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Case Study No. 1356: Unnamed Female Librarian (Deniedpluto)

The Librarian
A short film we had to do for our cinema class
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The Librarian
A WOOT! Production

Jasmine Wilhelm & Peter Matson

[scene opens with black and white footage of a young female librarian (glasses, hair in a bun, frilly blouse) pushing a bookcart through the stacks, then cut to a closeup of the librarian's high heels as she drops a book]
[the librarian bends down to pick it up, then cut to the librarian sitting at a table reading the book, when she puts her head down and falls asleep]
[cut to color footage of the librarian sitting on the steps in front of the library, reading a book, when she looks up and sees a man in a trenchcoat pointing off camera]
MAN: Run!
[she gets up and runs off, then cut to the librarian passing a tree with a sign reading "War is Peace! Freedom is Slavery! Ignorance is Strength!"]
[she continues running, then cut to the librarian picking up a piece of paper on the ground (reading "Big Brother Is Watching You")]
[she drops the paper and continues running, then cut to the librarian entering a building (with a sign reading "Ministry of Truth")]
[cut to inside the building, as the librarian peeks into the auditorium and sees an older man running a series of disturbing images ("You Write What You're Told!", "Quiet!", etc.) on the projection screen]
[cut to a closeup of the man's face, as he turns and stares directly at the camera (as if he knows the librarian is there watching him)]
[cut to the librarian outside of the auditorium (quickly ducking away from the door), as the man in the trenchcoat (now wearing medical scrubs) runs over and points off camera]
[she runs, then cut to the librarian (now dressed as Little Red Riding Hood) in the forest ... she looks up in the sky (as Minnie Riperton's "Lovin' You" plays in the background) and doesn't notice the same man (now dressed in a shirt and blue jeans) as she bumps into him]
[he puts his arm around her, and they walk off together]
[cut to the librarian (now alone) walking in the forest, when the same man (now dressed as Peter Pan) jumps out from behind a tree]
MAN: Come fly with me, fly!
[cut to the two "flying" (actually lying down on a black tarp with pieces of cotton in place of clouds, as stop-motion animation is used to give the appearance of movement), when the man's hat "flies" off and he leaves her to chase after it]
[cut to the man grabbing his hat, then turning back to the girl (who is "falling" back to earth) and catching her]
[cut to a normal shot of the man carrying the librarian (now wearing a blue dress) in her arms, as he puts her down and then skips off camera]
[cut back to the library steps, as the man (now dressed as Prince Charming) exits the building and sees the librarian (in her "Cinderella" dress) standing there waiting for them]
[cut to the man kissing the librarian's hand (as she is holding a copy of "Cinderella" in the other hand), as he puts his arm around her and they turn to look off into the distance]
[the sound of a giant clock chiming can be heard, as the librarian runs off ... the man picks up her copy of "Cinderella" and calls after her]
[cut to the librarian running up the library steps and entering the building, then back to black and white footage of the librarian (in her normal clothes) as she wakes up]
[cut to the librarian reshelving the book, when she smiles and stands up]
[cut to color footage of the librarian, as the man (wearing normal clothing) is standing in front of her and handing her the copy of "Cinderella"]


The Librarian

Kelli Borchers

Peter Matson

Elizabeth Webster

Rainer Luhrs

Jasmine Wilhelm

Guest Star
Patrick Dizney

Thank You!

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