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Case Study No. 0441: Kathryn St. John

Passionate Pleasures Bertrice Small Book Trailer
Career minded Librarian, Kathryn St. John's scandal free life lives up to her family heritage. She is safe within her own secret fantasies. But when the new and younger middle school principal, Tim Blair turns his head toward the town's proper librarian, will Kathy give up her fantasies for...Passionate Pleasures by NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR BERTRICE SMALL

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From New York Times best-selling author
Bertrice Small

Kathryn St. John
Egret Pointe's proper librarian

Her adventures in The Channel are
VERY literary
But it may be time for Kathy to face reality

Timothy Blair
the new man in town
he's younger
and wants more from Kathy than just a library card

She fears for her reputation
but he's determined to give the lady

Can he?
Will she?
On sale August 2010

c2010 Circle of Seven Productions



Next up is PASSIONATE PLEASURES, Book 5 in "The Pleasures" series. You will meet Kathryn St. John, Egret Pointe's oh-so-proper fortyish librarian, a decendant of one of the town's founding families. But while librarians are suppose to be stuffy and prim, Miss Kathy, as she is known to one and all, is very up-to-date with all the latest hot trends, and has a large collection of romance novels for her readers. She also happens to look like a famous model of the 1950s and '60s. It was actually Kathy who brought the interactive network "The Channel" to Egret Pointe's women, and her adventures with that interactive entity are very literary. LOL! However when Egret Pointe gets a new middle school principal, and he sets eyes on Kathy things begin to heat up. He's younger, he's charming, and even her stuffy brother likes him which is usually a deal breaker for our heroine. Besides Kathy is having too much fun in The Channel. Who needs reality? But then Mr. Nicholas himself takes a hand in the matter and things really begin to heat up. Enjoy PASSIONATE PLEASURES this August.


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