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Case Study No. 1382: "School Librarian, It's Not a Quiet Career"

School Librarian-It's Not A Quiet Career
This PSA was sponsored by the New York Library Association.
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[scene opens with a young woman sitting in the pilot seat of a small airplane]
LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] Adventure is a part of me.
[cut to a shot of the airplane in flight]
LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] I guess it's because I like to broaden my horizons, and reach new heights.
[cut to the woman exiting the plane]
LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] That's why I like flying.
[she turns and speaks directly to the camera]
LIBRARIAN: And that's why I love my job ... I'm a school librarian.
[cut to the woman in her school library, setting up a video camera with several students]
LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] Every day is an exciting challenge, working with young students who have their whole lives ahead of them.
[cut to one of the male students working the camera, while a nearby television monitor shows someone waving]
LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] I help them see their opportunity. You can't reach much higher than that.
["This message brought to you by School Library Media Section, New York Library Association" appears on screen]
ANNOUNCER: School librarian ... it's not a quiet career.

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