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Case Study No. 0419: "Librarian" and "Librarian Stereotype"

Librarian vs. Stereotype : Introductions
Introducing Librarian and Librarian Stereotype. Each one introduces themselves.

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[scene opens with a female librarian and a male "librarian stereotype" (glasses, beard, sweater vest) speaking directly to the camera]
LIBRARIAN: Hi, I'm a librarian.
LIBRARIAN STEREOTYPE: And I'm a librarian stereotype!
LIBRARIAN: I work with a mixture of technology, information, and books.
LIBRARIAN STEREOTYPE: I only like books!
LIBRARIAN: I can teach you how to use multiple computer applications, or simply show you where something is and how to find it.
LIBRARIAN STEREOTYPE: I'll show you where something is if I have time and as long as you keep your mouth shut!
LIBRARIAN: I listen to what you want, and try to adapt what we have to meet your needs.
LIBRARIAN STEREOTYPE: I think nothing beats a card catalog, and if you don't know how to use it, you shouldn't be here!
LIBRARIAN: I'll help you identify your research topic, and find resources about it. Books, websites, journal articles, statistics--
LIBRARIAN STEREOTYPE: I'll refer you to a section of books and let you figure it out!
LIBRARIAN: I think collaborative spaces are important, and conversation is a part of it--
[the librarian stereotype leans in and loudly shushes her]
LIBRARIAN STEREOTYPE: You're in a library, keep it down!
LIBRARIAN: That's what the fifth floor is for--
[the librarian stereotype shushes her again]

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The University of Texas at Arlington has started a series of "Librarian vs. Stereotype" videos that are engaging and informative while still getting their message across

Notice the simple white background; the creators of this video omitted any distractions or visual elements other than the people on the screen. And it works! Our educational psychologist friends might have recommended against the background music as a non-essential element that adds to viewers' cognitive load, but otherwise this is a terrific instructional video.



UT Arlington Library has two videos riffing off the "I'm a Mac and I'm a PC" ads, and they're both cute and clever. Both were uploaded just last week, so if we're lucky we'll be seeing regular installments. I just subscribed to the UTA Library's YouTube channel so I don't miss any new ones.

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