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Case Study No. 1336: Staff of the Mendel Memorial Research Library

Bioshock Walkthrough (Hard) - Part E52 - Boots in the Library
Jack searches the library first again, some differences, yet some similarities, as well as the next places he searches...
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[Jack is chasing after Frank Fontaine in the Point Prometheus section of the underwater city of Rapture, when Doctor Brigid Tenenbaum contacts him via radio]
TENENBAUM: [over the radio] Scheisse! You let him get away! Ugh, I need a moment for thinking ...
[he comes across a dead Big Daddy, then "New Goal: Become a Big Daddy" appears on screen]
TENENBAUM: [over the radio] Ah! Ach, of course! This will be no problem. Find a Big Daddy und search his body ... I would suggest you to be finding a dead one.
[he begins searching the corpse]
TENENBAUM: [over the radio] You see the suit control system? Sehr gut. Get it. That is step one of turning you into one of those disgusting Big Daddies. The only way to get through that door Fontaine went through is to have a little one open it for you. And they will only trust you if you look like, sound like, and even smell like one of those big, stinking brutes.
[the player tries to leave the area]
TENENBAUM: [over the radio] Where do you think you're going? You need to become a Big Daddy before you are able to draw out the little ones ...
[the player enters the Mendel Memorial Library (where the floors are covered in books and broken tables), then sees a female figure standing behind the front desk ... of course, it's a deranged Splicer, so the player shoots her in the head with a crossbow]
[the player picks up a pair of Big Daddy boots on the table]
TENENBAUM: [over the radio] Was ist los? Why are these boots here? They should be in Failsafe Armored Escorts ... Ach, no matter. Take them, take them.
[the player searches the librarian/Houdini Splicer corpse, and "Collected Dollars (23)" appears on screen]
[as the player exits the library, Fontaine uses the radio's frequency to taunt him]
FONTAINE: [over the radio] Where you gonna go? Your life? Your family? They're a fairy tale, kid! No more real than something you read about in the Saturday Evening Post ... Poor bastard. A motherless freak whipped up in a half-baked science experiment!


From wikia.com:

The main goal of the twelfth level, Point Prometheus, is to assemble the parts of a Big Daddy bodysuit in order to pursue Frank Fontaine who has already injected himself with a large dose of ADAM. Upon becoming a Big Daddy, the player must now escort the Little Sisters, who allow you to gain entry to doors previously inaccessible. Also, while you are a Big Daddy, enemies will no longer attack you unless you are protecting a Little Sister. This is helpful for going back to previous levels and exploring or researching the maps without irritating confrontations.

Point Prometheus features a natural history museum, which has been converted to the Big Daddy Proving Grounds, labeled with an official sign on the floor as "Armored Escort Proving Grounds;" a large library, named the Mendel Memorial Research Library, which features many books related to genetics; and multiple industrial suites.

Presumably the library (also called the Mendel Family Library) was used by the scientists who needed information on genetics during their research and development of Plasmids. Books found in this library include "Dawkins Law," "Evolutionary Biology," "Applied Genetics," and "Mendelian Practice." A shipment of Big Daddy boots was accidentally directed here, and can be found near the librarian's table.


From ign.com:

"Bioshock" (XBox 360)


Just inside the library, to the right (west) is a security camera looking at the library's entrance. We suggest simply destroying the camera as there's a more dangerous RPG turret mounted in the hall just behind the camera. Once past both security measures, watch for a Houdini splicer in the room to the west.

Also in this western end of the library are the Damage Research 2 tonic and the Big Daddy Boots, the final part of your big daddy get-up. With the big daddy outfit complete, the all-knowing arrow urges you back to the beginning of the stage. If you come across splicers on the way, try ignoring them. Now that you're a big daddy, they'll leave you alone.

The all-knowing arrow leads you to a little sister portal. Smash the portal with your wrench (yeah, break out that rusty thing!) and a little sister should pop out. She'll open up a nearby door for you, letting you continue to the next stage.

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