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Case Study No. 1948: Rupert Giles and Rebecca Stansberry

Librarians in Comic Books... Rebecca Stansberry!
From: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (2001) #31
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[the first panel shows a female librarian (brown hair in a bun, cats eye glasses, blue dress) walking up to Rupert Giles after his performance at the local coffee shop]
REBECCA: Great show.
RUPERT: Oh. Thank you.
[the second panel shows an overhead shot of the two talking]
REBECCA: Buy you an iced tea?
RUPERT: Thank you, but no. I really must be going.
[the third panel shows an over-the-shoulder view of Rebecca]
REBECCA: I really liked your version of "Raspberry Beret."
RUPERT: Really?
[the fourth panel shows Rupert pointing at her necklace]
REBECCA: Really. Play here often?
RUPERT: Not as often as I'd like. That's a beautiful necklace.
[the fifth panel shows Rebecca holding out her necklace]
REBECCA: Thank you. It's amber ... and it was much cooler before Jurassic Park came out. So, take it you're interested in that tea, then?
RUPERT: Why not. In fact, it's the best offer I've had in weeks.


[the first panel shows Rupert answering the door to his home, as Rebecca (now wearing a sleeveless red blouse and jeans) is waiting outside]
REBECCA: Good evening, Rupert. Ready?
RUPERT: Uhhhh ... Not quite.
[the second panel shows Rupert introducing Buffy and Willow]
RUPERT: Rebecca Stansberry, this is Buffy Summers and Willow Rosenberg, two friends -- students, actually -- from my librarian days. Rebecca's in town for the summer librarian's seminar at the university.
BUFFY: Uh ... hi.
WILLOW: Hello.
[the third panel shows Rupert with an uncomfortable look on his face]
REBECCA: Always nice to meet book-loving girls.
RUPERT: I'm sorry to say this, Rebecca, but something rather important has come up.
[the fourth panel shows Rupert looking apologetic, as Willow tries to re-assure him (and Buffy throws her hands up in surprise)]
REBECCA: Oh, but Rupert ...
WILLOW: Giles, don't break your plans for us.
BUFFY: Willow!
[the fifth panel shows Rupert and Rebecca smiling]
RUPERT: Would you please excuse us for just a moment?
REBECCA: Sure, but don't be long, okay?
[the sixth panel shows Rupert and the girls arguing outside]
WILLOW: Giles, we'll go to the library to search the papers for any leads. We understand that it's been a long time since you went out.
RUPERT: It's not been that long ... Still, I'll go to the hospital after dinner to check on Riley's condition.
[the seventh panel shows Rupert and Rebecca having dinner]
RUPERT: My, I don't believe I've ever come across someone who actually prefers cataloguing by Cutter-Sanborn instead of the good old-fashioned Dewey Decimal.
REBECCA: I didn't say that! I just think it's a viable cataloguing alternative. You see, dear Rupert, I'm a bit of an alternative librarian.
[the eighth panel shows a closeup of the two continuing their conversation]
RUPERT: Naturally. And a quite beautiful one, if I may be so forward.
REBECCA: You may.
[the ninth panel shows a closeup of Rupert's face]
RUPERT: Well, enough of the library sciences! Surely, you must have a few other hobbies and interests?
[the tenth panel shows a closeup of Rebecca running her fingers over her amber necklace]
REBECCA: Oh, I have a few ...


[the first panel shows Rupert and Rebecca standing outside of a building at night (as a hornet flutters in the foreground)]
REBECCA: Thanks for the wonderful evening.
RUPERT: Well, we should certainly do this again sometime.
REBECCA: I'll be staying right here ... for the next few weeks anyway.
[the second panel shows Rebecca leaning in and kissing Rupert (whose glasses nearly fall off his face)]
[the third panel shows Rupert walking home with a big smile on his face, while behind him the silhouette of a grotesque humanoid creature (Rebecca's true form?) can be seen]



Buffy the Vampire Slayer #31
(March 2001)
Dark Horse, 1998 Series

Lost and Found
Buffy the Vampire Slayer / comic story / 22 pages


Script: Tom Fassbender; Jim Pascoe
Pencils: Cliff Richards
Inks: Joe Pimentel
Colors: Dave McCaig
Letters: Clem Robins

Content Information

Genre: occult; horror-suspense
Characters: Buffy Summers; Joyce Summers; Rupert Giles; Rebecca Stansberry; Riley Finn; Forrest Gates; Willow Rosenberg; Xander Harris; Anya
Synopsis: College is out for the summer and Buffy asks Giles and her mother for advice about what she should do now that Riley wants to spend more time with her. Giles goes out on a date with Rebecca Stansberry, a librarian in town for a summer seminar at the university. Riley is severely injured when he and ex-Intiative buddy, Forrest Gates, are assaulted by the ghost of a homeless man who was killed by vampires and wants his stolen ring back. Buffy, Willow, Zander, and Anya track down the vampire, retrieve the stolen ring and return it to the ghost, but Riley remains in a coma.

Indexer Notes

This story takes place after Buffy the Vampire Slayer's fourth season.



Real Name: Rebecca Stansberry
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Gender: Female
Character Type: Human
First Appearance: Buffy the Vampire Slayer #31 - Lost and Found
Appears in: 4 issues
Birthday: n/a
Powers: Agility, Attractive Female, Intellect

Rebecca is a librarian who becomes the girlfriend of Giles. Unfortunately she leaves Sunnydale and Giles loses the woman he loves again.



Buffy, bored during summer vacation, asks Giles for advice on suitable hobbies but to no avail. Sometime later, two vampires kill a homeless man and take a gold ring from the corpse. That same night, Giles is approached by a fan after one of his guitar/singing performances at the Espresso Pump. The fan, a librarian named Rebecca Stansberry, hits it off with Giles and the two arrange a date. A week later, Riley and a fellow member of the Initiative named Cole walk down an alleyway and are assailed by a ghost moaning "Give it back . . ." The ghost grasps Riley, and he collapses into a coma. Later, Willow's research uncovers a pattern of ghostly hauntings in that same alleyway. Buffy and Willow travel to the scene and rescue Xander and Anya from a vampire attack. The ghost manifests and gives Buffy some clues, which she combines with information beaten out of a bartender and from another vampire to track down the vampire which stole the homeless man's ring. Buffy slays the vampire easily and returns the ring to the alleyway, where the ghost manifests, takes the ring, and disappears. Meanwhile, Giles date has gone swimmingly, as it has ended in a kiss and a promise for future dates. Rebecca, however, wears a necklace with an insect in amber, an insect-shaped shadow seems to follow Giles, and the next morning a strange humanoid-insect creature is discovered by boys playing baseball.

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