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Case Study No. 1361: Alan Kornblau

Welcome to Laugh With the Library Chapter 3 web
Alan Kornblau, Library Director of the Delray Beach Public Library, video-introduces the crowd at Laugh with the Library, Chapter 3 to all the Delray Beach Public Library offers and represents.
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Delray Beach Public Library
Laugh with the Library
Chapter 3
January 23, 2009
Featuring Comedian Dom Irrera

[scene opens with a male librarian (bald, blue shirt, grey pants) wearing Groucho Marx glasses, as he looks around before putting a finger to his lips and shushing the camera]
ALAN: Shh!
[he takes off the glasses, then speaks directly to the camera]
ALAN: Welcome to Laugh with the Library, Chapter Three. I'm Alan Kornblau, library director, and I wanna thank you for joining us tonight to have some fun and support the Delray Beach Public Library.
[he raises his right hand in the air]
ALAN: Just by show of hands, how many of you are here tonight?
[he pauses, then shakes his head]
ALAN: Oh, I can see that Dom Irrera's gonna have a lotta fun with you folks ... Okay, let's try this again.
[he raises his hand]
ALAN: By show of hands, how many of you have been to the Delray Beach Public Library?
[he pauses]
ALAN: Great! Isn't it a beautiful place?
[the camera pans over to show the interior of the library, then cut to Alan sitting in a chair]
ALAN: Y'know, the library is the living room of our community. Yes, it's true. The library brings people and ideas together in a comfortable atmosphere.
[cut to the outside of the library, as Alan is standing in front of a packed parking lot]
ALAN: We have plenty of parking ... on some days, and all for free!
[cut to Alan sitting in the library's cafe]
ALAN: And you could have a cup of coffee, and a sandwich!
[cut to Alan with a cup of coffee sitting on the top of his head, then cut to Alan standing in front of a large world map on the wall]
ALAN: It's a great deal because of support from people like you, along with the city of Delray Beach and the CRA.
[cut to Alan sitting in another part of the library]
ALAN: Believe it or not, our library is celebrating its ninety-fifth birthday, and for the past sixty nine years we've been a non-profit corporation serving the people of Delray Beach with the help of folks like you, who believe in the services we provide.
[cut to Alan sitting next to a stack of books]
ALAN: I can see you all out there saying, "What in the world is he talking about?" Well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so let me quickly show you why we really are the best library around, and where your donations are going!
[cut to the library's entrance, as several patrons walk in and out]
ALAN: [in voice over] An average of two thousand people come through our doors each and every day!
[cut to a still image of a male librarian (black hair, goatee, grey sweater, grey shirt) handing a female patron a copy of Karl Schroeder's "Ventus"]
ALAN: [in voice over] To check out books ...
[cut to a still image of a group of patrons in one of the library's meeting rooms]
ALAN: [in voice over] To attend programs ...
[cut to a still image of several patrons using the computers]
ALAN: [in voice over] And to use our computers.
[cut to a still image of several young children gathered in the library]
ALAN: [in voice over] People of all ages ...
[cut to a still image of a male librarian (white shirt, grey pants, red bowtie, suspenders) playing the guitar during storytime]
ALAN: [in voice over] From children ...
[cut to a still image of several teenagers gathered around a table in the library]
ALAN: [in voice over] To teens ...
[cut to a still image of three people standing outside of the library]
ALAN: [in voice over] To young professionals.
[cut to more still images of various people enjoying the library]
ALAN: [in voice over] And adults ... All enjoy the Delray Beach Public Library.
[cut to Alan sitting in another part of the library]
ALAN: There is much more where that came from, so please stop by and visit us! Before we start the show, we must thank some very special people who have made this evening possible ... our sponsors! The Delray Beach Marriott, the Sun Sentinel, Bank of America, Cheney Brothers, and Private Jewelers. We would also like to thank our library board members who are in the audience tonight. Please stand so everyone can acknowledge you with a big round of applause!
[he claps his hands]
ALAN: Many of our library staff are also here tonight, doing a fine job helping out, so please give them a big hand!
[he claps his hands again]
ALAN: And also, if there are any DelRay Beach city commissioners in the audience, we'd like to acknowledge you also ... Thank you!
[cut to Alan standing in another part of the library]
ALAN: It takes a tremendous amount of time, energy and effort to pull off an event like this. It is no small task, believe me. Heidi Sargeant and Becky Walsh, our co-chairpersons for the third year in a row, have done another outstanding job at making this evening special. We definitely could not have accomplished this without their talent and enthusiasm, so please join me in giving them a rousing ovation!
[the two female librarians walk into the scene (one wearing Groucho Marx glasses, while the other wears a red rubber nose) and stand on either side of Alan, as he hands each of them a bouquet of flowers and then claps his hands]
ALAN: Thank you very much!
[cut to Alan standing in another part of the library]
ALAN: Tonight is about celebration, fun, and your support. We thank you very much for coming, and now sit back, relax ...
[he puts on the Groucho Marx glasses]
ALAN: And laugh for a cause!

Thank you so much for your support!

Special thanks to:

Committe Chairs
Heidi Sargeant and Becky Walsh

Our Sponsors:

Delray Beach Marriott
Sun Sentinel
Bank of America
Cheney Brothers
Private Jewelers
Southern Wine & Spirits of Florida, Inc.

Video Production:
Bonnie Stelzer and Christopher S. Leary



Laugh out loud-for a cause
January 14, 2009

On January 23, the Delray Beach Public Library will host an unusual and exciting event, "Laugh with the Library Chapter 3," which is a sequel to last year's "Laugh with the Library" fundraiser. The Library is asking the community to laugh for a cause and celebrate the Delray Beach Public Library's Third Anniversary. All monies raised during this event will be used for programs for children and teens.

This evening of cocktails, appetizers, casual attire and laugh-out-loud comedy featuring the comedian Dom Irrera will take place at the Delray Beach Marriott at Ocean Boulevard beginning at 7:30 p.m.

You can sponsor a Pulitzer Prize Table for $3,000, a Best-Seller Table for $2,000 or you can sponsor a Premiere Table for $1,500. General Seating tickets can be purchased for $150 per person.

In addition, for the first time the Library is offering a "Late Night Laugh With the Library for YPODs" (Young Professionals of Delray) and their friends beginning at 11 p.m. The cost for this more risque late-night party for young professionals is $75 per person.



The 3rd Annual Laugh with the Library Event is tonight at 8:30 p.m. (doors open at 7:30) featuring acclaimed comedian and actor Dom Irrera to benefit the Delray Beach Public Library. The event will be held at the Delray Beach Marriott - 10 N. Ocean Blvd., Delray Beach and tickets are $150, including dinner and an open bar. Call 561-266-0799 for information and tickets.



The Delray Beach Public Library recently held the "Laugh With the Library Chapter 3" event at the Delray Beach Marriott. Guests were treated to sumptuous food, a variety of drinks and many surprises. The Master of Ceremonies comedian, Dave Williamson warmed up the crowd and then the amazing comedian Dom Irrera brought the house down!

Committee Chairpersons & Library Board members Becky Walsh & Heidi Sargeant created a wonderful evening for over 260 attendees. These Delray Beach community leaders, avid readers and great supporters of the Library worked tirelessly to ensure that the many guests for the evening's "Laugh With the Library Chapter 3" had a wonderful time while dressed in casual attire. Many new friends were made and money was raised to enhance the Delray Beach Public Library's programs for children and teens.

The Library is very grateful to all the Sponsors for this fabulous evening including, the Sun-Sentinel, Southern Wine & Spirits of Florida, Inc. the Delray Beach Marriott, Bank of America, Cheney Brothers & Private Jewelers.

A good time was had by all for a very worthwhile cause!

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