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Case Study No. 1359: Staff of the School of Visual Arts Library

Timothy goes to the library
Welcome to the School of Visual Arts Library! We hope this video gives you a nice introduction to the library and how to find items. Reference librarians are always available to help you with research. Always feel free to ask at the front Circulation Desk if you have any other questions. Enjoy!
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Coronet Instructional Films Presents
In Association with Bread Productions

Timothy Goes to the Library
An Educational Experience ...

[scene opens with black and white footage of a young male student wandering around the stacks of the School of Visual Arts Library]
TIMOTHY: Where do I start?
[cut to a young female librarian looking at him from the other side of the bookcase]
LIBRARIAN: I can help you with that!
[she suddenly appears in front of Timothy, who jumps back in shock]
TIMOTHY: Whoa! Who are you?
LIBRARIAN: I'm a librarian, I'm here to help!
TIMOTHY: [pause] That's good, 'cause I could sure use it ...
LIBRARIAN: Hmm, let's start with Vision.
TIMOTHY: My vision's fine.
[she laughs]
LIBRARIAN: No, silly!
[she snaps her fingers and they both disappear, then cut to the two standing in front of a computer terminal]
[cut to a closeup of the computer screen (featuring the library's OPAC, named "Vision")]
LIBRARIAN: To start, just click on the internet browser, and Vision will pop up as the library's homepage.
[he laughs]
TIMOTHY: Oh, I get it now!
LIBRARIAN: Here you can do a title, subject, or author search to find whatever you're looking for.
TIMOTHY: Let's say I wanted a book on heavy metal.
LIBRARIAN: Hmm. Well, since that is a music genre rather than a particular book, you would do a subject search.
TIMOTHY: But if it was a specific book, then I would use the title or author search, right?
LIBRARIAN: Right! See, it's not that hard ...
[she points to the call number on the screen ("ML1534 .W45 1991")]
LIBRARIAN: This is the call number.
[cut back to the stacks, as the camera pans across the spine labels of the books on the shelf]
LIBRARIAN: [from off camera] To find the book, go to that section and look at the call numbers. They're in alphabetical order by line.
[the librarian reaches in from off camera and takes a book off the shelf, then cut to the librarian as she hands the book to Timothy]
LIBRARIAN: Here you go! Return it in three weeks!
TIMOTHY: Gee, thanks! And don't worry ...
[as the librarian smiles, Timothy looks around the stacks]
TIMOTHY: Wow, what else is in the library?
[the librarian snaps her fingers, then cut to the two standing in another section of the library]
LIBRARIAN: The library also has a selection of VHS tapes and DVDs, available for patrons to check out.
[he looks over at the DVD cases on a nearby shelf]
TIMOTHY: Hey, "Down by Law," my favorite movie!
[he reaches over and grabs a bunch of the cases]
TIMOTHY: I'll just check out all the Jim Jarmusch films!
LIBRARIAN: Oh, no no no ... Only two at a time. Others need them, too.
[he smiles and puts the rest back, keeping two]
TIMOTHY: Alright, I understand.
[he turns to the camera]
TIMOTHY: Share and share alike!
[cut to Timothy and the librarian standing in another section of the library]
LIBRARIAN: For all the artists here, we have a picture collection, stocked with pictures on every subject!
TIMOTHY: That'll sure come in handy!
LIBRARIAN: We also have comics and film scripts available to check out, too!
TIMOTHY: You guys have everything but the kitchen sink!
[she laughs]
LIBRARIAN: That's in the back ...
[cut to the two standing at the front desk]
TIMOTHY: So what if I have further questions about library policies?
LIBRARIAN: Copies of the circulation policy can be found at the front desk, or you can always ask a student worker any other questions you have.
TIMOTHY: Great, they can help me find a book!
[the female student worker at the front desk suddenly speaks up]
STUDENT WORKER: Nope, that's the reference librarian's job!
[he turns and sees another young female librarian sitting at a desk behind him, as she waves to the camera]
TIMOTHY: I think I'll ask a reference question right now!
STUDENT WORKER: Don't forget, Timothy ...
TIMOTHY: I know, I know ...
[he turns to the camera, as everyone says "Use Vision first!"]

Written and Directed by
Nick Alden

Director of Photography
Nick Alden

Lauren O'Neill Butler
Tina Berardi

Edited by
Nick Alden


Blake Henry

Magical Librarian
Melanie Teppich

Student Worker
Tina Berardi

SVA Patron
Aram Kim

Reference Librarian
Caitlin Kilgallen

Special Thanks to
SVA Film & Video Production Office
SVA Library

Bread Productions

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