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Case Study No. 1364: "The Librarian's Hand"

Librarians Hand
Each year, the library movie has a different theme (2008 -- bmovies). I was part of making this movie, but this isn't my movie (and I have permission to republish it).
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NARRATOR: From the people who brought you "Zombie Librarians" ...
[cut to black and white footage of a female zombie walking through the stacks]
ZOMBIE LIBRARIAN: [loudly] Braaainnns!
[someone off camera shushes her]
ZOMBIE LIBRARIAN: [quietly] Uhhh ...
NARRATOR: And the silent classic "It Came From PN666!" ...
[cut to black and white footage of a female vampire reading a magazine, then looking at the camera and shrugging]
NARRATOR: Comes this summer's biggest thrillfest ... "The Librarian's Hand!"
["The Librarian's Hand" appears on screen]
[cut to a female librarian taking a book off the shelf, then dropping it when she realizes that there's a severed human nose inside]
[cut to two female librarians staring at the clock over the sorting shelves]
FEMALE LIBRARIAN 1: Why does that clock got eyebrows?
[the other librarian shrugs]
NARRATOR: Romance!
[cut to a male librarian standing on one side of the bookshelf, apparently holding the hand of some unseen women standing on the other side]
MALE LIBRARIAN: So then we'll meet for dinner after work? Emily? You okay?
NARRATOR: More horror!
[cut to the librarian realizing that he's actually holding a severed hand, which "jumps" up and grabs him by the throat]
NARRATOR: Mystery!
[cut to another female librarian sitting in a room]
FEMALE LIBRARIAN 2: Whose body parts are these?
[the camera pans around to reveal several women (all wearing fake mustaches) shrugging their shoulders]
NARRATOR: "The Librarian's Hand!" Coming soon to a cineplex near you!
["Attack of the Librarian's Hand!" appears on screen]
NARRATOR: [speaking quickly] This studio not responsible for heart attacks brought on by the horror of this film, sudden blindness, sudden impulses to choke people through shelves, or the development of an irrational fear of finding severed body parts in books ...

Performed by:
Michael Herley
Esther Giezendanner
Julie Dyles
Robin Fay
Marci Davis
Maria Bruce
Jamie Jedlicka

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