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Case Study No. 1967: "Death of a Librarian"

Death of A Librarian
Our own short horror film that we created one day while sitting bored in the library. Enjoy!
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[scene opens with a young African American female librarian walking up behind two students sitting at a study carrel]
LIBRARIAN: Do you guys need any help with anything?
[the two students just turn and stare at her]
LIBRARIAN: [pause] Well, if you need any help, I'll be right over there, okay?
[the students continue to stare, so she walks off camera (as dramatic music begins to play)]
[cut to the librarian sitting at her desk using the computer, when she starts to hear garbled whispering around her]
[cut to the students (now covering their faces with a scarf and hat, respectively) convulsing on one of the tables]
[cut back to the librarian, who looks around frantically for the source of the whispering]
LIBRARIAN: What is that?
[cut back to the students, then back to the librarian]
LIBRARIAN: I'd better go check it out ...
[cut to the librarian looking around, when she suddenly sees one of the students (her face covered with a scarf) standing in front of her, as "it" starts ambling towards her]
[the librarian screams and runs in the other direction, but comes face to face with the other student (her face covered by her hat), so she screams again and falls to the floor]
[she gets up and runs off, then cut to the librarian's POV as she tries to make her escape through the stacks]
[cut to the librarian again falling to the floor, as she tries to crawl away from the two students]
LIBRARIAN: Oh my god, who are they? What are they? Oh my god, help me!
[cut to the two students standing over the librarian (shot from her POV) and reaching towards her]
[cut back to the shot of the students convulsing on the table, then the screen fades to black]

Nadege Dorleans
Spelencia Oscar
Karen Taloute

Nadege Dorleans

Scarf Face
Karen Taloute

Hat Face
Spelencia Oscar

Directed By:
Spelencia Oscar
Nadege Dorleans
Karen Taloute

Produced By:
Karen Taloute
Spelencia Oscar
Nadege Dorleans

SpenceKareDegey Entertainment Productions

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