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Case Study No. 1347: Staff of Unnamed Library (Rebeliosity)

Ask a Librarian
This is a social experiment, we are not really trying to get a word into the dictionary. This is purely to get reactions out of people.
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Ask A Librarian

[scene opens inside of a public library, as a male teenager speaks to a female librarian - her face obscured - at the front desk (while a hidden camera across the room captures their conversation)]
PATRON: Hi, um ... I'm actually here to get a word into the dictionary.
LIBRARIAN 1: Oh. Um ... Okay, I'm actually gonna have you talk to my reference librarian as soon as she comes back. She would be, know more about that than I would. So, if you stand right here, she's just helping a patron and she'll be able to help you, um, more than I can.
[she laughs]
PATRON: Okay, thanks.
LIBRARIAN 1: Okay, just stand right over there and she can help you as soon as she gets back.
[the "tape" fast-forwards for a bit, as the patron paces back and forth while the librarian continues to sit behind the front desk]
LIBRARIAN 1: Did someone tell you that you could do that here?
PATRON: Oh yeah, I read it online.
LIBRARIAN 1: Like on our website?
PATRON: Uh, no. It was just a website, I Googled it up to find it.
[the "tape" fast-forwards again, until another female librarian (her face also obscured) enters the scene]
LIBRARIAN 2: Well, thank for waiting for me. How can I help you?
[he clears his throat]
PATRON: Yeah, I was here to get a word into the dictionary.
LIBRARIAN 2: Uh, say it again?
PATRON: Can I get ... Uh, I was here to get a word in the dictionary.
LIBRARIAN 2: A word in the dictionary? You mean you'd like to enter a word in a dictionary?
PATRON: Mm hmm, like add it ... to Webster's Dictionary or--
LIBRARIAN 2: Yeah, I don't know how you'd do that, to tell ya the truth. Let me think about that a little bit ... Umm. Well, certainly, let's see.
LIBRARIAN 1: He said he Googled it, and they said you could at a library.
[the second librarian laughs]
[she laughs again]
LIBRARIAN 2: So, let me see what they say. Hold on.
[the "tape" fast-forwards again, as the patron continues to wait]
PATRON: But, I mean ... the other website said you could do it here.
PATRON: You guys had, like, forms or something to fill out.
LIBRARIAN 2: Yeah, I don't have a form, as far as I'm aware.
[the "tape" fast-forwards again]
PATRON: Are you sure you don't have any here? Because when I looked, it said talk to your local librarian.
LIBRARIAN 2: Yeah, I'm not familiar with that at all.
[the "tape" fast-forwards again]
PATRON: Y'know, I mean, it said online just bring in ten signatures from local people--
LIBRARIAN 2: Really?
LIBRARIAN 2: Where did you see that? I mean, what site did you go to for that?
PATRON: I don't know the name, I just Googled and clicked and that's what it's telling me.
LIBRARIAN 2: So you ... you Googled what? "New word for dictionary?"
[the sounds of her typing at a computer can be heard]
PATRON: Something like that, I'm not really sure exactly. It was a couple days ago.
[the "tape" fast-forwards again]
PATRON: I mean, would you like--
LIBRARIAN 2: Date, application ...
PATRON: Would you like to, like, hear my word at all?
LIBRARIAN 2: Oh sure, go ahead.
PATRON: Okay, it's ... "rebeliosity."
PATRON: [pause] Yeah.
LIBRARIAN 2: And ... wh-what's its meaning?
PATRON: Uh, it refers to water flowing backwards up a river.
PATRON: And it looks like it's flowing down, but it's the refraction of the light.
LIBRARIAN 2: Mm, okay ...
[the scene fades to black]

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