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Case Study No. 1384: "An alien librarian investigates a strange noise"

The Librarian
An alien librarian investigates a strange noise.

My final project from my second year at staffordshire university.
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["The Librarian" appears on screen, as the scene opens in outer space, when the camera quickly zooms in on a small yellow planet and a single building on its surface]
[cut to inside the building, as the camera slowly descends through rows and rows of circular shelving filled with books]
[cut to a female librarian (orange hair, green tunic, wings growing out of her back) sitting on the floor, her legs covered with a blanket, and reading a book ... she closes the book and yawns, when the sound of a roaring animal can be heard offscreen]
[she gets up and flies towards the hole in the ceiling of the library (as the sound of glass breaking and more roaring can be heard), then emerges to find a large lion-like creature tearing up some books on the ground below]
[cut to the librarian landing next to the creature, as she punches it (!), then smiles and calmly extends her hand to the confused animal ... the creature eventually calms down and lowers its head, as the librarian reaches over and strokes its chin]
[cut back to an overhead view of the building, as the camera pans out until the planet is just a small speck in space (before it disappears)]

Animated by
Rebecca Mansfield

Using Sound by
from freesound dot org



My main project this semester is to complete a film based around the idea of a small planet and a being that inhabits it. I decided that I wanted the planet to have the ruins of an old culture, with one last inhaitant protecting the books of the great libraries.

Here are some of the early concept designs for the main character. I knew that I wanted her to be quite small and cute looking, with simplified shapes to speed up the animating process.

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