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Case Study No. 1976: Staff of Unnamed Library (That Girl)

THAT GIRL Opening Credits and Teaser
From Season 3, The Secret Ballot. Ann Marie (Marlo Thomas)prepares to vote in her first election. Look for Penny Marshall as an assistant librarian in a one line cameo role.
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[scene opens with Ann Marie in the public library, as she carries a stack of magazines to the front desk, where the elderly female librarian (white hair, glasses, pink dress) is helping a female patron]
LIBRARIAN: Yes, well, there you are. Hope you enjoy it.
[she hands a book to the patron, who walks away]
ANN MARIE: Excuse me?
ANN MARIE: May I please leave these here while I get a few books?
LIBRARIAN: Oh, certainly.
[she places the magazines on the desk]
ANN MARIE: Oh, uh, could you direct me to your political section?
LIBRARIAN: Oh, aisle five, section "S."
ANN MARIE: Thank you.
[she heads towards the stacks, then cut to Ann Marie carrying a pile of large books back to the front desk]
ANN MARIE: I'd like to check these books out, please.
[she hands the librarian her library card]
ANN MARIE: There you are.
LIBRARIAN: Thank you.
[she takes the first book on the pile and opens it up]
LIBRARIAN: Oh, the three volumes of the Congressional record. That's a lot of reading.
ANN MARIE: Well, I wanna compare the legislation that's been proposed to what these magazines say is needed.
LIBRARIAN: I see ...
[she places the book's punch card into the machine reader, which makes a loud noise (causing her to jump back)]
LIBRARIAN: Oh! These new machines, they make me so nervous ...
[she smiles, then looks at the stack of magazines]
LIBRARIAN: Oh, you got a lotta magazines, too.
ANN MARIE: I have articles here covering all shades of opinion, from far left to far right to far middle of the road.
LIBRARIAN: Are you writing a thesis?
[she laughs]
ANN MARIE: No, I'm preparing to vote in my first presidential election.
ANN MARIE: And I wanna be informed on as many issues as I can think of. I think the good voter is the aware voter, not the voter who votes off the top of his head.
LIBRARIAN: I agree with you.
[she punches the last book's card]
LIBRARIAN: There you are.
ANN MARIE: Thank you.
[she stops and smiles at the librarian]
ANN MARIE: Voting is a great privilege. But more than that, it's a sacred trust of a free society!
LIBRARIAN: Young lady, I admire you.
ANN MARIE: Oh, thank you.
[she puts the magazines on top of the books and starts to pick them up]
LIBRARIAN: Now, can you handle all this?
ANN MARIE: Oh sure, nothing to it!
[she grabs her purse with her teeth, then picks up the large pile and starts to leave]
LIBRARIAN: Be careful!
ANN MARIE: [mumbled] Oh, don't worry, I will!
[she leaves, as the librarian watches her go and smiles]
LIBRARIAN: Now there's someone with her head on her shoulders!
[a young female librarian (short brown hair, blue dress) overhears her]
LIBRARIAN: That girl ...
[cut to Ann Marie heading for the stairs, when she trips (sending the books flying around a "Silence, Watch Your Step" sign]



That Girl: Season 3, Episode 6
Secret Ballot (31 Oct. 1968)

This is Ann's first Presidential election and she is studying the issues like crazy. She balks at telling her father which political party she is registered for.

Marlo Thomas ... Ann Marie
Ted Bessell ... Donald Hollinger
Lew Parker ... Lew Marie
Rosemary DeCamp ... Helen Marie (as Rosemary De Camp)
Florence Halop ... Librarian (uncredited)
Penny Marshall ... Assistant Librarian (uncredited)

It's Halloween. Ann's mind is not on costumes and jack-o-lanterns, but rather the upcoming Presidential election, which will be the first in which she is eligible to vote. She is reading up on as much as she can so that on election day she can make an informed decision, which she believes is the duty of every voter. As Ann and Donald spend the day with her parents, she gets into an argument with her father about her constitutional right to keep her election decisions - even with which party she registered - a secret, and their fundamental differences in how to vote, with Lew historically voting for a party slate regardless of the candidates. Ann, with Donald in tow, storms out of her parent's house because of this argument. Ann may have to make up with her father sooner than later as her forgotten purse in their house makes Ann and Donald need to drive all the way back up to Brewster to retrieve it.

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