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Case Study No. 0467: Audrey Parker (library aide)

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Librarians in TV series:
The 4400
Season 4, Episode 3
(Audrey Parker's Come And Gone) series/ the4400/
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[Diana and Tom enter the library]
DIANA: Ah, the public library. A hotbed for treasonous activity. Be careful what you say, Tom. How do we know they're all not in on it?
[Tom walks up to the front desk and shows his ID to the woman sitting there]
TOM: Excuse me, I'm Tom Baldwin. This is my partner, Diana Skouris. We're from NTAC.
AUDREY: NTAC? How can I help you?
TOM: Someone's been uploading sensitive material to the internet from an IP address inside this library. The branch manager told us that you were the volunteer docent in charge of the computers here?
AUDREY: Well, that's right.
DIANA: Well, the post we're interested in went up about 11:15 yesterday. Is there some way we could track down who was using the computers at that time?
AUDREY: Do you have a warrant of some kind, or did you just bring your badge?
TOM: No warrant ... yet.
DIANA: We were hoping you'd want to cooperate. This is part of an important investigation, Miss--?
AUDREY: Parker. And if I didn't think it would make trouble for this library, I wouldn't give you anything at all. Whatever happened to people's right to privacy?
TOM: Well, I appreciate how you feel, Miss Parker, but we're just trying to keep people safe. That's all.
[she turns to the computer]
AUDREY: There ... Names, log-in times, member ID numbers. Happy hunting.
TOM: Thank you.
AUDREY: "The man who trades freedom for security, does not deserve nor will he receive either."
TOM: Benjamin Franklin.
AUDREY: At least you're an educated tyrant ...



Audrey Parker (Constance Towers) opens the episode by reminiscing about the life she has lived and how her life has changed since taking the promicin injection. Her nurse, Hanna, helps Audrey put her diamond necklace on as she listens to her favorite song, "Dream a Little Dream of Me," and begins to astrally project. Audrey, several decades younger, is in an art gallery. She is able to see that Vanessa Martin's agent, Philip Delacroix, is not all that he seems.

The older Audrey has been logging her thoughts about promicin on her blog, making the National Threat Assessment Command (NTAC) very concerned, as her posts may convince others to take the injection. Diana is not convinced that the blogger is a threat but she agrees to assist in finding the person responsible.

Tom and Diana go to the public library which hosted the IP address from which the blog was posted. Audrey, a library volunteer, points out that they don't have a warrant, but then agrees to turn over the records of who used the computer during the time in question. She then quotes Benjamin Franklin's warning of trading freedom for security.

Later, Tom and Diana read the most recent blog post, and notice a quote from Benjamin Franklin. They realize that the blogger is in fact the volunteer, and leave to question her. While Audrey is projecting, the young, projected Audrey suddenly begins to feel a sense of vertigo, and we see that NTAC agents are studying her home. The older Audrey has obviously died and NTAC agents are investigating the scene. They find proof that she is in fact the blogger and that she suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and takes morphine injections. While they are trying to determine if it is accidental death or suicide, the young, projected Audrey begins protesting that it was a murder. All of NTAC's radio equipment briefly emits static.

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