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Case Study No. 1363: Librarian Man and his Army of Librarian Ladies

Let's Play The Quadforce Part 24
Tony finishes off the library, but has some trouble against the boss. Awesome, fun troubles.
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[Will and his companions are transported into the library, where they are confronted by the evil Zax]
ZAX: Damn! You guys are better than I thought ... Those Quadforce pieces certainly strengthen you!
WILL: Well Zax, you seem to know more about these Crystals than we do ... Perhaps you could enlighten us?
ZAX: What? Well, fine. I have nothing better to do anyways ...
MIKE: Jackets!
ZAX: Silence!
MIKE: Silent.
ZAX: Good. Now, as you may or may not have guessed, you each hold a piece of an ancient and incredibly powerful crystal that was split into four separate pieces, for reasons unknown. Each of those four parts have a certain ... attribute, if you will, and one that strangely pertains to each of you. Dust holds the Quadforce piece of Strength. Mike, of light. Will holds the one of Magic, and Jules possesses the piece of Darkness.
JULES: What? You mean "Darkness" like secret Ninja sneaky darkness, right? Not evil Darkness ... ?
ZAX: Depends on how you use it. There is also a rumor of a sister crystal, that was broken into five pieces ... but I think that it does not exist. And now that we're done talking, hand them over!
DUST: Zax, please, this bloodshed is pointless!
ZAX: No, actually, I think it is quite pointful ... When you fall, and before I enslave you, you will acknowledge my superior power!
WILL: If you're so confident in your superiority, why don't you just fight us now?
ZAX: Because fool, I'm studying your progress so I can better understand how to unlock the full power of the pieces you hold!
DUST: Zax! How then? How did you become so much stronger?
ZAX: Would you believe it was through hard work and perserverance?
ZAX: Too bad, because I shall not tell you. Enjoy your stay here, and say hi to ... Oregano for me! Ha ha ha!
[he disappears]
WILL: Oregano? Crap ... That fat kid is going to be hard to take down.
DUST: You don't think the entire Evil Trio is here ... do you?
WILL: I hope not ...
[they make their way to the center of the library (fighting enemies like "Studious Student" and "Literature" along the way), where they find an old man standing in their way]
LIBRARIAN MAN: You have caused enough trouble in my library ...
WILL: Do we have to fight?
[the group defeat the Librarian Man (and his army of Librarian Ladies)]
LIBRARIAN MAN: You ... are banned ... from the library ...
WILL: Seriously?
DUST: Let's just pretend he didn't say that, on account of him being controlled mentally.
[the Librarian Man disappears]



Quadforce, Game that Nostril Kitty is making
Posted: Mar 14 2007, 11:55 PM

Yes, I'd just like to inform you, and anyone else that may listen, that I have created an RPG game using the RPG Maker 2003 program called The Quadforce. It's going through some last-minute testing and should be up and online soon. Just thought you should know as it is my pride and joy...despite the fact that compared to the sequel I already started making, it sucks. While not technically a "Fan Game" it does pay homage to numerous other series, ranging from Metroid to Final Fantasy. Plus, it's awesome.


HA! I finally finished it, and got it online! This is the link. Feel free to tell me I suck, because this game is better than it initially looks...


If it doesn't work, or something's up, ask me and I'll see what I can do. I'm reasonably sure you need RPG Maker 2003, program, which is free, and can be found by typing RPG Maker 2003 on Google. But you might not, so if you want to try that, go for it.

This is a game I've been working on for a while. It is my first foray into this program, and I've actually gotten a lot better since I made it. I've been refining it for a while.

Anyways, the game's about these four guys who made it their mission to stop fiends and save people. The game follows one of their more...intense...missions. The combat is fun, but nothing special, but the dialogue, I think is very good, and the game can get surprisingly addictive. It's longer than it initially appears, as all good RPG's should be, but still not a very long game. I would guess, depending on how much extras someone gets, it can take between ten and fifteen hours to play through. I've already started work on the sequel, which I think will be ten times (Literally) better than this pretty good game.

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