Monday, April 21, 2014

Case Study No. 1379: The Librarian (matt12tv)

the Librarian- short stop motion animation
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From: matt12tv
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[scene opens with black and white footage of someone off camera writing "The Librarian" on a notepad, then drawing a frowny face as an animated tear rolls down its eye]
[cut to a claymation model of a female librarian (no facial features, brown hair, long brown dress) carrying a book as she's walking towards the back of the room]
[she stops at the "wall" (i.e. the piece of paper used as background), then a drawing of a bookshelf appears and she places the book on one of the "shelves"]
[cut to the librarian placing another book on a chair, then turning to the camera and gesticulating wildly with her arms (as if she's acting in a dramatic play), before picking the book back up and walking off camera]
[as she exits the scene, the chair tips forward (changing into an amorphous blob of brown clay), as the scene fades to black]
["The Librarian :(" appears on screen]

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