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Case Study No. 1367: Mrs. Strimple

Comercial about our favorite Librarian
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["A Day Without Mrs. Strimple" appears on screen, then cut to a group of male students walking into the school library, where a female student library worker is sitting at the front desk]
MALE STUDENT: Hey Ashley, where's Miss Strimple at?
STUDENT WORKER: I dunno, she's not here today.
MALE STUDENT: She's not here?
[he laughs, then all of the students run off camera]
[cut to the student hiding behind an overturned table, when he pops up holding a crumpled-up piece of paper in his hand]
MALE STUDENT: Paper ball war!
[he throws the paper ball, then cut to all of the male student whipping paper balls at each other (as "gunfire" sound effects play in the background)]
[cut back to the student worker at the front desk]
STUDENT WORKER: Oh no, I better call Strimple!
[she runs off camera (as a paper ball lands on her chair), then cut to the student worker picking up the phone and ducking under the desk (as more paper balls whiz above her head)]
STUDENT WORKER: [into the phone] Strimple! You need to hurry back! These guys are in the library and I don't know what to do!
[cut to another shot of the students hucking paper balls at each other, when one of the students points at the library's entrance and the camera zooms in on an older female librarian (black hair, glasses, purple shirt) standing there]
MALE STUDENT: Hey, hey, hey! Strimple!
[the students scatter]
MALE STUDENT: Strimple! Run! Run!
[cut to the students running out the back entrance, but they find the librarian standing out in the hallway waiting for them]
[cut to the students trying to run out of another doorway (as ominous music plays), but they again find the librarian (stone-faced) waiting for them in the hallway]
[they try to run back into the library, but fall on the floor on top of one another]
[cut to slow-motion footage of the students crawling away, then cut to the librarian calmly standing above them as she tosses a paper ball in her hand]
LIBRARIAN: All I do, every day, day in and day out ... is ask you people to come up with a school-appropriate creative idea!
[she tosses the ball at them]

Starring Mrs. Strimple as ...
Angry Librarian

No one was hurt by Mrs. Strimple in the making of this film.
However, several injuries did however occur due to lack of responsibility in the youth these days.
And the shear fact that we were not concerned for ourselves at the time, because Mrs. Strimple was a far greater threat than the flying balls of paper that were moving very quickly about the library.

Got that!!!!????

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