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Case Study No. 1939: Unnamed Female Librarian (The Adventures of Cleo and Zero)

The Adventures of Cleo and Zero - The making of the Bat Mystery
The making of the Bat Mystery ! :)
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The Adventures of Cleo and Zero

[scene opens with Cleo and Zero entering the public library, as they walk up to the young female librarian (brown hair, glasses, white blouse)]
CLEO: Hello.
[cut to a closeup of the librarian's eyes, as she appears to be staring seductively at Cleo]
[cut to a closeup of Cleo's eyes, as she give the librarian a confused look]
[cut back to the librarian, who bites her lip, then apparently breaks out of her "trance"]
LIBRARIAN: How can I help you?
CLEO: Um, I'm doing some research on a bat-infested building ... I think it was called the Towers Building.
[the librarian starts typing on her computer]
LIBRARIAN: Okay, do you know what year that was in?
CLEO: It was around Nineteen Ninety Nine, and it was located downtown.
LIBRARIAN: Okay, it looks like we have that information for you ... That is gonna be in our archives. Uh, we keep that locked up, so I'll hafta show you where the room is.
CLEO: Great! Show us the room of secrets!
[she turns to her friend and pumps her fist]
CLEO: Yes!
["The Mystery of the Bat Cemetery" appears on screen, then cut to the librarian leading the two down a hallway in the library]
CLEO: So, have you ever heard of this building before?
LIBRARIAN: I have, it was all over the newspapers in the late Nineties.
CLEO: Really? So you read about it, I guess ...
LIBRARIAN: I did. Um, I read something about how they got rid of the bats in a very inhumane way.
CLEO: That's terrible ... Well, I really hope I can find some information on it. It just sounds fascinating to me, y'know? It sounds like such a mystery!
[they stop at the end of the hall, as the librarian places her hand on the door to open it (revealing that she's wearing a ring with a pentagram on it)]
LIBRARIAN: Welcome to the room of secrets!
CLEO: Thank you so much!

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Rebel Mouse Films is currently in pre-production on our next short film and we are opening the doors to anyone and everyone who would like to become a part of this project. Our film, which is currently untitled, is a mystery thriller adventure. We like to think of it as Scooby Doo-esque, with lots of bats, of course! We have a script and we have the talent and are shooting the locations now! For all intents and purposes, we are referring to this project as "Bat Mystery", for now.

Producer : Catharine Pilafas Jones

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Adventures of Cleo and Zero: The Mystery Of The Bat Cemetery
Funded: Oct 16, 2014

A mystery thriller adventure ala Scooby Doo style, mystery. The hunt for the bat cemetery, from an old story involving a notoriously bat infested building!



Azure - The making of the Bat Mystery

Azure Griffin (who plays the Librarian) says: Let's get this party started! Thank you for giving us a chance! We appreciate your support

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