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Case Study No. 1979: "Donor L edition San Diego Librarian"

Zortrax M200 / Donor L edition San Diego librarian
Zortrax M200
Donor L edition : San Diego librarian

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Layer Thickness: 0.14mm
Speed: Normal
Infill: Medium
Support: Disabled
Fan Speed: 20%

BGM: Takashi Hamada / The Entertainer
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[scene opens with sped-up footage of a Zortrax M200 3D printer creating a sculpture of a female librarian sitting on a pile of books labelled "San Diego Public Library"]



Donor L edition : San Diego librarian
By fantasygraph

This model was build for a request of the San Diego public library. With a lot of kindness, the owner of the right (warning : see the licence terms that are not the same as my others models) let you download and print this model for free as long as you didn't touch the geometry of the model (apart the scale that you can change)

this model can be printed in 4 hours with a 0.2mm layer, 12% infill and 2 perimeters. if you change the scale to x0.8, you can print it in 3 hours (same parameters)

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