Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Case Study No. 1386: Staff of the Montauk Public Library

Dover Hydraulic Elevator at the Montauk Library in Montauk, NY
This is the same elevator that lost power and went into EPR. Notice how there keys in this elevator for the floor lockout, fan, light and independent service. This is a very nice late 90's Dover, and of course, what would The End of Long Island be without one!? The librarians here are very nice, but did not want me repeatedly riding the elevator up and down, so I just got a quick take. They were very nice and told me all about the library. This elevator is actually glass on ML and M, but it is only on the outside so you can only see the elevator cab and the shaft on the outside. It is still very nice though. The ladies also informed me that this part of the island is notorious for electrical problems, so the Dover goes into EPR often.

Technical Specs:
Brand- Dover
Type- Inground Hydraulic (Oildraulic)
Fixtures- Dover Impulse
Speed- 100 FPM
Capacity- 2100 lbs. :)
Installed- Late 1990's
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[scene opens on the lower level of the Montauk Public Library, as the camera's POV shows an elevator door, as the person holding the camera reaches in and pushes the button]
[the person enters and presses "M", then the door closes and the person rides the elevator up to the main floor]
[the door opens, and the person gets a quick shot of the stacks area before pressing "LL"]
[the door closes and the person rides back down to the lower level, as the door opens and the bell sounds]

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