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Case Study No. 0436: Beate S.

Pimp My Librarian
"Pimp My Librarian" was produced in the course "Entwicklung audio-visueller Medien" at HTWK Leipzig, 2010
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Once upon a Time
on an ordinary Day
in an ordinary Town
in an ordinary Library ...

[scene opens with a black and white shot of a plain-looking female librarian (bun in the hair, thick glasses, etc.) carrying a book and looking into the camera]

Name: Beate S.
Age: 34
Profession: passionated Librarian, in Love with her Books

[cut to the librarian slowly shelving books, as "Hobbies: Reading, Indexing, doing Researches, Cleaning" appears on screen]
[cut to a young female patron browsing the shelves, when she drops a book on the floor, so the librarian rushes in and (pushing the woman down) takes the book and walks off]
["Pimp My Librarian" appears on screen, as the scene (now in color) changes to a young woman entering the library as the sounds of trumpets blaring can be heard]
[cut to another young woman holding a sign reading "Lesson 1", then cut to the library coach trying to teach the librarian how to smile]
[she tries to use her fingers to get the librarian's mouth to make a smiling motion, and after a couple of failed attempts, she - kind of - gets it right]
[cut to the female narrator holding a sign reading "Lesson 2", then cut to the librarian walking through the stacks (caressing each book as she passes by) when the library coach walks up to her and hands her a CD]
[the librarian makes a face, then takes the CD and tries to open it (like a book)]
[cut to the female narrator holding a sign reading "Lesson 3", then cut to the patron trying to check out a book (which the librarian yanks out of her hands)]
[the library coach shakes her head, then shows the librarian how to gently take the book with a smile on her face]
[she hands the book back to the patron, as the librarian reluctantly tugs at the book (with the coach using her fingers to try to make a smile on her face)]
[cut to the female narrator holding a sign reading "Lesson 4", then cut to the library coach passing a sign showing the various things you can't do ("No cellphones", "No Smoking", "No Farting", etc.)]
[she calls the librarian over, then shakes her head and tries to take the signs down ... but the librarian puts her hands up against the wall to stop her]
[the library coach rubs her shoulder to reassure her, and she reluctantly takes the signs down]
[cut to the female narrator holding a sign reading "Lesson 5", then cut to the librarian filing cards in the old card catalog (as the library coach looks supremely bored)]
[the coach closes the drawer, then brings the library to a computer where she shows her how to scan in a book and edit the record ... The librarian begins to slowly and cautiously peck at the keyboard, as the library coach tries to encourage her]
[cut to the female narrator holding a sign reading "Lesson 6", then cut to both the coach and librarian dusting the shelves while listening to rock music on their headphones]
[cut to the the library coach handing the librarian (obscured behind a bookshelf) some new clothes, as she tosses aside her various "stuffy librarian" accoutrements (sensible shoes, cardigan sweater, pantyhose, glasses) from off camera, before emerging as a young female librarian with long black hair and blue jeans]
[cut to everyone in the library (including the patron and narrator) dancing with the librarian and coach while wearing birthday party hats]

Pimp My Librarian

Idea & Production
Claudia Derengowski
Iris Herrnbrodt
Kathleen Hoffmann
Caterina Maul
Melanie Schonhoff

Librarian: Caterina Maul
Coach: Melanie Schonhoff
User: Iris Herrnbrodt
Narrator: Kathleen Hoffmann
Party Guests: Tracy Hoffmann, Stefanie Walther, Sindy Wohlgemuth, Claudia Derengowski

Music from www dot jamendo dot com

"Pimp My Librarian" was produced in
the course "Entwicklung audio-
visueller Medien" at HTWK Leipzig,

Special thanks to Dale Askey and the libraries of HTWK Leipzig and Hochschule fur Musik und Theater Leipzig

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