prodigy, Volume 3: Hexes - An in-depth guide on the creation of hexes, curses, and other charms. A scribbled note on the inside cover references a book on technique in the self-improvement section. This reveals the Self-Improvement shelf.
* Strained Wrists and Stiff Necks - This is a detailed explanation of common mage injuries.
* Lightning Storms in Your Room! - The subtitle reads, "A fun activity book for young apprentices."

Mage Weaponry
* Staff Construction for Apprentices - A simple how-to guide to constructing (and decorating) your first staff! (Leaning against the book is a curious looking tablet. You receive a Master Barrier Rune.
* The Sword and the Staff - For the more athletic mage, a manual on how to wield staff and sword simultaneously. (Quite possibly an allusion to Gandalf the Grey from Lord of the Rings)
* Tevinter Wands of the Glory Age - A book about the wands occasionally used by the Tevinter Imperium several hundred years ago. Scratched in the corner of the page are some words from an irritated student. "What kind of self-respecting mage uses a wand, anyway?"
* Use Your First - A mage can be caught without his staff, but never without his fists.

Mysterious Artifacts
* Talismans of Ancient Tevinter - his book details the construction and usage of folk talismans from ancient Tevinter.
* Chasind Charms - This book is mainly a dry treatise on Chasind superstitions.
* A Catalog of Elven Relics - This book is written in an ancient dialect you cannot read. - This triggers a dialogue with Ariane that furthers the main quest.
* Scale and Bone: Crafting the High Dragon - This book contains complex recipes for crafting items from parts of a dragon's carcass.

Mythical Creatures
* Under the Bridge - A book about trolls and fairies.
* The Elven Varterral - Legends of the varterral creatures, supposedly created by the elven gods. Leafing through the book, you notice a section on the only recorded encounter. It appears that from a company of Tevinter soldiers, only the cunning archers and magisters escaped with their lives.
* Does this Book have Griffons in it? - Stories of the now-extinct griffon.
* The Truth Behind the Stories - An explanation of creatures from superstition and legend, and why they appear in our world.

Potent Medicines
* Magical Balms and Ointments - A collection of recipes for balms and ointments.
* The Complete Compendium of Poisons and Antidotes - A detailed list of poisons and antidotes.
* Franny's Poultice Recipes - A small book containing recipes for homemade poultices. A couple of these will be useful. You'll have to thank the wise old girl if you ever meet her. This unlocks/updates the codex "Random Recipes".
* How to Heal a Mabari - Advice on how to treat a wounded mabari, covering everything from basic injuries to suspected possession by desire demons.

* Seeing Beyond Sight: Advanced Scrying for Mages - A book for those studying scrying.
* Bathing Practices of the Orlesian Monarchy - This should probably be in the Foreign Cultures section.
* Dreamwalking: Rituals for Understanding the Fade - A series of meditative rituals for mages who want to learn more about the Fade.
* The Holy Office of the Seekers - This heavy book is firmly locked with a Chantry seal. Scorch marks suggest that someone tried opening this book to no avail. The illusive Seekers guard their secrets well.

Self-Improvement (unlocked after reading "Autonomous Prodigy, Volume 3: Hexes" from the Mage Training section)
* The Willpower Workout - A self-directed program for overcoming low levels of spiritual energy. You notice a chapter near the back, which calls upon some kind of mental workout device. As your eyes glance over the last paragraph, you hear a distant gust of wind. This activates an essence of willpower in the Library.
* Staff Repair: Not Just a Task for the Tranquil - This is an overview of restoring staves overwhelmed by their owners.
* Tome of Technique: Use It or Lose It - This is a training manual for templars and other melee warriors. A note on the inside cover reads, "For those forever in pursuit of perfection. -- Alderic, Orlesian Order of the Templars." Taking the book will give a rogue or warrior Warden a Tome of Physical Technique, or a mage Warden a Tome of Arcane Technique.
* Healing Your Robes - A handy guide to fixing tears in magical vestments.

School of Entropy
* Creation versus Entropy - A paper comparing the strengths of the two schools of magic.
* Waking Nightmares and True Torment - A manual teaching advanced entropy spells.
* Understanding Entropy - A guide to the school of Entropy, for apprentice mages.
* Controlled Destruction - The book has been hollowed out. Inside is a note and a sinister ruby figurine. "This will reveal a shrouded chest in the apprentice dorms; inside is the final payment. I hope you choke on it." The Warden has the option to take the figurine (Bad Luck Charm) and Letter of Payment, which will reveal a chest in the apprentice dorms containing 8Gold 60Silver.

School of Spirit
* Virulent Walking Bomb: The New Edition - This short book details creative uses of the Walking Bomb spell.
* Spirit, the Supreme School of Magic - This book has been vandalized and is no longer readable. Scribbled on the cover are the words: "Entropy Rules!"
* Spirit Healers through the Ages - A book on the history of spirit healers. Folded near the back of the book is a very old sheet of notes scrawled by a young apprentice. In the margins are various sketches of templars being eaten by a fierce tiger named Ser Pounce-a-lot.
* Quieting the Mind - Relaxation exercises for spirit mages.

Unstable Solutions
* Balms for Protection and Enchantment - Recipes for various balms and enchantments.
* Ellie's Exploding Elixirs - A thin book filled with recipes for mixtures that are guaranteed to explode. A few of these could come in handy. This unlocks/updates the codex "Random Recipes" and teaches you to make Soulrot Bomb, Elemental Grenade and Dispel Grenade (if you don't already have those recipes).
* The Proper Use and Storage of Dragon's Blood - A tattered scroll from Tevinter, detailing what one can do with dragon's blood.
* Lyrium Bombs: Fact, or Fiction? - An old book with instructions for creating explosive devices with lyrium.

* Raising Nugs: A How-To Guide - This book was written by Loknar Weem, a dwarven nug farmer who tried to raise nugs on the surface.
* The Care of Dragons - A book that explains how to breed dragons as pets. It has been banned in most Circles for blatant misinformation.
* Mabari: A History - A detailed history of the mabari hound... This opens up a dialogue with your Mabari where The Warden can give him the book.
* Why is Bronto Here? - Speculation on why brontos always turn up in the most unexpected places.

After finding these books, the party engages in a dialogue with Finn, a mage scholar of languages and Tevinter history, who recognizes the word "Eluvian", and that it refers to a magical elven mirror. He explains that the Tevinter mages tried to activate the full power of the Eluvian after they captured them from Arlathan, but only managed to use them as communications portals. Ariane recounts a story of another Dalish Clan that lost two young scouts when they chanced upon a cave with a mysterious mirror inside. Finn believes that it is possible to use one Eluvian to locate others, but does not know how. He suggests asking the only known "survivor" of that age of history, and joins the party.

The Tower Basement
Finn informs the Warden that he has been chatting to a statue of Eleni Zinovia, kept in the Tower Basement. To unlock the basement, they must first acquire the key from Hadley. Hadley explains that something has caused the Sentinels in the basement to malfunction and attack even the mages of the Tower, so he is keeping it locked until something can be done. The Warden can convince him that the Sentinels will not be a problem, and Hadley will hand over the key.

Upon entering the basement, the Warden is attacked by the Sentinels, who upon being sufficiently damaged, temporarily reveal Veil Tears. Once these have been defeated, nearby Sentinels will no longer be hostile and will return to their posts. Upon reaching the statue, conversation with it is fruitless as it is panicked about something. Mabari Dominance can be activated on the nearby 'Landmark Artifact'. Finn speculates that this is likely due to the tears in the Veil, and advises fixing all of them to rectify the problem. After closing all the Veil tears, the Warden may now converse with the statue. The statue advises them that they require shards of a broken Eluvian, as well as the Lights of Arlathan from Cad'halash, and that they must perform a scrying ritual to find other Eluvians.

The Elven Ruins
The party travels to the ruins featured in the Dalish Elf Origin. If the Warden romanced Morrigan and kept Morrigan's Ring, Ariane will initiate dialogue and remark that the Warden plays with it a lot, and asks what he will do when they find her. Mabari Dominance can be activated on the 'Landmark Corpse' near the entrance. Inside the cave, the party is attacked by elves who seem to be infected with a disease similar to the Darkspawn taint. After dodging various traps and defeating their 'Keymaster', the party locates the broken Eluvian and recovers a shard from it.

NOTE: Before leaving the Circle Tower, make sure to speak to Hadley, and you will receive 3Gold for clearing out the basement.

The Lights of Arlathan
The party travels to Cadash Thaig, where Finn explains that there is a slight hitch to finding the Lights of Arlathan - the Dalish Elves likely used magic to hide them from all but those of Dalish blood. Given that Ariane is of such lineage, her blood could be used in a spell to uncover them, but which obviously requires a 'donation' of it. Mabari Dominance can be activated on the 'Landmark Statue'.

Throughout Cadash Thaig are various pieces of lore, which when read, will piece together a missing chapter of Elven history, detailing the fate of refugee elves who eventually settled in the location of the Thaig, "Cad'halash". See The History of Cad'halash.

Finn informs the Warden that he has also used magic to reveal 'Magical Vortices', that when stood in allow a person to see the flow of magical energy, which will inevitably be drawn to the location of the Lights - merely following the energy will reveal the location where they are hidden.

If the Warden walks over the location of a Light, Finn will automatically cast the spell to uncover them. There are four Lights in total, and picking up each one will summon Ancient Elven Guardians (elite rank or higher) of varying class and number to attack the party. After battling through the resident Darkspawn recovering all four, Finn will tell the Warden that he knows of a suitable location for the scrying ritual. Exit to the World Map, and head to the Elven Ruins.

Upon reaching the Elven Ruins, Finn will begin the ritual, warning the party of 'unwanted attention'. The Warden, Ariane, and Dog must then fight off the waves of Shades that will appear and attack him. The conclusion of the ritual results in a comical scene of dialogue, followed by the revealing of a new location on the World Map.

The Dragonbone Wastes
The party travels to the Dragonbone Wastes, fighting their way through Cultists, Dragonlings, and Drakes. Dog can activate Mabari Dominance on the Landmark Skull. In a large clearing before the descent into the ground, the party is ambushed by a giant unknown creature, which Ariane recognises as a Guardian created by the Elven Gods to protect their people - the mythical Varterral. Why it attacks the party, and even Ariane, is never revealed.

The Nest
The party enters the site where the Warden defeated the Mother in Awakening. Behind this site, there is a small spot that leads out to an island where Morrigan is seen pacing back and forth in front of the activated Eluvian. Dog is overjoyed and begins happily jumping around Morrigan. The Warden converses with her. If the Warden agreed to Morrigan's Ritual, or was a male and romanced Morrigan (regardless of whether the Ritual was done), Morrigan reveals that she has given birth to a male child, who is unaware of his background and is safe in another location.

Morrigan tells the Warden that the world is about to change greatly, and that she needs more time and more power to prepare for what is to come, hinting that such power is to be found on the other side of the Eluvian. She also brings up the subject of her mother Flemeth, suggesting that Flemeth is not truly human, far more powerful than an apostate or an abomination, and poses a threat to the entire realm. Flemeth is also revealed to have survived the Warden's attack on her (if a direct confrontation was chosen during the Flemeth's Real Grimoire quest).

The final conversation with Morrigan can take a few paths, eventually ending in one of four ways:

1. Morrigan and the Warden say goodbye, and Morrigan walks through the Eluvian portal.
2. Morrigan and the Warden kiss, say goodbye, and Morrigan walks through the portal alone.
3. The player stabs Morrigan and she falls backwards through the Eluvian portal.
4. The player and Morrigan kiss and then walk into the Eluvian portal together. If the Warden undertook Morrigan's Ritual, it is implied that Morrigan will allow the Warden to meet their son.

In all but the last outcome, the final scene shows the Warden retrieving the Dalish book, as well as a 'gift' left by Morrigan. The party then moves on.



The Circle Tower, also known as Kinloch Hold, is the home of the Fereldan Circle of Magi. Located in the middle of Lake Calenhad, this tower is home to the Circle of Magi. This is where mage apprentices go to learn how to become proper mages. It is here that they learn various spells, through use of the library located on the first floor within the Apprentice Quarters.

When you enter the Circle Tower, you'll meet Hadley, the templar currently in charge. He'll allow you to explore the first level of the tower without an escort. To learn more about Morrigan's interest in elven books and Eluvian, you should head to the index room (#5), where you'll find four index books. Using these references, you'll need to look up two books in the library (#4): A Catalog of Elven Relics (found in the Mysterious Artifacts section of the southern library room) and Translating Elven Languages (found in the History section of the northern library room).

Note: Each index book (#5) is associated with four sections in the library (#4). When you read any entry in an index book, all four associated sections in the library will become available for searching, and any previously available sections will become unavailable. The two exceptions to this rule are the Mysterious Artifacts section and the History section (the two sections required for the DLC). These two sections will stay available permanently once you've discovered that they're needed.

Once you've picked up the two books, you'll meet a mage named Finn, who will reveal himself to be something of an expert on the Eluvians (which he'll explain are "mirrors" or "seeing glasses"). Finn will then tell you where you can find even more information -- from a statue in the tower's basement (#8). To get into the basement (via Exit A), you'll just need to talk to Hadley (#3), who will give you the key but also warn you that the sentinels down there are acting a little funny.

Inside the basement, you'll encounter six groups of corrupted sentinels (#7). Each time you "kill" a sentinel, a veil tear will appear briefly, giving you a chance to attack it. Destroying the veil tear will cause all nearby sentinels to return to normal and stop attacking you. You'll need to destroy all six veil tears before you'll be able to get anything coherent out of the statue.

When you're finally able to talk to the statue (#8), you'll learn that it's possible use one Eluvian to scry for the others, which will no doubt lead you to Morrigan as well. However, to perform this scrying ritual you'll need to pick up a shard of broken Eluvian and the Lights of Arlathan. This will give you two new places to visit: the Elven Ruins (for the shard) and the Cadash Thaig (for the lights). You can visit these locations in either order.


Not counting the books required for the DLC, here are the books that will give you some sort of benefit:

* Autonomous Prodigy, Volume 3: Hexes (under Mage Training). Reading this book will reveal the Self-Improvement section in the southern room of the library.

* Controlled Destruction (under School of Entropy). Inside you'll find a Bad Luck Charm and Letter of Payment. If you take these items and visit the northern apprentice dorm (#2), then you'll find a shrouded chest containing 8 sovereigns and 60 silver pieces. We have no idea if the Bad Luck Charm has more of an effect in this DLC than it did in the OC. We couldn't tell any difference.

* Ellie's Exploding Elixirs (under Unstable Solutions). If your main character has the Poison-Making skill, then this book will teach you the recipes for Dispel Grenades, Elemental Grenades, and Soulrot Bombs.

* Franny's Poultice Recipes (under Potent Medicines). If your main character has the Herbalism skill, then this book will teach you the recipes for Superb Health Poultices and Potent Lyrium Potions.

* Mabari: A History (under Zoology). You can give this book to your mabari war hound, but it won't do anything.

* Restorative Draughts: The Creation and Distillation Thereof (under Expert Herbalism). Inside you'll find a Potent Stamina Draught.

* Staff Construction for Apprentices (under Mage Weaponry). Inside you'll find a Master Barrier Rune.

* This Is Your Brain on Elfroot (under Beginner's Herbalism). Inside you'll find four Elfroots.

* Tome of Technique: Use It Or Lose It (under Self-Improvement). Taking this book will give you a Tome of Physical Technique or a Tome of Arcane Technique, depending on the class of your main character.

* The Willpower Workout (under Self-Improvement). Reading this book will create an essence of willpower (+1 willpower) in the northern library room.



Finn is a human mage and one of the three companions for The Warden in Witch Hunt, Dragon Age: Origins DLC. His full name is Florian Phineas Horatio Aldebrant, Esquire. He shortened it because the other mages kept calling him "Flora".

Finn is a young mage from the Circle of Magi in Ferelden. He considers himself the Circle's best linguist and foremost expert on ancient Tevinter history–even if others might consider him more of a bookworm, a recluse that spends all of his time in the tower's dark library. Finn is the unlikeliest of adventurers... but it may come to pass that his academic expertise will force him to out of the library and into an adventure where his arcane might is the only thing that stands between him and certain death.

The Warden first meets Finn in the Circle Tower when looking for clues regarding the book that Morrigan stole from the Dalish clan. After the Warden discovers the term Eluvian which has to do something with Morrigan, Finn engages in conversation with the party telling them that "Eluvian" is a magical elven mirror. He says that the Tevinter mages tried to activate the full power of the Eluvian after they captured them from Arlathan, but only managed to use them as communications portals. He believes that it is possible to locate an Eluvian using the shards of the broken one, but does not know how. He suggests asking the only known "survivor" of that age of history, and joins the party.

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