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Case Study No. 1365: Jaylin Waircoft

Tales of the Mist:The Spirit Awakening
Tales of the Mist:The Spirit Awakening
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Nan'Derrana—a world rife with political turmoil and corruption—and its oblivious denizens faced an imminent demise. One scientist initiated a project to return his world from the brink and plucked the final thread from a mystical seam that divided two divergent worlds for millennia. Unleashing an ancient power, his mistake cost millions of human lives—along with his own. Then, out of the chaos comes a glimmer of hope—Mard-Tek Industries— as they harnessed the ancient energy—a green and gaseous luminescent substance—and so the tale begins.

Proud soldier Captain David Orion and humble but energetic caster Lieutenant Jade Corlan are a pair of soldiers and loyal servants of the state headed by the newly formed Guild Protectorate—an organization of skilled individuals suffering the mystical effects of the so-called Mist. The librarian Jaylin Waircoft passionately tends her leather-bound wards in the Military Secure Archives and, lastly, Celcia trains arduously in hopes to serve her humble village—one of few human settlements have survived the upheaval—as their chief huntress. While they know not of each other's existence, their destinies have been intricately intertwined in the weave of fate.

Two duty-fastened soldiers will begin to question the disingenuous proclamations of a shadowy command structure. A librarian must become a warrior of the people and awaken her spirit before the coming spring. And a huntress will stumble upon knowledge of the unfathomable destruction awaiting her world. Will Captain Orion overcome his pride and free his loyal lieutenant from a dark secret that binds them in time to thwart conspirators lurking behind their nefarious veils? Can Celcia confront a forgotten past to avert a disastrous future? Will Jaylin survive the agonizing process of awakening and bonding of a human soul to an ethereal spirit of the Otherworld? For should any one fail, a shadow shall befall the frail world of Nan'Derrana and plunge it into a darkness far greater than any force ever witnessed.
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"Tales of the Mist:The Spirit Awakening" by J.D. Lowe


"Jaylin? Would you come here please? Jaylin!"

Jaylin stood in a far aisle at the west end of the Military Secure Archive, balancing precariously a lofty stack of dusty leather-bound books in her arms. The voice of the head librarian echoed in her ear from a little earpiece. The earpiece was essential in the vast expanse of shelves, books, and dust. There was no one to disturb with shouts, but one's voice simply did not carry very far within the vast archives.

One by one, she placed books on their proper shelf. Standing tiptoed, she reached for the higher shelves, placing the last books designated for this section. Trying her best to conquer her short stature, she stretched higher, stepping on the bottom shelf.

"There you go!" she stated triumphantly, falling back on her heels with a sigh of relief. Her back bumped the cart of books. When she had realized what she had done, it was too late. The stack of books collapsed in an avalanche of paper, dust and leather. Jaylin sighed defeated and began picking up her clutter.

"Jaylin!" the voice squawked in her ear.

"Sorry, Madame Head Librarian!" Jaylin straightened her blouse and brushed off her pleated skirt.

"It is quite all right, Jaylin, please come to the front desk. We have a few soldiers requesting some light reading," said the voice in her ear.

While her title was 'Librarian', she mostly just managed the archives, babysitting books. Vast and plentiful, they contain texts on every subject, but to which only the Hunter Bureau, military and security forces were allowed to access. However, there were also as many recreational reading books allowed to anyone literate enough to enjoy them. Jaylin headed for the front desk. She could see the men now at the end of the aisle in which she was walking.

Three younger gentlemen with an older officer of the Continental Military were standing at ease. The military bridged the jurisdictional protection gap between the Hunter Bureau and the Security Police. Often they worked closely together so Jaylin had become familiar with many of their uniforms. One leaned lazily against the counter, tapping, on toe, his heel against the baseboard. The Madam Head Librarian occupied a small corner of the rather large crescent-shaped reception desk, scanning a pile of returned books.

Each book contained a microcell memory chip that the computer read, dated, and logged when she brought the book close to a simple receiver. Piles of books were lined on the desks, waiting to be logged. Afterwards, they would be replaced back on their proper shelf; that was Jaylin's duty.

She could hear friendly banter between the men as she came out of the aisle. The mood felt calm and relaxed between the soldiers and the officer; it was a pleasant change from the usual pretentious recruits. One of the men glanced up and noticed Jaylin standing there.

"Hello there. You must be Jaylin. We would like a few good mystery novels, and grandpa here would like something as—" one soldier said; he was interrupted by a loud smack to the back of his head.

"That is, Sir Grandpa to you!" the office proclaimed. The other soldiers joined the office in laughter. Jaylin tried her best to stifle her own giggles and gave a slight bow of her head as a sign of respect for those that protected the citizens from the dangerous creatures of Mist.

She lead the soldiers through the aisles, taking several turns to avoid stacks of newly arrived crates of books collected from various locations throughout the region—books collected to protect the people from themselves after that mad scientist almost destroyed the world.

"Jaylin ... " she heard whispered faint and airy. She whirled around and stopped

"Yes, Sir! How may I assist you?" The front most soldier nearly collided with Jaylin as she stopped immediately and without much warning.

"What?" said one soldier from the back. "We did not say anything." She turned around embarrassed and led onward through the aisles, continuing the serpentine path and avoiding the boxes. The fact that she would be the one to unpack, implant chips into, and deposit all these new books in their proper place bothered her today.

Her mind drifted to her appointment after her workday; it made her wish her work could be done more quickly, and she turned into the destination section they desired at last.

"We are here: Mystery, Science Fiction, Fairy Tales, and Fantasy."

"Thank you, Miss," they said gratefully in unison. At that moment, Jaylin noticed that the officer was gone. Jaylin looked around, but, shortly after, he arrived carrying a package tucked under his arm wrapped in brown paper.

"Miss? This book came in yesterday's shipment. Why has it not been stored away in the archives?" The officer asked sternly but with no sign of irritation. She refrained from impudently declaring the obviousness of the fact that she had been backlogged for at least a week.

"Sorry, sorry, Sir! We have been inundated with many new book shipments," she said with disingenuous remorse coated with politeness. The senior officer simply responded with a simple closed eye smile. Somehow, she knew he could read the sarcastic undertone she had injected in her words in spite of not scolding her for it.

"Easy, Miss. It is quite all right, but I have orders to deliver it personally to the Vault. Please escort me," he said, continuing to smile pleasantly.

"Yes, Sir!" Jaylin bowed and started off toward the vault with the officer following close behind. She turned and weaved through the bookshelves detouring and navigating stacks of crates and boxes. Finally, she came to a halt in front of massive and impervious Duracrite doors. The door secured tightly the impenetrable Vault, housing a cornucopia of rare scripts and texts deemed by the Regents of the Guild to be potentially hazardous in certain hands. The officer began entering his command authorization code.

"Madame Head Librarian, I need a master disengage of ... " Jaylin spoke softly. Her voice trailed off. Before Jaylin could finish her request, the bulky, tempered-alloy rods rumbled, vibrated, and scraped as they retracted themselves into either side of the door. Unbarred, the magnetic locks disengaged, and Jaylin stood astonished; she was in the presence of an exceptionally-high ranking officer who wore no distinction upon his uniform. To have security clearance of such magnitude required unimaginable distinction with the Guild and military command.

Perhaps a Special Operations Division officer, she thought. Or some top-secret section even I am was unaware of, she concluded. Nevertheless, it shocked her expectations for the man to be so blatant in exhibiting his superiority of rank; she did not expect such a meeting today.

"I trust you can place this in its proper place, Miss?" the officer asked, speaking kindly with his smile. "Can I trust that much of you?"

"Yes, Sir. Of course," Jaylin said, hastily overcoming her astonishment. Walking away, the officer slid three fingers into his pockets, letting his thumbs and pinkies hang free while walking toward the entrance. His smiled turned sly as he walked away, turned a corner, and disappeared into the aisles of books. She looked down at the wrapped text and carried it into the vault. Racks of books all locked by individually-coded digit keypads surrounded a central spiral set of stairs that descended deep below the Archives.

"Jaylin ... " the voice repeated. Jaylin twirled, recognizing it from earlier. Her name resonated as hisses in her ears clearer than before.

"Hello? Is somebody there?" she said, her voice loaded with anxiety.

"Jaylin ... " the voice resounded again.

"Ouch!" she squeaked. The hefty book dropped to the floor with a muffled thud. Jaylin stared at her petite, reddened hands; she waved them to cool the sting. The book had seemingly become burning hot, nearly searing her skin. She stared at the brown paper wrappings. Cautiously, she squatted down and lightly tapped the cover repeatedly. As she should have expected the book was, in fact, not hot at all.

"No. Room temperature. Could I imagined it?" she said aloud to herself. From the dull stinging in her hands, she distinguished otherwise. Carefully, she tugged the twine securing the heavy cloth wrapping after tearing through the brown paper. The cover shimmered; intricate patterns were inlaid with a deep crimson metal unlike any she had never laid eyes on before. The patterns blossomed from a central circle entwined with various streaks and flourishes. It glinted strangely, as if a reflecting light swept from side to side across its face. Yet, no such light existed with in the Vault for such an unusual effect.

"Jaylin ... "

"Jaylin ... "

"Jaylin ... " the voices called to her soul. Her hand started forward, reaching towards the shimmering, glowing cover. A searing pain entered her body, but it rapidly turned to a pleasurable sensation. She rested her palm on the book, and a warm blinding light consumed her.

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