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Case Study No. 1351: Erin Clark

WNTW-Erin the Archivist
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[scene opens with several shots of the Florida coastline]
ADAM HARRINGTON: [in voice over] Miami, Florida. Where the sun shines, movie stars play ...
[cut to several shots of a young female archivist dressed in various t-shirts and ripped jeans]
ADAM HARRINGTON: [in voice over] And twenty-eight-year old film archivist Erin dresses like a character from an eighties B-movie.
[cut to Erin speaking directly to the camera]
ERIN: Image to me would be more about my personality. If I feel like crazy, I'll put on different colors and ... not match, and I don't care.
[cut to more shots of Erin's clothing choices]
ADAM HARRINGTON: [in voice over] Erin wears tattered polyester dresses and crazy polka-dot shoes to rebel against the sexy looks of South Beach.
[cut to an older woman speaking directly to the camera]
WOMAN: She doesn't wanna look like everybody else, she doesn't wanna look like she's in the box.
[cut to a man and woman walking arm-in-arm down the street]
ADAM HARRINGTON: [in voice over] Fashion stylists Stacy London and Clinton Kelly have brought the three-hundred-and-sixty degree mirror and the entire "What Not to Wear" set into Erin's home to teach this non-conformist how to dress.
[cut to the two clothes-shoping with Erin]
STACY: Why are you being such a rebellious little child?
[cut to Erin trying on a real dress in front of the 360-degree mirror, as Stacy and Clinton both shake their heads]
ADAM HARRINGTON: [in voice over] Will Stacy and Clinton find the real Erin under these goofy clothes?
[cut to Erin holding up a pair of shoes, as she sticks out her tongue]
ERIN: Bleh.
CLINTON: Waddaya mean, "bleh?"
ERIN: Bleh!
[cut to Stacy throwing some clothes into a metal garbage can]
ADAM HARRINGTON: [in voice over] Or will this fashion rebel finally break Stacy and Clinton?
[cut to Stacy and Clinton throwing their hands up in the air]
STACY: We give up! Where's our white flag?
[cut to several shots of Erin begrudgingly trying on more clothes]
ADAM HARRINGTON: [in voice over] But after braving the cold New York snow, finally following Stacy and Clinton's rules, and getting the star treatment from Nick and Carmindy, Erin is ready to show off her hot new look!
[cut to Carmindy applying makeup to Erin]
CARMINDY: So, I wanna show you two different looks. The first look is going to be a bold lip, and a nice sleek eye. It's all about balance, we're gonna choose one feature to focus on. So if you're feeling sexy and strong and confident, go for the bold lip.
[cut to Erin looking at herself in the mirror (her glasses gone and her straight brown hair replaced with more of a pixie cut)]
ERIN: I like it ... I'm, uh, very impressed.
CARMINDY: You like?
ERIN: It, it's like kind of looking at another person, actually.
CARMINDY: Looks absolutely amazing! Do you feel sexy?
ERIN: I do!
CARMINDY: You ready to try the second look?
[cut to Erin having mascara applied]
CARMINDY: You wanna line the inside rim with black, and then you choose a color, a bright color like this teal, to actually give you a smoky effect. And you just do it on top and bottom, followed with a highlight, and then mascara.
[cut to Carmindy putting the finishing touches]
CARMINDY: Oh my goodness! Are you ready to see yourself?
ERIN: Ready!
CARMINDY: Take a look at that!
[cut to Stacy and Clinton standing in a darkened room]
STACY: Okay Erin, knock our socks off! Bring it!
[cut to Erin emerging from the shadows]
ERIN: It's brought!
[they laugh, then stop when Erin walks towards them (wearing a silver blouse and black skirt)]
STACY: Oh my goodness!
[they laugh, as she begins posing for them]
STACY: Yowza!
ERIN: Waddaya think?
[cut to Erin (now alone) giving several poses for the camera]
ADAM HARRINGTON: [in voice over] Erin's satiny silver top cost twenty dollars, and designer vegan pumps? Five hundred thirty five.
[cut to Erin modeling other outfits, as the credits roll]
ADAM HARRINGTON: [in voice over] Back in Miami, the heat rises as friends and family prepare for the new Erin!
[the sounds of people cheering can be heard]


From tvguide.com:

"What Not to Wear"
2007 (Season 5, Episode 28)

A 26-year-old film archivist who makes dramatic wardrobe choices falls under the direction of Stacy and Clinton.


From nytimes.com:

May 25, 2007
What's on Tonight

9 P.M. (TLC) WHAT NOT TO WEAR Ready for her close-up: Stacy and Clinton teach Erin, 26, a film archivist with an over-the-top wardrobe, that sometimes a subtle gesture is the most dramatic of all.

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