Monday, April 21, 2014

Case Study No. 1380: Miss Cox

Ding dong for ditching:librarian
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[scene opens with hand-held camera footage of three young kids walking down the street]
NICK TURNER: [from off camera] We are ding-dong ditching Miss Cox, she is not very nice ... This is Nick videotaping. Shouts to J.T., right here.
[the camera turns to show one of the kids]
JT: Hi.
NICK TURNER: [from off camera] And to John, the Spider.
[the camera turns to show the other kid]
JOHN: Oh yeah, I'm the Spider ...
[the camera turns to show the house that they are approaching]
NICK TURNER: [from off camera] Oh look, horses! You can't see them, but I can!
[the kids laugh, as they make their way up to the door]
NICK TURNER: [from off camera] Okay, and we come up to the librarian! Grrrr!
[they stop in front of her door]
NICK TURNER: [from off camera] And here we go ...
[he reaches out from off camera to ring the doorbell]
NICK TURNER: [from off camera] Oh crap!
[the kids suddenly scatter and hide as the librarian starts opening her door]



The most common way to play this prank is to go up to a door and ring the door bell, then run away and hide in a place so you can watch the person come to the door and open it and look for who rang the door bell. You will need to plan out a place to hide so that you have the best vantage point.

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