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Case Study No. 1942: Miss Rabbit

Peppa Pig The Library
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[scene opens with Peppa Pig and her brother in bed, as their parents tuck them in]
NARRATOR: It is bedtime.
MUMMY: Goodnight, Peppa. Goodnight, George.
[she snorts]
PEPPA: Can I have a story, please?
[she holds up a book with a red monkey on the cover]
MUMMY: Okay, I'll read you the "Red Monkey" book.
PEPPA: But we always have that one! The red monkey has a bath, cleans his teeth, and goes to sleep!
[the mother flips through the pages of the book]
MUMMY: Uh ... yes, that is what happens!
PEPPA: Can we choose another story?
[she gets out of bed and begins pulling books out of the nearby shelf]
PEPPA: "The Blue Tiger?" "The Green Spider?" "The Orange Penguin?"
[she stops when she pulls out a book with a cement mixer on the cover]
PEPPA: Oh, what's this one?
[she hands the book to her mother, who reads the cover title]
MUMMY: "The Wonderful World of Concrete" ...
DADDY: I've been looking for that!
PEPPA: Is it your book, daddy?
DADDY: It's a book I borrowed from the library.
PEPPA: What's a "library?"
DADDY: It's a place you borrow books from, and when you've finished reading them, you take them back.
MUMMY: But Daddy Pig has forgotten to take this book back.
DADDY: I have had it for rather a long time ...
MUMMY: Never mind, you can take it back tomorrow.
[she snorts, then turns back to Peppa]
MUMMY: But now, it's bedtime.
PEPPA: After Daddy reads this story!
DADDY: It's not much of a story, Peppa ...
PEPPA: Please read it, Daddy?
DADDY: Okay.
[she giggles and gets back into bed, as the father starts to read]
DADDY: "The wonderful world of concrete. Concrete is a construction material composed of sand, water, and chemical admixtures."
[he turns the page]
DADDY: "Chapter one. Sand."
[the sound of snoring can be heard, so he looks up to find that everyone (including the mother) has already fallen asleep]
NARRATOR: Peppa, George, and Mummy Pig have fallen asleep.
[cut to a public library, as the Pig family drive up in their car]
NARRATOR: It is morning. Peppa and her family have come to the library.
[the kids start giggling and run inside, then cut to a large room filled with bookshelves and patrons]
PEPPA: Wow, what a lot of books!
DADDY: [whispers] Shh, Peppa! You must be quiet in the library ...
PEPPA: [whispers] Why?
DADDY: [whispers] Because people come here to read, and to be quiet.
[cut to a female rabbit librarian at the front desk, who (although smiling) starts yelling at the top of her lungs]
MISS RABBIT: Next, please!
NARRATOR: Miss Rabbit is the librarian.
[the Pig family walks up to the front desk]
MISS RABBIT: Hello, Mummy Pig! Are you returning these books?
[she hands the librarian a pile of books]
MUMMY: Yes, Miss Rabbit.
MISS RABBIT: Right you are!
[she begins scanning the books]
PEPPA: Why is the computer beeping?
MISS RABBIT: It's checking to see that you haven't been naughty and borrowed the book for too long.
[the father sheepishly steps forward and hands the librarian his book]
DADDY: Um, I may have borrowed this book for a bit too long.
[she takes the book and chuckles]
MISS RABBIT: Don't worry, Daddy Pig! It can't be that bad!
[she scans the book, then an alarm sounds and a frowny face appears on the computer screen]
[she opens the book and looks at the date due slip]
MISS RABBIT: Daddy Pig! You've had this book out for ten years!
PEPPA: Naughty Daddy!
[he blushes]
DADDY: Sorry, Miss Rabbit ...
[the librarian (still smiling) places the book on a cart]
MISS RABBIT: That's alright ... Now you can borrow another book!
PEPPA: Miss Rabbit, can George and I borrow a book, please?
[cut to the children's section of the library]
MISS RABBIT: The children's section is over here.
[the kids giggle, as Peppa begins pulling books out of one of the shelves]
PEPPA: Ooh, look ... Fairies, flowers, pretty dresses!
[a young dog enters the scene and (after barking) waves to Peppa]
DANNY: Hello, Peppa!
PEPPA: Oh, hello Danny!
[he holds up a book with a soccer ball on the cover]
DANNY: I'm borrowing a book about futbol!
[a young sheep enters the scene]
SUZY: Hello, Peppa!
[she snorts]
PEPPA: Hello, Suzy!
[she holds up a book with a white cross on the cover]
SUZY: I've got a book about nurses!
[Peppa's brother comes running into the scene, snorting as he holds up a book with a green dinosaur on the cover]
NARRATOR: George has chosen a book about dinosaurs.
GEORGE: Di-saur ... Grrr!
[Peppa's parents enter the scene, as the father holds up a book with a trowel on the cover]
DADDY: Look what I found ... "Further Adventures in the World of Concrete!"
[the mother picks up a book with a red monkey on the cover]
MUMMY: Here's a "Red Monkey" book!
PEPPA: Not the "Red Monkey" book! It's boring!
MUMMY: But this is a different story. It might be more fun.
PEPPA: I bet it's not!
[the mother opens the book and begins reading]
MUMMY: "Once upon a time, there was a red monkey."
[Peppa groans loudly]
PEPPA: He had a bath, cleaned his teeth, and went to bed ...
MUMMY: No ... "He jumped in a space rocket, and went to the moon!"
[all of the children go "Oooh!"]
MUMMY: "He had a picnic with a dinosaur--"
PEPPA: Oooh!
MUMMY: "And swam under the sea, and climbed the highest mountain. That was a busy day!"
[several patrons (and the librarian) gather around, as the mother closes the book]
MUMMY: The end.
PEPPA: Wow! Read it again!
MUMMY: We can borrow it, and read it at home, Peppa.
PEPPA: But I was going to choose this book.
[she holds up the book with the fairy on the cover]
PEPPA: Or ... this one.
[she holds up the book with the pretty dress on the cover]
MISS RABBIT: You can take three books home if you want, Peppa!
PEPPA: Yippee!
MISS RABBIT: But you must remember to bring them back on time.
PEPPA: Yes, Miss Rabbit.
[the librarian walks up to the father]
MISS RABBIT: And you must remember to bring your book back too, Daddy Pig!
[Peppa laughs]
PEPPA: I'll make sure Daddy remembers!
DADDY: Yes Peppa, I'm sure you will.
[everyone falls to the floor and laughs, as the librarian just stands there and smiles]



Peppa Pig
The Library (8 Oct. 2010)
TV Episode - 5 min - Animation | Family

The Pig family visits the library, where Peppa learns about checking out books.



"The Library" is the 4th episode of the 3rd series of Peppa Pig.

Daddy Pig has a book from the library that he has kept for too long. The family go to the library to return it and find more books to read.

Trivia / Goofs
* One of the books Peppa picked up has a picture of Princess Holly on the front cover. Princess Holly is from Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom; which is another show made by Astley Baker Davies (The same people who made Peppa Pig).
* Suzy Sheep's book was at first green, Then at the end it was orange.
* The other adults were not seen coming in.



Miss Rabbit is a main character in the series. She is voiced by Sarah Ann Kennedy.

She is Mummy Rabbit's sister. She wears a yellow dress.

Miss Rabbit appears to have many jobs at the same time, including bus driver, supermarket assistant, librarian, helicopter pilot, firefighter, ice cream seller, shoe shop assistant, nurse, car crusher, ticket seller and china shop worker, but she loves all her jobs. It has even been made into a joke in the episode "Miss Rabbit's Day Off."

Miss Rabbit has a pet goldfish called Ginger.

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