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Case Study No. 1947: Jed Winokur

The Archivist, A Selby Film for Coach
The Archivist, A Selby Film for Coach. Directed By The Selby

Produced by
Izabela Frank

Jed Winokur
Lauren Kruk-Winokur
Jack Gerson

Director of Photography
Ed David

Corky DeVault

Matt Schwab

Micah Bloomburg

Camera Assistant
Diana Eliazov

Production Assistants
Steve Litwitz
Seth White

Special Thanks:

Ben Block at EMI
Lynne Mannino
White House Post

Todd Selby Inc 2013
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[scene opens with a man and his wife walking along the shoreline near the Manhattan Bridge, as he stops to pick up some seashells]
JED WINOKUR: [in voice over] I really am drawn to things that have been used, and things that have a story attached to them.
[cut to the two bending down and examining a shiny rock]
JED WINOKUR: [in voice over] Lauren and I are constantly foraging and collecting things. Found objects, or going to flea markets ...
[cut to a closeup of his hand as he picks up another stone]
JED WINOKUR: [in voice over] And I really like to have things that are weathered and worn.
[cut to the two placing their found objects in a leather satchel]
JED WINOKUR: [in voice over] It speaks to me personally a little bit more than something that's brand new out of the box.
[cut to the two continuing their walk along the shoreline]
JED WINOKUR: [in voice over] My name is Jed Winokur, and I work in the Coach Archive ... and, uh, I call myself an archivist.
[cut to a closeup of the waves, as "The Archivist, a Selby Film for Coach" appears on screen]
[cut to several shots inside of the couple's home, as he lays out their found objects on the table]
JED WINOKUR: Got some good stuff ...
[cut to the two placing some of the objects in a "beach" display kept behind glass]
JED WINOKUR: [in voice over] I think that it's really important to be able to organize and edit and collect. So to me, you can have a pile of things that you've collected, but it's even better to take those things and edit it down to the essence, and then organize them in a way that they can be aesthetically pleasing.
[cut to Jed moving around objects in another display case (a watch, comb, broken piece of a dish, etc.)]
[cut to Jed entering the Archives section of the Coach luxury fashion company]
JED WINOKUR: [in voice over] My job is to preserve and protect over twenty thousand handbags, small leather goods, dating all the way back to when the company was founded in Nineteen Forty One.
[cut to various shots of the handbags stored in the archives]
JED WINOKUR: [in voice over] So, I'm surrounded by twenty three glass cases that are filled with Coach product.
[cut to Jed taking out one of the handbags while wearing plastic gloves]
JED WINOKUR: [in voice over] It's something that's constantly growing as we release new product.
[cut to Jed opening a drawer with several more handbags inside]
JED WINOKUR: [in voice over] We bring it into the Archive, and we catalog all of these pieces and put it into an order that makes sense.
[cut to Jed laying out several more products along a table]
JED WINOKUR: [in voice over] Our primary purpose is to function as a design archive.
[cut to another man entering the archives and shaking Jed's hand]
JACK GERSON: How are you?
JED WINOKUR: How ya been?
JACK GERSON: Nice to see you.
JED WINOKUR: Thanks for coming down.
[cut to Jed showing the man one of the handbags]
JED WINOKUR: [in voice over] To be able to work with people who are creating new things, so whenever a designer is designing a new bag, they'll really reference some of the pieces in the archive.
[cut to the two examining another handbag]
JACK GERSON: I think these linings are absolutely perfect. These could go into bags today, and look completely modern.
[cut to the two looking over some other items]
JED WINOKUR: [in voice over] I think that I'm drawn to archives in general, because there's something really interesting in the life of a company, and how does that get organized.
[cut to a shelf filled with archival folders labeled "Material Archive Fabric Standards"]
JED WINOKUR: [in voice over] What does it mean in a hundred years, when we look back at this timeframe and how is that presented and what does that mean?
[cut to a shot of an old "Coach Leatherware" label]
JED WINOKUR: [in voice over] Being surrounded by collections as much as I am, I look at the idea of editing as really a challenge for me.
[cut to Jed heading for his office and picking up a sign reading "The Archivist is Out", then turning it around to reveal "The Archivist is In" written on the other side]
JED WINOKUR: [in voice over] Editing is really our attempt to put things into an order, and I think that there's something very human about that, and I think that was my draw to working as an archivist.
[the scene fades to black]



Last week we got a private tour of the Coach archives with chief archivist Jed Winokur. It wasn't just the bags that blew us away (never had we seen so many stunning vintage pieces in one space!) but we were enchanted by how creatively charged Jed's life was, both at home and at work. Well, thanks to the Selby, we're able to get a glimpse of Jed's incredibly cool home and his personal collections (spoiler alert: they include exotic objects like shark teeth and skulls!). Watch the video to find out more!



About eighteen months ago I had the amazing opportunity to spend an afternoon in the Coach archive in New York. I was led around the intensely organized archives by none other than the full time, and very well known, archivist Jed Winokur. It's rare that I meet someone with as much of a love for Coach's history as my own, but his passion seemed to run ten times deeper somehow. This, I suppose, is why Jed is the ultimate in archivists and the perfect fit for one of America's most beloved brands. His role for Coach has recently come under closer inspection thanks to the uber-famous Selby, who recently created a film honouring Jed and his day to day work with Coach. It's a beautiful video that has me rethinking this whole blog idea. I'm thinking the role of archivist may well be where I belong in the future. Who wouldn't love to say they take care of 20,000 beautiful leather bags in their day job?



On our trip to the Archives we learned that Coach was founded in 1941 as a men's leather goods company. They were inspired by a well-worn baseball glove. Taking their inspiration they perfected their first leather, the Glove Tanned Leather, which became the foundation of their collections. It is still in use today.

We had the pleasure of photographing Senior Archive Manager, Jed Winokur at the vast collection of Coach's archives.

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