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Case Study No. 1958: Susan (TIAA CREF Financial Services)

Retirement fund library commercial 2013
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[scene opens with an exterior shot of the Los Angeles Public Library, then cut to an older female librarian ("Susan, Retired, TIAA-CREF Participant Since 1977") speaking directly to the camera]
SUSAN: My vision of retirement was that I was going to have enough money to keep up a lifestyle, which includes my charities.
[cut to more exterior shots of the library]
SUSAN: [in voice over] And I've been helped with that with my dealings with TIAA-CREF.
[cut to a shot of the librarian (long blonde hair, red sweater, white blouse, beige pants) walking into the library]
SUSAN: [in voice over] I have been a library associate for many years, and I think reading is absolutely essential.
[cut to the librarian reading a book to a group of children seated on the floor around her]
SUSAN: [in voice over] And having children see how important it is to start really young, and I find it incredibly satisfying.
[cut back to the librarian speaking directly to the camera]
SUSAN: I would've been very disappointed if it turns out that I would've had to cut back on all those things.
[cut to more shots of children reading books in the library and smiling]
SUSAN: [in voice over] I have the confidence that I'm financially able to conduct the lifestyle that I wish to in this next period of my life.
[cut to another shot of the librarian walking through the library]
SUSAN: [in voice over] I look at my life as a book with many chapters. Now I am living the next chapter.
[the scene fades to black, then "TIAA CREF Financial Services" appears on screen]

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