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Case Study No. 1353: Scott Sagel, Medical Librarian

Sagel librarian
Yeah.... guy.....
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["Scott Sagel, Medical Librarian" appears on screen, as the scene opens in the library of the University of Colorado School of Medicine, where a young male librarian (fake-looking black wig, glasses, blue shirt, grey pants) is sitting at his desk reading a copy of Sports Illustrated, when a female student approaches him]
STUDENT: Oh, hi Doctor Sagel. What're you doing here?
SAGEL: Hey guy, I'm the new medical librarian here. Uh, did you get the article I sent out after morning report today? Great article! I really went all "Deb Weaver" on you guys on that one!
[he chuckles to himself and continues reading]
SAGEL: Ahem, yeah ...
STUDENT: Yeah, I did get it ... but it was an article from the Denver Post about how the CF Center got a donation from the Denver Nuggets.
SAGEL: Yeah guy, Melo really came through for us on that one ... Guess I should say came through for them. Those guys are dead to me.
[he stares off into space]
SAGEL: [quietly] Yeah ...
STUDENT: Yeah, but the case was about malaria.
SAGEL: [pause] Mmm, malaria. Right, great. Yeah ... Yeah. Anywoo, what can I do for you today, guy?
STUDENT: Well, actually, I'm really glad you're here. I have a patient with drug-resistant mycobacterium avium. It's a CF patient, and I wanted to see what the latest literature says about treatment.
SAGEL: [pause] Mmm, good. Good, yeah. Yeah, listen. Let's, uh, let's get him settled in, put him on some sethapeme and tobi nebs, and recheck PFTs in three weeks, m'kay guy? Sounds great!
STUDENT: Mmm, I'm not sure that's gonna work.
SAGEL: Oh, trust me, we-we do it for everyone! It's gonna be just fine, just great! That's right, guy, just great!
STUDENT: Well, nonetheless, I was reallly hoping to find an article that I could share with the rest of the team ...
SAGEL: Uh, okay, sure guy ... Th-that sounds great! Listen. Listen, uh--
[he leans back in his chair]
SAGEL: The Dewey Decimal System, uh ... Haven't learned it yet, but uh, anywoo.
[he suddenly hands her his magazine]
SAGEL: M-maybe you'll find what you're looking for in, uh, in this journal here. Yeah. Yeah, sounds great, guy.
STUDENT: But, Doctor Sagel, this is a Sports Illustrated.
SAGEL: [pause] Right, yeah. Well ... H-How about this one?
[he motions towards an open magazine on his desk]
SAGEL: This journal is great, guy! Lemmee tell ya!
[he takes the magazine and hands it to her]
SAGEL: Uh, see what you think about that one.
[she briefly leafs through the magazine, then gives him a weird look]
STUDENT: But ... this is Cat Fancy. So, I-I think I might just do a PubMed search.
[she puts the magazine back down on his desk, as the librarian just leans back in his chair and nods]
SAGEL: Mmm. Mm hmm, yeah. Sounds great, guy!
[he gives her a thumbs up]
SAGEL: Listen, have a great day! That sounds great!
STUDENT: Okay ...
SAGEL: See ya, guy!
STUDENT: See ya, Doctor Sagel.
[she leaves]
SAGEL: See ya, guy ...
[the scene cuts to black, as "The End, Guy ... " appears on screen]

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