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Case Study No. 0460: Brother Flammarion

Let's Play Anachronox -- Session 11 Part 6
Progress, progress. It is now time to interrogate the lead suspect. Boots will do the questioning, while PAL sneaks into her face to find clues. I'm sure that violated the constiution in some way. But it works!
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[visiting the Tower of the Grand Mysterium on the planet Hephaestus, private investigator Sylvester "Sly Boots" Bucelli wishes to seek an audience with its master, but first he is tasked with solving the disappearance of the Three Keys of Cavatum by interviewing several suspects]
SISTER ANGELA: Strangers in trench coats. Questions on your lips. The Gods sent me a vision of you last night. You will ask about the Three Keys of Cavatum, and you will accuse me of stealing them.
[the player selects "Ditch the psychic mumbo jumbo act, sister. I ain't buyin' what you're sellin' ... "]
SISTER ANGELA: Weep tears of ignorance, fool. My trials were arduous ... My tribulations most grueling. The death of my husband and son were worthwhile sacrifices on the road to divine communion. My sanctity is assured. Luckily for you, the Gods do not disapprove of my cooperation.
[the player selects "Cute. Do you visions tell you anything about the disappearance of the keys?"]
SISTER ANGELA: My mystical graces are elusive. I do not choose them. They are chosen for me. As for the disappearance of our holy relics, I can only mourn for their theft.
[the player selects "This handful of grit remind you of anything?"]
SISTER ANGELA: The seeding of the worlds by the sweet chariots of life. From earth all arises ... the dirt of life, the grit of living.
[the player selects "Well, if you didn't pinch the Three Keys ... who did?"]
SISTER ANGELA: Balance is delicate. Power has shifted dramatically ... not only in the universe but within our own hallowed stones. Brothre Liseria recently vacated the position of Abbot. His political enemies are abundant. Revenge often leads men to reckless acts, wouldn't you agree?
[the player selects "Where were you in the wee hours last night after Compline prayers?"]
SISTER ANGELA: I dreamt of cowslip and bayberry leaves. There was a man in the woods ... wooing me against the bark of glowing MysTech trees. Then the rain of truth came and washed away the lies of the world. I was the only one left standing. No thief am I. The Keys of Cavatum are inconsequential to me. I am an emissary of the gods, a seamstress of light and shadow, painting the truth through my visions. To test my patience is to risk the wrath of Gods. Trouble me no more.
[the nun locks herself in her room, as the player selects "Quests" in the inventory ("Brother Liseria might have politically motivated reasons for stealing the keys."), then heads down the hallway]
TOWER GUIDE: You look lost. Who or what are you looking to find?
[the player selects "Brother Liseria"]
TOWER GUIDE: My former master? Right through this door, then make an immediate left.
[he finds the monk praying in the chapel]
BROTHER LISERIA: You disturb my prayers for what reason?
[the player selects "Does this grit look familiar to you?"]
BROTHER LISERIA: You interrupt my prayers to shake a fistful of dirt in my face? I question the abbot's judgment in allowing an outsider to lead this investigation ... Must you disturb my prayers?
[the player selects "Word around town is you used to be abbot of this dungeon. What happened?"]
BROTHER LISERIA: My tenure as abbot was at an end. Nothing more. May I return to my prayers now?
[the player selects "Where were you after Compline prayers last night?"]
BROTHER LISERIA: I retired to my chamber immediately after Compline and slept restfully until morning. May I return to my prayers please?
[the player selects "Know anything about the robbery of the Three Keys of Cavatum?"]
BROTHER LISERIA: Am I under suspicion? I would never do anything to hurt the monastery or the brotherhood. I'm an austere and devoted follower of our order.
[the player selects "You're well-connected. Any ideas who might have stolen the keys?"]
BROTHER LISERIA: I am distrustful of all outsiders. One fellow in particular, a MysTech dealer named Thomas Litton, especially stokes the fires of my suspicion. The Three Keys of Cavatum would fetch a healthy sum in the black market for a man with the right connections ... which I hear he does. He's currently under house arrest. It should be easy enough to find and question him. You've interrupted my precious time long enough. Leave me to my prayers.
[the player selects "Quests" in the inventory ("Thomas Litton, a MysTech dealer, has black market motives for stealing the relics."), then heads for the hallway]
TOWER GUIDE: You look lost. Who or what are you looking to find?
[the player selects "Thomas Litton"]
TOWER GUIDE: The dealer of MysTech? He enjoys supper in the Entrance Hall. Straight ahead of me. Make right at Pool of Radiance. Then straight down hall. Turn left at Abbot. Head straight.
[he follows the directions, but stops to talk to the abbot of the Tower]
ABBOT BABBIT: Thomas Litton? Yes, he's at the top of my list as well. That's why he's under house arrest. Without any evidence, I'll have to release him soon. I'd all but given up on him being the culprit ... Question him. See if you can't dredge up anything we might have missed.
[he continues, then stops to talk to another monk]
BROTHER BRUCKER: You found grit on the floor? What kind of clue is that? There's grit in every chamber.
BOOTS: Yeah, but objects weren't stolen from any chamber except this one ... This grit is relevant!
BROTHER BRUCKER: Whatever you say.
[he continues, and finds the dealer in the Entrance Hall, standing in front of a plate of food]
THOMAS LITTON: Hey, nice to see a friendly face around here. Is there something I can help you with?
[the player selects "Have you seen this grit anywhere?"]
THOMAS LITTON: Yeah, yeah ... I'd know that grit anywhere. There's always tons of it on the bottom of the shipping crates of MysTech they send me. You oughta talk to the librarian about it. He's a geologist or something. It's probably from the tunnel transport area where they load the MysTech onto a train to take to the Entertainment District. I've seen the whole process. This stuff is everywhere. What else can I help you with?
[the player selects "Know anything about the robbery of the Three Keys of Cavatum last night?"]
THOMAS LITTON: Of course not. I feel like a criminal or something. I'm constantly under watch, and everyone looks at me funny. It's horrible. They make jokes about my weight and they spit in my food. Honest, I'm only here renegotiating my MysTech contract. I assure you I've got nothing to do with the disappearance of the keys.
[the player selects "I'll spit in your soup unless you tell me who you think stole the keys."]
THOMAS LITTON: I swear I don't know anything about it, honest I don't ... but spit in it anyway. It could use the flavor.
[the player selects "Yeah, I hear you're the man who can hook me up with black market art items."]
THOMAS LITTON: Yessir ... I mean, no, sir. I don't deal in anything illegal like that, though I hear it's quite lucrative and it gets you invited to really trendy parties on Cordica. I love parties. No, believe me, I'm a legitimate MysTech dealer. Why would I want to lose my license selling heavily-prized objets d'art to men with expensive suits and exquisite girlfriends?
[the player selects "Where were you after the evening prayers last night?"]
THOMAS LITTON: After the evening prayers? Uh ... I was fast asleep. I remember being woken up by the monks making their way to bed. They sounded like penguins. I don't know anything else.
[the player selects "Quests" in the inventory ("Find Brother Flammarion, the tower librarian. Maybe he can identify the grit you found at the crime scene."), then heads for the library and finds the monk wearing a white robe]
BROTHER FLAMMARION: Is there something I can help you with?
[the player selects "Can you tell me the origin of this grit?"]
BROTHER FLAMMARION: Sir, I'm an herbalist. Why are you showing me a handful of grit? Herbalism is not the study of dirt. It's the study of herbs. I don't know who told you I was a geologist, but they are quiet incorrect. But if you want my opinion on that grit, I can tell you this much ... I hate it! When monks come here to study after they've been supervising the loading of MysTech into the tunnel transport, I'll find this residue all over my manuscripts. It drives me mad! Is it so hard for them to wash their hands? Tell me, is it? If you want me to prove it for you, come back with a sample of grit from the tunnel transport. I'll make a comparison and prove that grit is from the tunnel transport area, if that's what you need to know.
[the player leaves and heads for the tunnel transport, where he finds a pile of dirt on the floor]
["Found Tunnel Transport Grit" appears on screen, then the player speaks to one of the miners standing nearby]
RESTLIN BREWSTER: Uh, yeah. I guess I have a minute. What's up?
[the player selects "Know anything about this grit?"]
RESTLIN BREWSTER: Uh, you picked it up off the floor right here. I don't know, man. It's just dirt. What else you wanna know?
[the player selects "Why does it look just like the dirt at the crime scene?"]
RESTLIN BREWSTER: Wait a minute ... I didn't have anything to do with those keys getting stolen. Don't try and frame me. Those two clumps of grit have nothing to do with each other. Now get out of here unless you want a clump of that dirt in your face.
[the player returns to the library]
BROTHER FLAMMARION: Let's see what we have here ... Oh yes, look at the granular consistency of the grit. See those silver flecks of pumice there? This is sediment from the Lavatic Processing Plant. It sticks to the bottom of the packing crates when readying MysTech for transport. Later, when the crates are put on board the tunnel transport, the sediment falls on the transport tracks and crushed into this fine grit. There's no doubt about it. I may not be a geologist, but I know my pet peeves. That crime scene grit is definitely from the tunnel transport area. Hope that helps with your investigation. All I ask for in return is both of those samples. I'd like to put them in a safe place ... away from my precious manuscripts.
[the player selects "Quests" in the inventory ("Now that we've established a link between the crime scene grit and the tunnel transport grit, maybe Restlin Brewster will change his tune."), then returns to the tunnel transport]
RESTLIN BREWSTER: You what? You connected the two clumps of grit? I see.
[he turns around]
RESTLIN BREWSTER: Maybe you oughta take a seat, Detective. I'm gonna tell you a little story.
[he turns back to face Boots]
RESTLIN BREWSTER: As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a monk. To me, being a monk was better than being the president of PAX. Even before finding work here at the mining plant, I wanted to be a part of the Order of Mysterium. It's the only place I knew I belonged.
[he shrugs his shoulders]
RESTLIN BREWSTER: Monks do whatever they want. They have access to a library filled with books on MysTech where they can spend all afternoon reading. Or they can turn their attention to the mystery of the Nine Enigmas and let their mind drift into space. Man, they have it made.
[he shrugs his shoulders]
RESTLIN BREWSTER: Because I've been a worker at the mining facility, I'm considered hands-off. I can never become a member of The Brotherhood. So when someone offered me a chance to change that, I took it.
[he shrugs his shoulders]
RESTLIN BREWSTER: Sister Angela said that if I stole the Three Keys of Cavatum for her, she'd open the books for me when she establishes her own competing monastery just a few volcanoes west of here.
[he shrugs his shoulders]
RESTLIN BREWSTER: Yeah, I stole the keys, but I don't have 'em. Last night, we used the tunnel transport to take the Three Keys to the surface. One of her associates took possession of them there. I've been full of remorse and guilt ever since. What was I thinking stealing from The Brotherhood? My life is over. They're gonna throw me into The Mysterium Levant, I just know it.
[he shrugs his shoulders]
RESTLIN BREWSTER: Please ... leave me alone. I don't know where the keys are. Honest.



Anachronox (created from anachronism and noxious) is a 2001 third-person role-playing video game produced by Tom Hall and the Dallas Ion Storm games studio. It offers gameplay in the style of older role-playing video games, such as Chrono Trigger and the Final Fantasy series. The game was built with a heavily modified version of the Quake II engine, rewritten chiefly to allow a wider color palette, emotive animations and facial expressions, and better lighting, particle, and camera effects.

The game features a science fiction story influenced by cyberpunk, film noir, and quirky humor. The story begins as down-and-out private investigator Sylvester "Sly Boots" Bucelli looks for work in the slums of Anachronox, an alien planet near the hub of the galaxy's space-lanes. He travels to other planets and, amassing an unlikely group of friends, unravels a mystery that threatens the existence of the universe. The story features a theme of working through troublesome events of one's past, and ends on a major cliffhanger.




* Platform Area

OK, looks like you're alone on this one.

There's a HealGrease on the far side of the schedule in the waiting lounge.

You could head left to the tram, but it's broken, so head right towards the
Entertainment District instead.

In the slums, go upstairs. There's a door you can pick to meet
Mrs. Invisiblus. Upstairs in her home is a MysMe Microbelt (MysBlock +1)
and a chest you can't pick yet.

Before the lower Entertainment District sign, stop and look down into the
girders and a little right. Take a photo of the Red Bipidri when it

Stop into Ed's House o' Crap and buy the Battlebot Shocksphere Upgrade for
PAL. Also buy another Mysteria Gold Shieldcell.

* Entertainment District

Buy three PsyPull slags from Brother Shetruck. Hit the Lifeflower behind
the kids sitting around the MysTech.

Grab the Annulet of Alertness on the planter box.

Behind the TimeMinder at the bungee ride is a TimeMinder Tear.

In the arcade, you can play Bugaboo (Galaxian) and Pooper (?),

Upstairs, there's a BlastSack by one of the tables.

Brother Dag's Magic Grab Bag has a variety of cheap items. I've found:
HealGrease, Bolongo, Vestrina Cube, Ipangi Crystal
In other words, don't bother.

Stop into Le Sommeil, the hotel on the right. Grab the Delivery Slip off
the table by the guy sleeping on the couch. There's a HealGrease Complete
on the 4th floor balcony.

SAVE, and then talk to the guy with a LifeCursor to get a LightTrail
upgrade. Kind of annoying, but it goes away eventually, or you can unload
it on the monk across the street.

Around to the right side of the tower is a guy with a job for you. Past
him is a chest with Proximity Beam Defense Plans.

Go up the ramp and talk to the robot. Go back down and lower the
elevator. Go back up the ramp and climb into the train.

* Tower of the Grand Mysterium

Follow the path.

After the cutscene, make a long-term save. Many people have had trouble
with bugs in the Abbot's quests.

Talk to the Abbot again, then head forward. Behind the left pillar, you
find Crime Scene Grit. Talk to the Abbot again, and follow him to the
elevator. Before you go down, talk to the robot, then walk back to the
train you came in on, talk to Restlin Brewster, and grab the Tunnel
Transport Grit. Now take the elevator down.


Talk to the robot for directions, and follow them. Talk to Norman Malloy.
He suggests you check out Sister Angela.

But first, let's deal with the Sluice Gates. The robot on the other side
of the room will give you directions again. Follow them, and talk to Peter
Brown. He has another job for you.


Sluice Gates
Head right, straight, straight, right to an open room with a moving platform.
Maneuver the lower left side of the room for the red Lava Sampler Lever.
To the lower right is a room with Fire Retardant Roundlet and HealGrease Plus.
At the top of the room, plug in the lever.
In the middle of the room, hit the yellow button to activate the sampler.
Back at the lower left, hit that yellow button to open the door.

Take the stairs down. At the bottom, run around to the other side of the
column to find a MysFac Security Card on a table. Walk through the center
of the column and press the button. Run out the door and up the stairs.
Do the same thing on the next two levels. At the top, run out the door and
around to the left. Open the door with the security card and run up the
ramp before the pressure release.

Click on the machine to get Resonating Fluid.

Leave the room and go straight, right to a security door with an HGC.
Continue around to the next security door, with a Bag o' Glodents.
The next one has 3 HG.

Continue around past the platform room and the Resonating Fluid room to the

Back by the robot that gave you directions to Norman Malloy, go down the
ramp. Turn left and go through the door. It doesn't look like a door, but
it is one. Go around to the right, through another door. In the next
room, head down. The robot in front of the blast furnace is Irradiatus;
remember him. Go through the door to the right, and down to a room with
three conveyor belts.

Stand at the top of the middle walkway, and look up at the wall to your
right. A Red Bipidri is walking back and forth along the pipe. Take its
picture when it's on the far end.

Now head up the right side of the room into the office for a TACO.

Now head back and talk to the Abbot, then go find Sister Angela. The guys
with pointy hats will give you directions.

She sends you to see Brother Liseria.
He sends you to see Thomas Litton.
Litton sends you to the tower librarian; he's upstairs in a white robe.
Now go back to Restlin Brewster by the train (turn left at the Shrine of
Weeping) to find out who the culprit is. It's random, but it's always the
person in the room with the candle outside.

Now you need to find another party member. Head back out to the
Entertainment District through the long passage by the Abbot, and look
around until you find one of them. Head back to the tower.

Go back to the culprit's room and knock on the door. As your other
character, go right and click on the big window. Walk along the ledge and
click on the window to the culprit's room. Now look around for
incriminating evidence. In my game, it was a piece of letter-size paper in
the front room.

Now head for the Eco Bar in the Entertainment District. Turn right at the
orange umbrella. Grab the TACO and talk to the accomplice. Head back to Le
Sommeil and break into room 3 on the second floor. Click on the keys and
head back to the Abbot.

Congratulations, you've unlocked the secret of Elementor Mystech!

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