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Case Study No. 1350: The Superhero Librarians

The superhero Librarians
Superhero Librarians created from Library Planning Day one 2011.
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[scene opens with a female librarian (blonde hair, green jacket, brown blouse) and a male librarian (brown hair, glasses, grey suit, red tie) travelling on a moving subway train while speaking directly to the camera]
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: We may look like ordinary people, travelling on a train .. but we are Superhero Librarians.
MALE LIBRARIAN: We morphed into these beings after Planning Day One.
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: I have many superpowers ... I have the powers of empathy, I can synchronize with computers, and I have super speed that makes me move so fast I am practically invisible.
MALE LIBRARIAN: I can be cloned and have pyschic projection, so I always know what you want before you want it.
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: I have sworn to use my powers for good and never for evil, and I am mindful of everyone around me, so I do not overwhelm others with my might.
MALE LIBRARIAN: Some call me a beacon of inspiration, and others simply say I'm awesome.
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: We are both intelligent and confident. We both repel ignorance, and have IT administrator powers, so there is no system we cannot get into.
MALE LIBRARIAN: We can work twenty four hours per day, and never need any sleep. I can speak every language known to man. I can absorb CO2 and exhale oxygen, so I certainly am environmentally friendly.
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: I can digitize all materials with my hand, and have x-ray vision, so I can read books without having to open them.
MALE LIBRARIAN: I have Jedi mind-controlling powers, so I can diffuse any tricky situation. I can make words with lasers, and have bionic eyes to help me search for books on the shelves.
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: Together, we are just pure awesomeness, so don't be fooled by our common appearance!
MALE LIBRARIAN: And beware, as we are coming to a library near you!

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